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SECTION C @play Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Meengs among seniors hoping for one last tournament run, 2C BeaumontEnterprise.com/sports hiGhLiGhts Notre Dame set for first neutral site game in San Antonio’s Alamodome, 3C ã Setting the scene for tonight’s World Series opener, 5C LC-M clinches 20-4A crown Battlin’ Bears sweep Ozen 3-0 oranGe JWalters@BeaumontEnterprise.com (409) 880-0744 By Johnnie Walters Little Cypress-Mauriceville outside hitter Christine Sicktich had mixed emotions after
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  SECTION C Wednesday,October 28,2009 dv Wl , Sports Editor, DeWilson@BeaumontEnterprise.com, (409) 838-2839; Section designed and copy-edited by Mk t , Mike.Tobias@BeaumontEnterprise.com Meengs among seniorshoping for one lasttournament run, 2C hiGhLiGhts Notre Dame set for first neutral site game in San Antonio’s Alamodome, 3C ã Setting the scene for tonight’s World Series opener, 5CBeaumontEnterprise.com/sports @play   W  henherbestfriend’slittlesisterwaskilledbyasuspecteddrunkdriver,KathleenWoodheadfeltatalossforhowtohelp.Fourdaysaftertheaccident,theathletehoppedoutofherofficechairanddecidedshewoulduseracingtoraisemoneyinKristiMc-Carthy’sname.OnNovember7,Woodhead willswim2.4miles,bike112milesandrun26.2milesintheIronmanFloridaTriathloninPanamaCity Beach.Friends,familymembersandanyoneinterestedcanrememberKristiandsupportWoodheadby donatingmoneythroughaWebsitesetupbyWoodhead.ShesaidshewilldonateallmoneyraisedtotheBeaumontChapterofMothers AgainstDrunkDriving,MADD,inMcCarthy’sname.McCarthy,aBeaumontnativeand2003graduateofMonsignorKellyHighSchool,waskilledinHoustoninacaraccidentonSep-tember19,2009.Thedriverofthe vehiclethathitthecarshewasinhasbeenchargedwithintoxicationmanslaughter.McCarthyhadrecentlymovedtothecityandworkedasamanageratStarbucks.ShelivedwithhersisterKatie.“Shehadalaughandagiggle By Teresa Mioli  TeMioli@BeaumontEnterprise.com(409) 880-0745 beauMont  Beaumont native using her athletic ability to create awareness from tragedy  Dave Ryan/The Enterprise BeaumontnativeKathleenWoodheadwasbackFridaymorningtoridewithlocal cyclists as she trains to ride in the Florida Ironman Triathlon. She israising money for Beaumont’s MADD chapter in honor of Kelly High Schoolgraduate Kristi McCarthy who was killed by a suspected drunk driver. Competingforacause cause, page 4C Dave Ryan/The Enterprise Kathleen Woodhead prepares to ride with local cyclists as she trainsfor the Ironman Florida Triathlon. She met them at the MobilOil CreditUnion so they could ride down Major Drive to Hwy 105 and then Batsonand back. By Johnnie Walters JWalters@BeaumontEnterprise.com(409) 880-0744 oranGe LittleCypress-Mau-ricevilleoutsidehitterChristineSicktichhadmixedemotionsafterthegame.Firsttherewastheexcite-ment.TheBearsbeatOzen3-0toclinchtheDistrict20-4AtitleTuesdaynight.TheBearswon25-21,25-14,and25-23athome.Thentherewastheforlornrealizationthattimewasrunningoutonhervolley-ballcareer.Sicktich,whoisconsideredthebesthitterinSoutheastTexas,justplayedherlastdistrictgameofherhighschoolcareer.“I’mkindofsadthisismy lastdistrictgamebutIamrelievedthatwegotthewin,” LC-Mclinches20-4Acrown Battlin’ Bearssweep Ozen 3-0 Lc-M, page 4C Decade-long dynasty Bridge City’s crosscountry teams look tobuild on their long-standing success intoday’s District 21-3Achampionship meet, 4C By Chris Duncan  The Associated Press BradMillsisfinallygettinghischancetorunabig-leagueteam.The52-year-oldMillswashiredbyHoustononTues-dayaftersixseasonsasTerry Francona’sbenchcoachinBoston.He’llmanageinthemajorsforthefirsttime,thoughhe’smanagedatotalof11seasonsintheminors, withaffiliatesfortheChicagoCubs(1987-92),ColoradoRockies(1993-96)andLos AngelesDodgers(2002).“OnethingthatI’mgoingtobringinisafreshness,beingwithachampionandbringingthatfreshnessin,”Millssaid.“It’safreshvoice,  AstrostapMillsfor manager  Former Red Soxbench coach getsfirst shot at the helm MiLLs, page 5C The Associated Press FormerBostonRedSoxbenchcoach Brad Mills was hiredas the new manager of theHouston Astros on Tuesday.  4C BeaumontEnterprise.comWednesday,October 28,2009 Bridge City cross country coach Cody Knight feels thepressureeveryday. Whether he’s walking tothe track to lead practice orthroughtheaislesofthelocalcorner store, Knight is usedtotheweightthatrestsonhisshoulders. High expectationsinBridgeCityaren’tanythingnew and certainly not a sur-prise to him. Knight realizedthe heavy load once he took overtheprogramfromformercoachRickMillerin2006.Butsincehisarrival,Knighthas continued the successstarted by Miller. As headcoach, Knight has helped theBridge City girls win the lastthree of their nine straightdistrict titles. The boys have won eight of the last ninedistrict titles. They finishedsecond during Knight’s firstseason as head coach but wonthelasttwotitles.“Coach Miller did a great job establishing the programand making it what it is to-day,”saidKnight,whowasanassistant under Miller from1999 until the spring of 2006.“Hemadetheprogramoneof the top ones in the area andstate.SoIhadsomeprettybigshoes to fill when I took overinthefallof2006.”The District 21-3A crosscountry championship meetisscheduledfortodayatClai-bornePark.Theboysstartthethree-mile race at 9 a.m. Thegirls follow with a two-mileraceat9:30a.m. Also today is the District23-2A meet, starting with theboys race at 10 a.m. at Wild- woodCountryClub.The top three teams andthe top 10 individuals qualify fortheRegionIIICrossCoun-try meet that will be heldat North Harris College inHoustononNov.7. Thestatemeet is set for Nov. 14 at OldSettlersParkinRoundRock.“Ifthegirlswinitwillbeanentire decade that the teamhaswondistrict,”Knightsaid.“Both teams have a really good chance to win districtagain. They have done a re-ally good job and they justcontinue to improve as theseasonmoveson.”The Bridge City boys andgirls squads are coming off strong performances at theLufkin Cross Country Invita-tionallastSaturday.The Bridge City boys fin-ished in third place and thegirls squad finished fourthamong 11 Class 5A and 4Ateams.TimCudeledtheCardinals with a second-place finish.He ran a personal-best timeof 16 minutes 12 seconds.Jessica Franklin led the girlsteam with a fifth place finishinthetwo-milein13:26.“I thought the guys did agreat job at the Lufkin meet,”Knight said. “Both teamslookedreallystrong.”Cude will be joined at thedistrictmeetwithteammates Aaron Lejuene, Luke Hebert,Kirby Shepherd, ArmandoChavez, Sawyer Hogan andJoseChavez.“TheboysarerankedNo.1intheregionthisyear,”Knightsaid. “I think we have a goodchance to finish in the topseven spots at the districtmeet.”Franklin will be joined inthe girls division with team-mates May Nguyen, MeaganShockley,ArielChesson,Alex Holland, Courtney Meaux andLisaHuynh.Franklin, Nguyen andShockley have all run thetwo-mile under 13 minutesthisseason.“The girls will have a littlebit tougher competition thanthe boys,” Knight said. “They have some pretty good run-ners competing from otherschools. But hopefully, they  will all have a good run andpulloutawin.” By Johnni Waltr JWalters@BeaumontEnterprise.com(409) 880-0744 bridge city  Decade-longdynasty  Bridge City cross country vying to keep the winning ways running Schedule of Highschool District CrossCountry meets TodayDitrit 21-3A at Claiborne ParkVarsity boys, 9 a.m.Varsity girls, 9:30 a.m. Ditrit 23-2A at Wildwood Country ClubVarsity boys, 10 a.m.Varsity girls, 10:30 a.m. ThrdayDitrit 21-5A at Baytown Gentry JuniorHighVarsity boys, 9 a.m.Varsity girls, 9:30 a.m. Ditrit 20-4A at Claiborne ParkVarsity boys at 8:30 a.m.Varsity girls at 9 a.m. cAuse: ‘As of right now, this is the largest donation this office will have ever gotten’ that just, her smile just im-mediately lit your face up,” Woodhead said of the ac-tress and singer. “You kindof laugh whenever you think aboutit.” Woodheadsaidshehopesto raise $10,000. As of presstime, the total on her fund-raising Web site was morethan$9,000.“Asofrightnow,thisisthelargest donation this office will have ever gotten,” Kathy Bell-Schexnaider with theBeaumont chapter of Moth-ersAgainstDrunkDriving. A ond tragdy The McCarthy family andfriends are all too familiar with loss. Kristi’s motherTrudy died in 2003. She hadovariancancer.“They lost their mom 6 years ago to cancer. Thenthey lost Kristi, I’ve neverfelt so helpless, no one knew  what to do to help out. Imean what do you say whensomeone’s lost their momandtheirsisterinsixyears?,” Woodheadsaid. Woodhead and McCa-rthy’s brother Mike met inBeaumont at Kelly HighSchool and attended collegein Austin. The two have re-mained close friends eventhough Woodhead now livesin Houston and McCarthy callsWashingtonD.C.home.“I’ve always known her tobe that type of loving, car-ing person,” Mike McCarthy said.“Alwayswantingto findapositivelightinabadsitua-tion. It was kind of her char-acter to step up and raisemoney for Mothers AgainstDrunkDriving.”Mike and Katie McCarthy plantojoinTeamWoodheadin Panama City Beach tocheerontheirfriend. Woodheadsaidshe’susedIronmanracesinthelasttwo years to raise about $10,000for the American Cancer So-ciety in the name of closefamilyandfriends,includingTrudyMcCarthy.“I figured if their mom wasn’t around to be a moth-er against drunk driving forthem then we could all doit for them. And it just kindof turned into much biggerthan I could ever imagine,” Woodheadsaid. Withintwodaysoflaunch-ing her fund-raising site, Woodhead said she raised$1000. The total reached$5000eightdayslater.“I spent one day at work  just looking at her little toteboard for the donations,”McCarthy said. “It was somoving to see that it jumpedfrom$3000upto$4000upto$4500, $5000 and just to seethe number of people that were contributing and thatcare for this cause, showingsympathy to our family. Ithelps in the grieving pro-cess.” Big donation for MADD Bell-Schexnaider saidMADD Beaumont has neverheldafundraiserinthearea.She said funding for the of-fice comes from smaller do-nations and grants providedbytheVictimsofCrimeAct.Thepersondonatingmon-eytoMADDcanspecifyhow theywouldlikeitspent,Bell-Schexnaider said. Possibleuses include funding for vic-tim services, public aware-nessorfamilyoutreach.“Kathy has given me a listof ways to use it and I keeplooking at them thinkingthey all sound important, soI imagine we will just dividethe money evenly, or as they seefit,”Woodheadsaid.Janus, an asset manage-ment firm and sponsor of Ironman U.S., is sponsor-ing the charity challenge in which Woodhead is partici-pating. The firm makes ad-ditional contributions to the50 top fundraisers of eachIronmanitsponsors,accord-ingtotheJanusCharityChal-lengeWebsite.For Ironman Florida, Woodhead is currently insixth place for the highestamount raised, accord-ing to the Janus Web site. If she breaks into the top five,Janus will contribute $2000ormoretoMADD,accordingtothesite.Kristi McCarthy will have Woodhead’sbackattherace,literally. The triathlete hadpinkshirtsmadefortheracethat have Kristi’s name and“R.A.D.D.,” racing againstdrunkdriving,printedontheback. Woodhead, who is in herseventh season of triathloncompetition,describedIron-man triathlons as one of themost selfish things to whicha person can dedicate themself.“I have an easier timeknowing I’m doing it forsomething bigger than justthe race, more than just thatday or more than just me,” Woodheadsaid. Aside from awarenessabout the dangers of drunk driving, Woodhead said shehopes the fundraiser willalso leave people with theimportance of wearing seatbelts, even in the back seat.McCarthy was not wearinga seat belt when she wasthrownfromthecarinwhichshe was riding. Starting Sep-tember1,Texaslawrequiredallpersonsridingintheback seat of a car to wear a seat-belt.“It’s still not going to takeaway the fact that she’s nothere, and it’s not going tobring her back and it’s notgoing to make it okay the waythatshedied,butwewillhave helped many peoplein the process,” Woodheadsaid.TosupportWoodheadanddonate in McCarthy’s name, visit: http://januscharity-challenge.kintera.org/fl09/kcwoodhead or send checksto MADD Beaumont Memo:Kathleen Woodhead 700North St. Suite A Beaumont,TX77701 Continued from page 1C Lc-M: ‘I thought we played a good game’ saidSicktich,whowaslast year’smostvaluableplayerinthedistrict.“Itwasagoodandexcitinggame.Wehopetocontinuethistypeofplay intheplayoffs.”Despite Sicktich’s mixedemotions, she admits it wasan exciting finish to an out-standing year for the Bears.LC-M (30-7) won its secondstraight district title with a13-1 record. The Bears’ lonedistrictlosscameatthehandsofPortNeches-Grovesontheroad.“I am so relieved that wegotthewin,”saidLC-Mcoach Vicki Castino. “I thought weplayedagoodgame.Wecameoutstrongandkindofsloweddown in the middle, but we wereabletopickitbackupto winthegame.”The Rock-A-Noos (23-11)finished the district seasoninsecondplaceat12-2,whileOzen(24-10)finishedthirdat10-4. Nederland is in fourthat9-5.The top four teams fin-ishedintheexactsameordera year ago. The Rock-A-Noosadvanced the furthest in theplayoffswithasecond-roundappearanceduringlastyear’sClass4Apostseason.“We have all been a littlestressed all week leading upto this game,” Castino said.“We knew we had to win thisone to win the district title.So we were a little anxious toplay.”Ozen jumped out to a 5-1lead in Game 3 before theBears rallied to tie the scoreup at 5-5. The Bears led by as many as eight points be-fore Ozen rallied to tie thegame at 22-22. The Panthers were able to get back intothe game, thanks to a stronghitting performance and nu-merous hitting errors madebytheBears.Theleadchangedoncebe-fore LC-M went on a 3-1 runtowinthefinalgame25-23.Sicktich led the Bears with14 kills, five digs, and threeaces. Ashton LaVergne had10 kills. Teammate Shelby  Apperson added six kills andElisa Tate had three aces andthreekills.Ozen’s A’Lexus Brannonhad five kills, eight digs, andfour blocks. Somalia Randlehad 29 assists and eight digs. Alexia Thomas had sevenkills.EricaLewisaddedsevenkillsandsevendigs.“I’m proud of the girlsand what they have accom-plished this season,” Castinosaid. “They have really doneagreatjob.” Continued from page 1C High School Linescores VOLLEYBALLDistrict 21-3AHamshire-Fannett 3,Orangefeld 0 H-F 25 25 30 — 3OF 12 15 28 — 0 Records: H-F 18-14, 8-2; OF n/a,7-3 Highlights: Hamshire-Fannett:Shelby Mason 3 kills, 5 aces, 18assists, 6 digs; Elizabeth Files,9 kills, 1 block; Shelby Basye, 6kills, 3 aces, 10 digs; ElizabethDavis, 3 blocks; Kelsey Rabalais,5 kills, 2 blocks, 1 assist; RonneePiggott, 6 kills, 4 digs; CiaraGuilhas, 4 aces, 8 assists. Valentino Mauricio/The Enterprise LC-M Lady Bear Christine Sicktich,right, drives a kill shot pastOzen defenders in their District 20-4A match on Tuesday. OCTOBERCLEARANCE 479 Crockett @ Park ã Beaumont, TX ã 409-833-4252 UNIFORM COMPANY Downtown BeaumontSince 1921 S   u  n  s  e  t   C   t   .           O        r         l       e        a        n       s          S          t   .          P       a       r         k         S        t  . Bowie St.Crockett St. DowntownBeaumont 20% OFF Retail Price (Limited to Instock Inventory) ã Wolverine/Red Wing/Carolina/Work One/Worx Magnum/Thorogood/Georgia RockySwat/Converseã Soft Toe/Steel Toe/Composite Toeã Oxfords/ 6 Lace/ 8 Lace/Welling Pull on Styleã Sizes (Men) 6 to 18 (Women) 6 to 11 Not valid with any other offers or coupons. All pricesplus tax. Cart availability limited. Not valid on holidays.Must present coupon. Valid for up to 4 players.Offer expires 10/31/09. 1400 National Drive · Westlake, LAnationalgcla.com · 337.433.2255 NOW OPEN! Louisiana’sNewest PremierGolf Course 18 HOLES WITH CART $ 39 Weekdays $ 49 Weekends
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