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Your monthly feed of Sheltoner news! SHELTONTIMES issue nine August 2009 Ian Arifin O Level Einstein Shelton College International O’L O’Level O l Examination l Oral E i ti New Look! Our monthly newsletter now has a new look from this issue onwards! A clean and fret-free template for easier reading and navigation. We hope you like it! Sincerely, The Newsletter Team. Contents s Categorized by the colour of the header bars August 18, 2009 at 2.30 pm, some of my friends and I were busy practici
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  New Look! Our monthly newsletter nowhas a new look from thisissue onwards!A clean and fret-freetemplate for easier readingand navigation.We hope you like it! Sincerely,The Newsletter Team. O’Level Oral Examination   SHELTON TIMES Y our  mon t hly f eed of  Shel t oner  new s! issue nine August 2009 Shelton College International 1 Contents Categorized by the colourof the header bars   O’Level Experience: ã Ian’s O’Level Examinationã Yan Jun’s O’Level Experience Ian Arifin O Level EinsteinShelton College International Christianity: ã Jesus Savesã Being a Christian Testimonials & Images: ã Shelton Cafe Experienceã Hilary’s Shelton Experienceã Chamindika Konara’s Testimonialã Image Galore August 18, 2009 at 2.30 pm, some of my friends and I werebusy practicing for our English Oral Examination. It was the second day of the exam and it wouldbe the first time for all of us to experience thechallenging atmosphere of the GCE O levelEnglish language examination. All of us weredetermined to strive for the highest mark and weseemed ready to encounter thousands of obstacles that were waiting.The time showed exactly fifteen minutes to three– our exam was about to start. I was the firststudent to be tested on that day. I thought I waslucky to be the first one as I could go back homeearlier than the others. I calmed my nerves, Itried to prepare myself both physically andmentally. I would never know how good I wasuntil I sat for the exam. “The proof of pudding isin the eating”.Just before the exam began, I prayed so that Iwould not be too nervous to communicate withthe examiners and I would be blessed with goodresults.The time for me to enter the examination halleventually came. I swaggered my way towardsthe room and did not forget to greet theexaminers. Slowly, step by step, I finished myreading, picture discussion and finallyconversation. I never imagined that I would beable to answer all the questions that were askedby the examiners so calmly.After leaving the exam room, I did not careanymore about how many marks the examinershad given me because I believed that I had givenmy best. What a relief it was for me. It felt as if the devil had stopped stabbing my body with hisred-hot trident. However, my worries have notended yet as I still have to prepare for the writtenexams in October and November. Students’ Thoughts: ã Reflections of my Volunteer Workã Musicã Jing Rui’s Experience  Shelton College International 2 SHELTON TIMES O’Level Oral Experience Sam Gong Yan Jun O Level EinsteinShelton College International If you were at my class during the exams,you would have seen a spectacular scene.Every student was preparing for the oralexamination. Some of them were readingloudly, while the other sat in groups anddescribed the pictures. At times, we didnot even listen to the class but wepracticed by ourselves. I have a friend,Ian,who comes from Indonesia and he is goodat English and is extremely helpful. I stillremember the days before theexamination, we spent a lot of timetogether and his guidance has helped meto get good results for the exam.Since we do no live in the hostel, finding aplace to practice was one of our biggestproblems. I have to thank the school forallowing us to come to school during tonight to practice. We used to meet at nightto practice. As a student who comes from China, I have to pay more attention to myEnglish. Oral exam is the 3rd paper of the English examination and it occupies20% of the final marks. As a result I have done a lot of work to prepare it. Usually, we spent 10 minutes to prepareourselves and we read silently,described the picture, then one of usewould act as the examiner and test eachother. Since we have a standard markingscheme, we would give marks to eachother. I did this practice for about twoweeks.During the exam day, I was nervous when Iwas in the waiting room. In the room room,I looked around and noticed that everyonearound me was edgy. Especially the firststudent in line. I could see her trembling.There was a tense feeling in the room.When I was sitting outside the examinationroom and preparing for the test, I racedagainst time to prepare myself. 10 minutesfelt like 10 seconds and when the teachertold me to stop practicing, I was shocked,maybe because I was nervous.After practicing, the real challenge wascoming. I stepped into the examinationroom and saw the two examiners waitingfor me. To my surprise, I did not feelnervous anymore and it felt as though I waschatting with my friends. When I finishedthe and went out of the classroom , Isighed a breath of relief. Finally I hadfinished my exam. Reflections of my Volunteer Work Jacky EGLShelton College International There are times where it gets a little boring, but I think its a pleasure to helppeople who really need it. Every Wednesday evening, volunteers fromSCISO meet up at the RM community center and we get ready to do ourrounds.Our task is very simple, It's to help the officer in charge to take the donatedgood from Singapore's government, which are meant for poor families andwe have to visit several houses to give it to everyone on the list. The job iseasy but it's difficult to hold on to it. The most important thing I've learntfrom this program is that volunteers like us touch society and it builds our I have been part of the volunteer at RadinMas Community program from about sixmonths now and we really enjoy the workwe do. capacity to be happy. Mentally we are content. We work hard and we sweat to help the needy and give them conveniences and happiness.At the same time the work is very physical, which is good for us and we also get a wonderful return ,which is happiness. We are the kind of people whose lives have meaning and value and we get a psychological satisfaction which money can't buy. Volunteering is our pleasure.  Shelton College International 3 SHELTON TIMES MUSIC Gabby Tjahyadikarta Secondary 3 classShelton College International The beginning of music is when cave men,Absrcines, and Africans started to playdifferent beats of drums to warn theirpeople of danger and important news.Some tribes blow their flutes, play a beatusing their drums, and sing near the campfire to enjoy the music.Warriors from the Aztec Empire used theirinstruments to tell the story of great men,legends, sacrifices and stories of peoplefrom different parts of the world. Womenstarted plucking their stringed instrumentsand writing songs that were handed downfrom generation to generation.Balladeers traveled around the world toplay great symphonies to make peopleappreciate music and the songs which theycomposed. Instruments like the percussionand the piano began to appear and madepeople enjoy classical music in silence. Dramatic classical operas astoundedpeople with their acting and amazingvoices. Nostalgic music and plays likeRomeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare,inspired everyone, artists, and writersaround the world . The music and playshave brought pleasure to audiencesworldwide. No one knows who invented stringed instruments and every mystery in music has not been solved. People struggled tosolve the riddle and understand the concept of music and we don'tneed scientists to tell us when or where music started. No one cares about how artists andmusicians looked, such as MichaelJackson and Elvis Presley, because theybroke boundaries to reach success toamazing heights. They were braveenough to show their performance,sexuality and true self on the stage.Michael Jackson broke the boundariesby having plastic surgery, created themoon walk, and was the first black maleartist to have his music video shown onMTV. His most special performance waswhen he sang 'You're not alone','Scream', and when he did the 'moonwalk'. People who meet those greatsinger and musicians were lucky becausethey've met them before they passedaway.There is more than one kind of music inthis world such as gospel, jazz, rock,baggy, reggae, ballet music, baroque,bel canto, chamber music, church music,comic opera, country, western, countryrock, metal, flamenco, folk, fusion, glamrock, motown, flamenco, hip-hop, andthere is more than 20 types of musicgenres in our planet. Music is veryunpredictable and in the future artistslike Lady Gaga will change the music of our future.List of famous plays:Mefistofele, Boris Godunov, LaGioconda, The Snow Maiden, TheGypsy Baron and Louis.  Shelton College International 4 SHELTON TIMES My Experience Chen Jing Rui Degree in IBMShelton College International In Shelton, we study with friends from different cultures and that helps to openour minds to objectively understand the world. Teachers here are knowledgeable and theyalways try their best to help every student. InShelton, we also learn from lectures and socialvisits, rather than just textbooks. This makesstudying fun and valuable.During my study, one thing I have tried to do is toread a lot. Reading is not only very important inwriting our essays but it also helps us tounderstand the subjects we learn. I believeattitude makes a big difference in ourperformance. I do a lot of reading and reviewingin my spare time mainly because I want to learnwell. The more I've done, the better results I get.It's just like the saying – No Pain No Gain.  Jesus Saves Sara EGLShelton College International I had worked at a company in Korean for about 2 years before I came here to Singapore. During that period Iwent to hospital once a week because I used to have several minor sicknesses like headaches and colds. Everytime I went to the hospital, the doctor would ask me to resign from my job. After a while I decided to take restand thats why Ii decided to come here to study and at the same time I started going to church to attain apeace of mind.I have gone to church for about a month now and whenever I go to church, I always feel relieved. Idon't know why but everyone in the church seems to be happy maybe because Jesus helps to makethem happy. No body worries about anything and none of them are unhappy. Recently Istarted feeling happy as well after going to church.Actually come to think of it, I would not have left my job if I went to church in Korea and I wouldn'tfeel lonely and unhappy. I know Jesus has helped me out in everything I have donein Singapore and thats why I am no longer worried ornervous about anything.  I am enjoying my stay here and I am sure I will finish the program. Now I am so happy to study here andbelieve in Jesus.   uring that period Is and colds. Everycided to take resturch to attain aelieved. Ito makeouldn't edoneried or   dy here and
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