Women & the Vision

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WOMEN AND THE VISION BY HERMINIA IBARRA AND OTILI OBODARU Presented by: Ayesha Sadaf Gul Kiran Tariq Farheen Khan Maria Zahid INTRODUCTION  Women outshine men in many areas measured by 360 degree assessment but score low on one key leadership capability i.e. envisioning. A correspondent of the leading female CEOs, says that envisioning comes from staying close with the details. Women are more practical and stick to quantifiable objective rather then crafting plans.   VISION IMPAIRED 
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  WOMEN AND THEVISION   BY HERMINIA IBARRA AND OTILIOBODARU Presented by:Ayesha Sadaf GulKiran TariqFarheenKhanMaria Zahid  INTRODUCTION  Women outshine men in many areasmeasured by 360 degree assessment butscore low on one key leadership capabilityi.e. envisioning.  A correspondent of the leading female CEOs,says that envisioning comes from stayingclose with the details.  Women are more practical and stick toquantifiable objective rather then craftingplans.  VISION IMPAIRED   The authors studied the 360 degree reviewsof more than 2,800 women ,developed byINSEAD's Global Leadership Centre. Theresults were:  women did as well or better than men inmost categories. The exception was vision,and that exception could be one reason whyfewer women rise to the top jobs.  360 degrees evaluation of the leaders is theself assessment and evaluation of all the coworkers, subordinates, and peers etc.  WHAT IT MEANS TO BE VISIONARY  trying to understand the trends in the industry.  communicating with the society and the peopleto be able to formulate what are threats andopportunities in the business environment.  and how that might match up to capabilities inthe organization.  Women are less visionary then men, is it aperception or a reality, we will find it out byexplaining the 3 theories based on research fromfemale leaders…
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