Winchester 1200 Military manual

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Winchester 1200 shotgun operators manual
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  CHAPTER 3OPERATOR AND ORGANIZATIONAL SERVICE ANDMAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Section I. SERVICE UPON RECEIPT OF MATERIEL 3-l. General Refer to table 2-l. Table S-1. Service Upon Receipt of Materiel SlcP .-lotion Refwence 1 Remove shotgun and items from container. 2 Remove VCI, clean and lubricate. Paragraph 3-4 3 Inspect for:Figure B-2Missing parts Proper assembly 4 Function, using once-fired empty round.Figures 2-2 and 2-3. Caution: Do not use live ammunition when hand functioning weapon. Section II. REPAIR PARTS, SPECIAL TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT3-2. Special Tools and Equipment3-3. Repair Partsa. Opwcztor. Refer to appendix B, section II.a. Operator. None authorized. b.   OrganizathzaZ. Refer to appendix B, b. Organizational. Refer to appendix B, sec- section V.tion IV. Section Ill. LUBRICATION INSTRUCTIONS34. Generala. Refer to table 3-2 for cleaning andlubrication materials. Use stock numbers forrequisitioning purposes.  b. Refer to table 3-3 for usual lubricationinstructions.c. Refer to table 3-4 for lubrication instruc-tions for unusual conditions. Table J-Z. Materials Rkquired for Maintenance Functions E’SN 6850-965-2332 1tc*r CARBON REMOVING COM-POUND: (P-C-111) (5 gal. pail). IJSN 6850-224-665’7 5350-221-08728010-582-53828010-221-0611 Itew CLEANING COMPOUND, RIFLEBORE: small arms bore cleaner,solution (CR) (6 oz can).CLOTH, ABRASIVE : crocus,ferric oxide and quartz, jean- cloth-backing, closed coating, 9 w,11 lg, 50-sh-sleeve (CA).LACQUER: black (jet) lusterlesstype I, color 37038 (16 oz aerosolcan) Spec TT L 9950 type I nitrocellulose base. LINSEED OIL, RAW: (TT-L- 00215) (1 gal. can).LUBRICATING OIL, GENERALPURPOSE : (PL special). 8  AGO 20027A   Table f-5. Preventive Maintenance Checks and  Servaces 1  2  3  4  5 6  7  8 9 10 11 s 12 h: $ z Operator Daily A - X X XX X X X X XXXX w - XX X XX X X X X X X X f OW. M X XX X X X XXX XX X l- Item to be inspected Gun Shoulder Stock GroupMagazine Cap ~. ~. Barrel and Bayonet Band As; sembly. Trigger Guard Pin ~~   ..~~   _~. Trigger Guard Group ._.. . . .Slide Arm Bridge Retaining Screw. Fore End Group _ Breech Bolt Group _ Ejector . ..~.....__...__._ B-before operationD-during operation Aw-2ttgk,ytion M-monthly Warning: Before starting inspection, make certain that weapon iscleared. Inspect the chamber and magazine tube to insure that bothare empty. Determine that no ammunition is in position to be introduced. Note. Weekly and monthly inspections apply only if weapon is used drily. Clean and lubricate ..~__....~...____.____--..------___-----..._.. Actuate controls _....~~_.....__.________--.._.--_-____.__--....__ Check for missing parts, proper assembly of weapon and if majorgroups and assemblies are properly secured.Determine that sling is secured to gun shoulder stock group and bayonet band assembly. Stock cannot be cracked or loose. Structural strength must not be impaired. Check for burs, stripped threads, and if properly secured to m+ga-zinc tube. Bayonet band assembly must be secured to barrel assembly. Check for unusual pits or damage to bore of barrel assembly. Assure that boreis dry and free of obstructions before firing.Check for burs and if bent or loose _._~~.._____.~__~__ . . . . . . . . ..__. Check hammer, safety and trigger for proper operation. Actuatedisconnector assembly for proper functioning. Check left hand andright hand slide arm support for being bent or other damage. Check carrier assembly for freedom of movement.Check for stripped threads and damaged screw slot. Determine thatslide arm bridge is secured to bolt slide.Check for proper functioning and cracks in fore end. Structuralstrength must not be impaired. Check slide arm extensions for ex-cessive wear, burs or being bent. Slide arm extension cap mustbe secure to the slide arm extension. Check assembly slots on capfor burrs.Cam pin must be free of burrs. Breech bolt must have free movementin camways of receiver. Check protrusion of firing pin. Check ex-tractor claw for damage. Check component for visible rust or corrosion. Check for burrs or being bent. Test weapon with dummy round oronce-fired empty round to insure proper ejection of cartridge. Check ejector support pin for being secure in receiver and if damaged. Reference Tables 3-3, 34Figure 2-lTable 3-l and fig.B-2 - Figure 6-2Figure 5-lFigure 3-l I Figure 3-2Figure 5-3Figures 5-7, 5-8and 5-9Figure 5-4Figure 5-10Figures 5-11, 5-12Figures 5-5, 5-6  x   x 1 X Receiver and Magazine Group.. Magazine tube should be secured to the receiver. Check tube for dents, .‘Figure 5-13burrs or damage which will restrict the cartridge. Check helicalcompression spring (magazine) for kinks, and magazine followerfor being broken or burred. Check for rust and corrosion incomponents.
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