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Timeline for the Battle of Franklin (under construction)

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Working on a thorough and complete timeline of the Battle of Franklin. Last updated June 2011.
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    Timeline of the Battle of Franklin (November 30, 1864) , Kraig McNutt | BattleofFranklin.net Timeline for the Battle of Franklin   and important events preceding it  Last updated June 2011 (under construction) Major events related to the summer of 1864 Atlanta CampaignJuly 17, 1864    – General  John Bell Hood  takes over command of the  Army of Tennessee , CSA July 20 th Peachtree Creek  – Union victory,Hood loses 4,800 men.  July 22 nd Atlanta  – Union victory, Hood loses8,500 men.  July 28 th Ezra Church  – Union victory, Hoodloses 3,000 men.  August 5 th    – 7 th Utoy Creek  – inconclusive,Hood loses 300 men.  August 14 th    – 15 th Dalton  – Union victory, unknown casualtiesAugust 20 th   Lovejoy’s Station    – CSA victory, Hood loses 240 men.  August 31 st to Sept 1 st Jonesborough -  – Union victory, Hood loses3,000 men In Hood’s first six weeks as Commander of the  Army of Tennessee, he loses about 20,000 men, 70% of those in the first week! September 2 nd    – Atlanta surrenders    Timeline of the Battle of Franklin (November 30, 1864) , Kraig McNutt | BattleofFranklin.net Hood’s Middle Tennessee Campaign  October 1864Oct 16 th    – Nov 16 th Forrest raids West TennesseeOct 26 th    – 29 th Hood enters Decatur, ALNovember 1864Nov 15 th    – Sherman beings his march tothe Sea (which will end on Dec 21 inSavannah.) Nov 21 st   Hood moves into Florence,Alabama . Nov 23 rd   Action near Mount Pleasant. Nov 24 th    – 29 th   Hood is in Columbia, TN .Small CSA vic tory. Hood’s Army is 5,000 men, Schofiel d’s (U.S.) at 28,000. Nov 29 th   Hood is in Spring Hill . Union victory, Hood loses 500 men. Nov 29 th   Affair at Thompsons Station.   Nov 30 th Battle of Franklin. Union victory.   Hood’s Confede rate  Army of Tennessee attacks Sc hofield’s entrenched troops near downtown Franklin resulting in alopsided Union victory. There are nearly 10,000 totalcasualties. Hood loses 1,750 killed, 3,800 wounded, and atleast 700 missing or captured.    Timeline of the Battle of Franklin (November 30, 1864) , Kraig McNutt | BattleofFranklin.net 1864 Battle of Franklin Timeline November 29 th  Around midnight, Union army escapes from Spring Hill and marches toFranklin. Hood is unaware that the “ bird has flown the coup ” . November 30 th  1:00 a.m. Thomas telegraphs Schofield, ordered to protect his wagon trainand to get to Franklin.  4:30 a.m. Union Division Commander Jacob D. Cox’s men start erecting defensive breastworks around town.Schofield arrives in Franklin between4:00 and 5:00 a.m. Cox tells Carter familyhe believes that a fight is not likely today. 5:30 a.m. Schofield wires Thomas he istrying to get some of his men across theHarpeth. Some Union troops cross over the Big Harpeth and installthemselves at Fort Granger. Schofield discovers the two main bridges areout, starts to rebuild them so his army can keep heading toward Nashville. 6:30 a.m.   Ruger’s Federal troops arriv e on the scene around downtown. 7:00 a.m. The big guns of the 23 rd Corps (Federal) arrive and are movednorth of the river. 8:00 a.m. Confederate Cavalrymen engage the rear elements of Union wagon train (Opdycke’s men) in a full -blown skirmish. Est  8:30 a.m. An angry Hood meets with his senior leadership at Rippavillaand discloses his plans to chase Schofield into Franklin.    Timeline of the Battle of Franklin (November 30, 1864) , Kraig McNutt | BattleofFranklin.net 9:50 a.m. Schofield telegraphs Thomas that Hood cannot be held  atFranklin. Schofield’s headquarters is in Dr. Daniel Cliffe’s home.   10:25 a.m.   Without receiving Schofield’s 9:50 a.m. wire yet, Thomas wiresSchofield with instructions to hold Hood if possible but not to risk toomuch. Est.   10:30 a.m. Federal 4 th Corps artillery begins to arrive in Franklin. 11:00 a.m. As CSA cavalry continue to harass Federal rear elements, Wagner’s forward Federal troops “began cresting the pike as it passedbetween Winstead and Breezy Hills.” Whitaker’s men from Kimball’s Division spar with Rebels for about an hour in Winstead Hill vicinity. 12:00 noon. Schofield telegraphs Thomas, responding to wire of 10:25,fearful he is getting in a tight place with Hood at Franklin.Federal defensive line is largely completed. Many of the Federals sit downto eat. Temperature is approaching 50 degrees, an unusually warm Fallday.Three brigades of Wagn er’s Division begin to pull away from Breezy Hill. An 11:30 a.m. telegraph, delivered a little after noon, from Stanley to Wagnerorders Wagner to hold the heights . 1 p.m. Hood arrives at Winstead Hill with Genls. Cheatham and Cleburne,two miles from downtown Franklin, and reconnoiters the Federal positionnear downtown Franklin. Federal troops abandon Winstead Hill justmoments before Hood arrives.
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