The Top 15 Reasons Grant Proposals Get Rejected-Tips

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Getting The Grant Provider To Say Yes If you'd like to see a list of common mistakes, please click here. Grant seekers do a lot of research and read different articles just so they could get tips or pointers on how to write an effective grant proposal. Grant seekers go through all these to achieve one thing: To make grant making agencies say “Yes!” to their grant proposals! Hundreds, even thousands of grant seekers are out there waiting for their proposals to be approved. Here are some tips on
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  Getting The Grant Provider To Say Yes If you'd like to see a list of common mistakes, please click here. Grant seekers do a lot of research and read different articles just so they could get tips or pointers onhow to write an effective grant proposal. Grant seekers go through all these to achieve onething: To make grant making agencies say “Yes!” to their grant proposals!Hundreds, even thousands of grant seekers are out there waiting for their proposals to be approved.Here are some tips on how to make grant making agencies say “Yes!” to your proposals.Make sure your project closely matches your grant making agency’s guidelines. It is important thatyour objectives match that of your potential grant making agency as this gives you an upper hand come decision making time.Always follow instructions to the letter. Keep in mind that reviewers of grant proposals go over manydifferent proposals everyday. They would remember your proposal if you will not make itdifficult for them to read it.Persuade grant making agencies that they have a smart investment with your project – that you willuse their money carefully, that you will fulfill what you promised, and that you will helpthem achieve their mission.Prove to them that your project will give them what they need. This can be done through good publicity, strong evaluations, and awareness. Highlight that their support can help make thedifference in the community you want to serve.Set yourself apart from others. Your proposal should be unique and different from others. Your job isto submit a proposal that achieves the effect of accomplishing the funder’s mission, but atthe same time setting yourself apart. Just as any contest, the funding agency needs to seehow you are different from all of your competitors. This way you will stick out from thecrowd, and be favored in the eyes of the funder. You must answer the question “Whyshould they give you the money rather than all the other proposals with good ideas?”Look at previous successful applications. Most people do not know that they can obtain copies of  previous successful applications. Look at a few examples, and pattern your proposal after them. Remember, you cannot copy the proposal’s text, but you can copy techniques that the proposal used to get funded.   GRANT WRITING TIP: Having a Hard Time Writing Your Grant Proposal? Try Reading It Aloud!   There are instances when you find it hard to write down and finish a part of your project proposal. In cases like these, you may want to try reading aloud. Ask a friend or a familymember to listen as you read. Ask them to comment on your proposal and see if you can usesome of their comments as part of your proposal. After you’re through writing new additionsto your proposal, try reading it aloud again and see how it sounds.   REMINDERS WHEN SUBMITTING THE GRANT PROPOSAL: Before sending it in the mail:Include a cover letter with a summary of your request.Proofread everything one last time. You may decide to have last minute changes that could help makethe proposal better.Double check if all the requirements are included and all questions are answered.Be sure to have a backup copy of all materials you will be sending for your reference.Make sure to submit your proposal ON TIME.After sending:Call the grant funder after a week to check if they have received your proposal. Make sure to ask if the proposal was received in good condition.Have the patience to wait for updates. The review process can take a long time. GUIDE QUESTIONS FOR YOUR GRANT PROPOSAL Your proposal will play a big part in the success of your grant application. It is crucial to check your grant proposal before submitting it to your grant funder. You will need to have helpful tipson how to write an effective grant proposal. To help you assess your grant proposal, wehave lined up the following guide questions. Most of these are answerable by “yes” or “no”,so you could easily tell if your proposal is ready for submission or not.Do you have a fitting and effective concept for your proposal?Does it match your organization’s mission and objectives?Have you analyzed its entire literature?Was it clearly and briefly identified in the proposal?Is it unique? Original? Timely? Significant?Have you identified other alternative approaches and justify why your concept can be the best option?Were you able to identify who will benefit from your project?Have you anticipated the outcome of your project and thought of ways on how to evaluate it?Can you implement/execute what you have written in your proposal?Do you have the skills needed to implement the proposal? Or do you know people who have theexpertise to execute your program?Can you or your organization do it? If not, what do you need to execute the project?Do you have collaborative?Who is going to fund the project?Do you know of any source that who has funded a project similar to your proposal?Would you happen to know of any source that takes a special interest in your concept, location,methodology, target group, etc.?Do you have any contact with potential grant funders.Can you get significant data on the potential sponsors?Did you attempt to make an initial contact, with an Abstract or Letter of Inquiry?Did you get any encouragement from them?  What do you think do potential sponsors want in exchange of the funding? (Can you possibly give it? – omit; nswered in #2.)Would you know of any other sources interested in the project?  Planning the Proposal Process Did you follow the sponsor’s proposal guidelines, formats, forms, deadlines, etc.?Were you able to identify the components required by your funder?Did you read carefully and analyzed the statement of need or interest of your funder?Did you have enough time to prepare and write your grant proposal?Were you able to gather all the data, references, and other pertinent information for your proposal?Will he application process be cost effctive. The Proposal as a Whole Did you follow the required format and style of your grant funder?Did you use simple sentences so it can be easily understood?Were all the major points stressed? (Major points do not get stressed out. No worries mon.)Is it convincing enough to persuade potential grant funders to fund the project?What is included in Front and at the Back of the Proposal?Is the title descriptive and imaginative enough to catch the attention of the potential grant funder?Is the project summary brief but complete? Is it persuasive enough for the reviewer to read the entire proposal?Do you have all the necessary documents required by your potential grant funder?Did you include a Table of Contents to guide your potential grant funder?Is The Project Really Needed?Were you able to establish and present a clear understanding of the problem or need?Did you identify the specific need and focus of the project. (omit- and what is it that you did notaddress? You have to address every thing relevant. What is not addressed is then irrelevantand uneccessary.)What is the current state of need of the problem?Do you have any documented proof for this?Who will benefit from this project? Is it of immediate need?Does the project have a strong theoretical or conceptual base?Is the problem possible to solve?What are the Objectives of your Project?Were all the objectives clearly stated in your project proposal?Are the objectives related to your project need?Are all objectives measureable?Are all objectives feasible and realistic?How are you going to execute the Project?Did you include different procedures that will help achieve every stated objective?Were you able to demonstrate the possibility of success of new and unique procedures as well as itsadvantages over other procedures?Is your methodological discussion presented to the reviewer’s level?Were you able to show why your approach is technically sound?Were you able to maximize the use of tables, illustrations, and other techniques but avoided clutteringof too much information?Were you able to describe time lines, project management, and the responsibilities of each individualand his position on the project?Did you describe clearly, and in detail, the subjects, population, materials, and other project materialsneeded?  Did you describe clearly, and in detail, any analysis you plan to make? Is this theoretically justified?Were you able to show the possible outcome of the project and its benefits?Were you able to show that you have expected possible problems and alternative strategies on how toaddress them?Did you describe what role or decisions your funder will play in ongoing requirements and oversight?Will there be an evaluation of the Project?Is the evaluation a part of the component of the project?Is it covered in the budget and methodology?Who will be the persons involved in the evaluation?Why are they involved? How are they going to be involved?Can the methodology produce an output which matches the objectives?Will there be an external data needed for the evaluation? If so, who will provide it?Who is going to report the evaluation?To whom will that person report the evaluation?How is it going to be reported?Is the evaluation totally independent of the project director? Will there be external consultantsneeded?How can the results be distributed?Will there be a published literature?Will the results be presented in professional meetings?Why and to whom will the results be distributed?Will the distribution require special facilities or functions?Will the methodology and cost be addressed properly?Will the distribution be a subject of another proposal?Who are the people involved in the Project?Who are the key persons involved in the project?Were the capabilities and preparation for the project described for each person?Were the roles and responsibilities of each project staff properly described?What happens if a key person becomes unavailable?Do you have any contingency plans in cases like this?What facilities do you have or need?Where is the location of the project?Are there special or unique features needed in the site or environment to facilitate the project?Are there special facilities or equipment needed to get the project going? Is the grant making agencyexpected to provide for these?Is your organization set up to handle the grant if funded?If you are successful in receiving the award, do you have the resources in place to deliver the goodsyou have promised?Have you thought about how you will handle the extra work in terms of your time management?Budget for the ProjectDid your project budget show anticipated costs and its source of funding?Did it show that all costs are charged to the grant funder? Did it also include the source and value of the costing?For cost-sharing or matching, did it meet the grant funder’s requirements?Did the project budget show adequate attention to financial accountability?Did it reflect an awareness of the regulations, limitations, and special circumstances of the grantmaking agency?Did your budget separate direct from indirect (overhead) costs?Are there enough funds to cover contingencies?Is your budget consistent with your project narrative?Are cost increases and inflation, including salary increases adequately accounted for in your budget?Submission of the Grant Proposal
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