TechSmart 74, Nov 09, The Internet Issue

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The latest TechSmart is here with all the tech to get you through November. This month we check out all things Internet related, starting off with a first look at Google’s email-like collaboration tool Wave. HTC’s latest Android operated Hero is given the thumbs up and we also take a look at the new Acer eMachines nettop that might just reclaim some lost market share for the PC. We also review the Samsung Star, the Lenovo G530 notebook, the latest iPod nano and the Acer Travelmate Timeline. If you’re into gaming you will like our Forza 3 and Aion reviews. You can also enjoy all the excellent tech articles online at
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Document Transcript SA’s LARGEST TECH MAGAZINE THE INTERNET ISSUE Changing thecommon PC THE RISING TIDE A first look atGoogle WaveLexmark INTERACT 3 in 1 PrinterR 30 000 prizes in our Reader Survey WIN WIN WIN   ISSUE 74 November 2009  smart    tech  getting smart with technology  TM ISSN 1726–3358 FREE!  Acer eMachinesEdimax Projector ServerHTC Hero THE NETTOPEVOLUTION  S taring at glowing rectangles I saw a t-shirt the otherday over at the satiricalnews site The Onion( thatread: “Report: 90% of waking hours spent star-ing at glowing rectangles”.For the rest of the day Ifelt awkward working onmy PC, and I didn’t wantto switch on the TV whenI got home. I started thinking about maybegoing to farm in the KleinKaroo, about staring at far off koppies instead of glowing LCD screens. Then I was reminded about the proposed Eskom price hike and felt better, since pretty soon we’ll only be able to afford to spend40% of the day looking at glowing rectangles.We’ve got a pretty smashing issue lined up, with highlightsbeing our first look at Google’s new email-like collaborationtool Wave, and an interview with Matthew Buckland whoheads up 20FourLabs, arguably one of the best Internetbrains in the country. Enjoy.Mike Joubert <> I am staring at the Lenovo Thinkpad X301. 4 EDITORIAL TechSmart 74 ONTENTS Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved. No material, text or photographsmay be reproduced, copied or in any other way transmitted without thewritten consent of the publisher. Opinions expressed are not necessarilythose of the publisher or of the editor. We recognise all trademarks andlogos as the sole property of their respective owners. TechSmart  shall notbe liable for any errors or for any actions in reliance thereon. All priceswere correct at time of going to print. Distributed byEditor Mike Joubert > ExecutiveEditor Suzanne Grobler > Business Manager George Grobler > Advertising Suzanne Grobler > Strauss > Slabbert > Designer & Layout Brett Wilson Contributors Mike Joubert [MJ], ThomasMcKinnon [TM], Linda Pretorius [LP],Christina Rupp [CR], Hanleigh Daniels [HD] Accounts & Subscriptions Ronel Keet > 012-362-2732 Online Editor Thomas smart Published by MASS MEDIA SPECIALISTS SMARTPUBLISHING distribution   99 091 copies per monthConsumer: SciTech[April - June 2009] Features 12 The Rising Tide: Google Wave Regulars 8 Letters 9 Smart Celeb: The Parlotones 10 Tech News 11 Sci News 34 The Big Issue: Google Books 38 Industry Expert: Matthew Buckland 42 NetSmart: What’s the deal with Seacom? 43 Web Time Wasters Mobiles 14 HTC Hero 15 Samsung Star 17 ZTE S302 17 Sony Ericsson Naite PC Hardware 17 HP Print Station 18 Acer eMachines EZ1601 19 Evetech Intel Core i5 Custom Built Gaming PC 20 Acer Travelmate Timeline 8471 21 Lenovo G530 Notebook 22 NComputing X- and L-series 26 Edimax WP-S1100 Wireless Projector Server 26 AirLive WIAS-1200G Internet Access Server 27 Plustek Best Buys 27 Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Deluxe Telecoms 28 Vox ADSL PBX VOiP Solution 28 Silver Peak Data Acceleration Gadgets 30 WIKI Dual SIM card mobile phone 31 iPod nano 5th Generation 32 Gizmo Guide: Have to have Gadgets and Gear Software 28 Data Recovery 33 AVG Internet Security Version 9.0 33 MAGIX Video Easy Books 34 HP Photo Books 36 Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Dummies 36 Linux For Dummies 9th Edition 36 The Pirate’s Dilemma Internet 44 The Techsmart Jargon Buster 44 Preview Games 45 Aion 46 Forza 3 Competitions 8 Win: Lexmark Interact 3-1 printer 1220281434
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