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Vita of Dale L. Sullivan, 2009 Dale L. Sullivan Professor and Department Head Department of English North Dakota State University 322G Minard Hall Fargo, ND 58105 Phone 701.231.7144, E-Mail Home Address: 1506 6th Street South Fargo, ND 58103 701.388.8155, Educational Background: ã ã ã Ph. D. in Rhetoric and Communication, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, 1988. Dissertation: A Rhetoric of Children's Literature. Director: S. Michael
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  Vita of Dale L. Sullivan, 2009 Dale L. Sullivan Professor and Department HeadDepartment of EnglishNorth Dakota State University322G Minard HallFargo, ND 58105Phone 701.231.7144, E-Mail dale.sullivan@ndsu.eduHome Address:1506 6 th Street SouthFargo, ND 58103701.388.8155, Educational Background: ã Ph. D. in Rhetoric and Communication, Rensselaer PolytechnicInstitute, Troy, New York, 1988. Dissertation: A Rhetoric of Children's Literature. Director: S. Michael Halloran. ã Master of Arts in English, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas,1979. ã Bachelor of Arts, St. Mary of the Plains College, Dodge City, Kansas,1977. Major-English; Minor-French. Magna Cum Laude. Professional Experience:  Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus, Aarhus,Denmark. Visiting Professor, September 2008-December 2008. ã Gave several invited lectures, met with faculty and doctoralstudents to discuss their research projects, conducted research intoagriculture and extension communication practices in Denmark, andteam taught a Ph. D. seminar on knowledge communication. Maastricht Center for Transatlantic Studies, Maastricht,Netherlands. Visiting Professor, April 2006. ã  Taught literature class on children’s fantasy on two sides of theAtlantic.  North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. Tenured, Professor of English and Department Head, July 1, 2003 to present. ã Responsible for scheduling classes; hiring, directing graduatestudies; overseeing budget; evaluating faculty, lecturers, staff;assigning advisors, writing annual reports. ã Worked with faculty to fully reform of English Curriculum, 2004-05. 1  Vita of Dale L. Sullivan, 2009 ã Worked with Director of Writing and General Education Committeeto reform writing requirements at university—from traditional first-year sequence to vertical writing sequence. This process involvedthe development of several new discipline-specific writing courses. ã Worked with Provost and English faculty to bring languishing writingcenter under direction of English department. It is now flourishing. ã In consultation with faculty, rewrote our department’s proposal for aPh. D. in Rhetoric, Writing & Culture. Ph.D. has now been approvedby the State Board of Higher Educcation ã Encouraged the development of online classes and participation indistance and continuing education. Developed and taught twodistance education courses (English 320, practical writing, andEnglish 333, Fantasy and Science Fiction). ã Oversaw the search and hiring process for faculty and lecturers. University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. Tenured, Full Professor in Rhetoric. Department Head, May 13, 2002 to June 2003. ã Pulled together the first accurate budget analysis for thedepartment of Rhetoric in many years and traced revenue flows incomparison with other departments in the College of Agriculture,Food, and Environmental Sciences. ã Worked out agreements with scientists in College of Agriculture,Food, and Environmental Sciences to work with graduate studentsin Rhetoric. ã Restructured the internship program in the department of Rhetoric. ã Served as advocate for faculty and staff: negotiated reclassificationon behalf of staff member to improve her status; negotiated changeof three-year renewable contract on behalf of faculty member totenure-tract position. ã Interviewed candidates and hired new assistant to the head. Tookworkshops in basic accounts monitoring procedures for UMN and inbeing a department head. ã Relieved of active duty late September 2002 (but continuedtechnically as department head) because of a disagreement withthe Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food, and EnvironmentalSciences. Michigan Technological University: Houghton, MI. AssociateProfessor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication and Director of Scientific and Technical Communication. Fall 1997-May 2002, tenured 2001. ã Director of Scientific and Technical Communication, anundergraduate degree program, chair of STC committee, director of industrial relations (Fall 1999 to May 2002). 2  Vita of Dale L. Sullivan, 2009 ã  Taught undergraduate and graduate courses, served on graduatestudents' Masters and Ph.D. committees. ã I gave up tenure but retained rank of Associate Professor to makethe move to MTU. Northern Illinois University: DeKalb, IL. Assistant Professor of English (promoted to Associate 1995, tenured 1996), and Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator. Fall 1994 toSummer 1997. ã Senior Member of the Graduate Faculty. Developed a WritingConsultants Across the Curriculum Program, a newsletter, and anextensive WWW archive. ã Gave several WAC workshops for Faculty. ã  Taught graduate courses in the history of rhetoric and in rhetoricaltheory, and undergraduate advanced writing courses. ã Served on University Assessment Committee, English DepartmentCouncil, English Department Writing in the Major Committee, andEnglish Department Assessment Work Group. ã Served as consultant to University General Education Committee,and worked with science and technology literacy program for highschools in Rockford, IL. University of Nebraska at Kearney: Assistant Professor (promoted to Associate 1994) of English. Director of WritingPrograms, Fall 1991 to Spring 1994. ã Graduate Fellow of the University of Nebraska, 1993; GraduateFaculty, 1992. ã  Taught graduate courses in the teaching of writing, andundergraduate writing classes, both first-year classes andadvanced-writing classes. ã Developed a new writing curriculum for the undergraduate major. ã Administered the University Writing Center and trained new TAs. ã Served on Faculty Senate, English Department Writing Committee,and English Department Graduate Committee. Michigan Technological University: Houghton, MI. Assistant Professor of Rhetoric in Humanities Department, Fall 1988 toSummer 1991. Graduate Faculty. ã  Taught HU 631 (Rhetorical Criticism), HU 543 (History of Rhetoric),HU 542 (Modern Rhetorical Theory), HU 520 (Rhetoric of Science),HU 470 (Special Projects), HU 411 (Reading and Technical Comm.),HU 333 (Technical and Scientific Comm.), HU 303 (Modern Masters:C. S. Lewis), HU 202 (American Experience in Lit. II), HU 201(American Experience in Lit. I). 3  Vita of Dale L. Sullivan, 2009 ã Served on department Graduate Committee, 1990-91; ondepartment Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1990-91; on STCCommittee 1989-90. Mentored TAs teaching TechnicalCommunication. Directed undergraduate STC program, Fall 1989,during director's sabbatical. Participated in NSF Grant to developWriting-Intensive Engineering courses 1989-91. Gordon College: Wenham, MA. Director of Writing, Fall 1987 toSpring 1988. ã Worked with faculty in other disciplines to develop Writing Acrossthe Curriculum. ã Directed the writing center. ã  Taught En 417 (Modern Grammar), Cr 110 (First-year Writing). Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Troy, NY. Teaching Assistant,Fall 1985 to Spring 1987. ã Writing Center Tutor, 1985-86, Summer and Fall 1986. ã Writing Consultant to Chemical Engineering Design, 1986. ã Writing Consultant to Electrical Engineering, 1985-86. ã  Taught Rhetoric and Writing. Kansas Technical Institute: Salina, KS. Assistant Professor,Spring 1980 to Summer 1985.   ã  Taught Technical Writing, Written Communication, OralCommunication, Developmental English, Literature and Technology,Professional Writing Seminar. Wichita State University: Teaching Assistant, Fall 1977 toSpring 1979; Lecturer, Fall 1979. ã  Taught Composition 101, Composition 102, Developmental English. Publications and Presentations: Edited Volumes ã Co-editor, with Bruce Maylath. Revisiting the Past through theRhetorics of Memory and Amnesia: Selected Papers from the 50 th Meeting of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota . Bookunder contract with Cambridge Scholars Press. ã Guest Editor of Special Issue of  The Journal of Communication and Religion. Conversations about Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Theologian and Rhetorician . 28.2 November 2005. (All articles were peer reviewed). ã Writing a Professional Life: Stories of Technical Communicators Onand Off the Job , co-editor with Jerry Savage. Allyn & Bacon, 2001.(The whole book was sent out for peer review by the publisher). 4
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