Retrocommissioning Case Study: San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina Overview

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REtRoCoMMISSIonInG CaSE StuDy: San DIEGo MaRRIott HotEl & MaRIna Overview Marriott international, a hospitality company with locations worldwide, sought ways to reduce energy consumption and minimize the environmental impacts of operations at its 1.4 million square foot San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina in San Diego, California. The 1,362 room hotel is a full-service resort-style property that includes meeting space, multiple restaurants, and a marina. The Marriott Hotel & Marina’s engineers sus
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Document Transcript Overview Maott itatoal, a hosptalty compay th locatosoldd, sought ays to duc gy cosumpto admmz th omtal mpacts of opatos at ts1.4 mllo squa foot Sa Dgo Maott Hotl & Maa Sa Dgo, Calfoa. Th 1,362 oom hotl s a full-scsot-styl popty that cluds mtg spac, multplstauats, ad a maa. Th Maott Hotl & Maa’sgs suspctd that th  oppotuts to duc eerg se d icrese he prbii, s we s impre gust comfot. Fo ths asos, Maott’s maagmtdcdd to patcpat  th Sa Dgo rtocommssog (RCx) Prgrm,  prgrm dmiisered b S Dieg Gs &Eecric (SDG&E®) hrgh  crc wrded  Prd egy Cosato, ic (PeCi).Th Sa Dgo rCx Pogam suppotd Maott  attag eerg d cs sigs b pridig he Mrri He & Maa th:ã A -dpth rCx stgato to dtfy sags oppotutsã implmtato assstac ã Dcmei d riig fr bidig sff  impemeed masusã Ogog pfomac tackg of masus to supsstcMaott’s patcpato  th rCx Pogam sultd  a8.4% ducto  gy us at th Maott Hotl & Maath a xpctd aual cost sags of $272,500. i add-to, aoth 10.6% ducto  gy us, o $346,000  pei sigs, hs bee ideied fr fre impeme -tato at th popty. InvEStIGatIon & IMPlEMEntatIon FInDInG tHE SavInGS oPPoRtunItIES thrgh  i-deph sis f he bidig peris, th tocommssog pod, PeCi, okd closly wih bidig sff d fd h seer periimpremes  he chiers, pmps, d ir disrib - i ssem cd brig drmic sigs d imprep cpci b: ã elmatg ucssay smultaous hatg adcoolgã rducg supply fa spd though tmal utpogammg mpomts ã Re-ebig he demd-cred eii systm  th pakg gaagã elmatg ucssay pumpg gy fo thladscap at fatus ã Isig ribe freqec dries  eprr pumps ad cods pumpsã Modfyg cotol squcs fo pumpg systms ã Eliminating unnecessary pumping energy for the landscapewater features   Building: Sa Dgo Maott Hotl & Maa Location: Sa Dgo, CA Year(s) built: 1984 ad 1987 (South To) Size: 1.4 mllo sq. ft Scope of retrocommissioning project: Chlld ad hatg wer ssems, ir disribi ssems, dmesic w -t systms, ladscap at fatus Project timeline: 2004-2006 QuantIFIED CoStS anD SavInGS to-DatE Annual kWh savings: 1,470,000 kwh Annual therm savings: 88,000 thms Total cost savings: $272,500 Total project cost: $391,716 Total program incentive: $196,412 Net owner cost: $195,304 Simple payback: < 1 ya PrOjeCT BeneFiTS ã Chlld at capacty mpomtsã rducd chll utm ad sultg cas qupmt lf ã Mre efcie peris ã Documtd opato ad matac pocdusã Hads-o tag fo O&M staff :: QuICk FaCtS rtocommssog a ssemic prcess fr imprig  exisig bidig’sperfrmce b ideifig d impemeig reie w- cost opatoal ad matac mpomts. Photo courtesy of Marriott International REtRoCoMMISSIonInG CaSE StuDy: San DIEGo MaRRIott HotEl & MaRIna The San Diego Retrocommissioning Program is funded by California utility customers and administered by San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E ® ) under the auspices of the California PublicUtilities Commission, through a contract awarded to Portland Energy Conservation, Inc (PECI). California customers who choose to participate in this program are not obligated to purchase any ad-ditional services offered by the contractor. The trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. IMPlEMEntInG EnERGy SavInGS MEaSuRES Eerg-sig mesres ideied drig he iesigiwere impemeed rge b Mrri sff, whie ssisced mesre erici ws crried  b PECI. t impemee mesre, he bidig’s sff were high-deep i md,diggig  bcges i wer fere pipes  impre heefciec f he fi pmps – r gig be dbed he c f d whie hepig se er $17,000 i aual lctc costs du to xcss pumpg.Thoughout mplmtato, th Maott Hotl & Maa sbmied regr prgress reprs  PECI d receied impe -mtato assstac to complt ach gy-sag masu.Follog mplmtato, pfomac tackg actts were esbished  hep esre rercmmissiig ciiiesres i persisece f bees d sigs er ime.the Mrri He & Mri’s bidig sff’s dedici to tocommssog ffots has ot oly mpod thopato of th popty, t has g th staff th oppo- i  ideif prbems h migh he bee missed dug costucto o tal qupmt stallato. rt- rcmmissiig wi s hep he sff ideif prbems that may dlop thoughout th hotl popty’s lf. the Mrri He & Mri RCx prjec hs bee  hgesccess fr he he, resig i sigic eerg sigs ad casd hotl gust comfot, as ll as ag t a2006 Sa Dgo excllc  egy aad fo ts commt- me  eerg efciec. $0$20,000$40,000$60,000$80,000$100,000$120,000$140,000 Install VFD on evaporator pumpInstall VFDs on domestic water booster pumpsInstall VFD on condenser pumpOptimize flow and scheduling of water feature pumpsRe-enable demand-controlled ventilation on parking garageReduce simultaneous heating and cooling(Fix valves, replace failed fan VFD, lower VAV box flow rates)Electric SavingsGas Savings “At th Sa Dgo Maott Hotl & Maa, tocomms-sog has hlpd us sa almost $300,000 a ya  gycosts. just as mpotatly, th tocommssog pocss ge r bidig sff  beer dersdig f he bid -gs’ systms opatos ad ho to opat thm mo efcie.” e.j. Hlts, rgoal Dcto of egy :: FOr MOre inFOrMATiOn Th Sa Dgo rtocommssog Pogam s w ibe  hep S Dieg Gs & Eecric(SDG&E ® ) commcal customs tocom-msso th faclts. Though th Pogam, experieced egieers wr cse wih bidigwers d heir sff  d cs-effecie ws pimize heir bidig’s perfrmce, wereerg bis, d impre ccp cmfr.visi he prgrm websie  www.sdiegrcx.cm to la ho tocommssog ca hlp you m- pre r bm ie, wh  expec s  prici -pat  th Pogam, ad ho th pogam ctsa stuctud ad pad. Plas cotact us th ay qesis r  bi  prgrm ppici. San Diego Retrocommissioning Program (866) 961-6144 sadgocx@pc.og.sadgo rcommdd masus fotocommssog ad thassocatd cost sags. REtRoCoMMISSIonInG CaSE StuDy: San DIEGo MaRRIott HotEl & MaRIna   :: PrOjeCT PArTnerS Building Manager: Maott itatoalCotact: e.j. Hlts.ma Retrocommissioning Providers:PECI Cotact: Haah Fdma.pc.og Facility Dynamics Engineering Cotact: Dad Slls.facltydyam Building Owner: Host Hotl ad rsots.hosthot Eerg sigs reec icipedprjec sigs bsed  impemeed masus. Actual gy sags mayay th ach poct.
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