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Making a difference Sustrans volunteer ranger handbook Contents Welcome from our chief executive Part 1 Your role as a ranger – an introduction Part 2 Getting started 2.1 Your voluntary agreement with us 2.2 Volunteer support ã Contacts, help and general information ã Training ã Event planning and safety ã Insurance ã Young people and vulnerable adults ã Expenses ã Discounts 2.3 Additional important information ã Representing Sustrans ã Disputes Page 3 4 5 Part 3 Teamwork – who you need to k
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  Making a difference Sustrans volunteer ranger handbook  Welcome from our chief executivePart 1 Your role as a ranger – an introductionPart 2 Getting started 2.1 Your voluntary agreement with us2.2 Volunteer support ãContacts, help and general informationãTrainingãEvent planning and safetyãInsuranceãYoung people and vulnerable adultsãExpensesã Discounts 2.3 Additional important information ãRepresenting SustransãDisputes Part 3 Teamwork – who you need to knowPart 4 Ranger tasks 4.1 Practical tasks ãSigningãLitter, glass and fly-tippingãVegetation controlãMilepostsãGraffiti and other problemsãBiodiversityãWorkdays 4.2 Promotion and events ãStalls and displaysãPhotographyãTalksãPublicity championsãRides and walksãMedia contactsãWorkplace activities 4.3 Fundraising ãSponsored and fundraising eventsãFundraising champions Part 5 Working safely 5.1 Event plans and risk assessments5.2 Carrying out practical work safely – protective equipment and safe use of tools5.3 Organising rides safely5.4 Out on your own5.5 Working alongside water Part 6 Appendix  Workday checklistRides checklist Available signs and sign order formDefect report formExpense claim formContacts and resourcesSustrans in your community Contents Page 34510122631  W e l   c  om e  3 Sustrans has always involvedvolunteers to help us achieve ourvision of a world in which peoplecan choose to travel in ways thatbenefit their health and theenvironment. We started more than30 years ago with volunteer workcamps helping to build some of ourvery first routes. Now more than2,500 volunteers help in manycrucial areas of our work frommaintaining the National CycleNetwork to leading rides and walksto enable more people to be activein their everyday lives, and helpingSustrans to enthuse children tocycle to school.  You can promote our work bydistributing our publications or givinga talk, or if you have the knowledgeyou could join our team of technicalvolunteers who have helped to designbridges and culverts! Once you are aSustrans volunteer you will find arange of opportunities to match boththe time and skills you can offer. The ranger programme is our greatsuccess story, and I am really pleasedthat you have joined us. By being oureyes and ears on the National CycleNetwork, volunteer rangers havechanged the face of Sustrans,enabling us to do so much more,sharing local knowledge, and givingus a presence in all corners of England, Wales, Scotland andNorthern Ireland. You will work withus and our partners to help keep localroutes well signed and maintainedand promote Sustrans and our workin the community so that we attractmore support and become an evenmore effective charity.However you help, your donation of time and effort enables us to reachmore people and build an even moresuccessful movement. Thank you foryour commitment to Sustrans. Nowread on and find out more about howyou can help us as a ranger and howSustrans will help you to help us. Welcome to the UK’s leadingsustainable transport charity Malcolm ShepherdChief Executive Sustrans is the UK’s leading sustainabletransport charity. Our vision is a world in which people chooseto travel in ways that benefit their health andthe environment. We work on practical,innovative solutions to the transportchallenges facing us all. Sustrans is the charitybehind the award-winning National CycleNetwork, Safe Routes to Schools, Bike It, TravelSmart, Active Travel, Connect2 andLiveable Neighbourhoods, all projects that arechanging our world one mile at a time. To find out more visit www.sustrans.org.uk or call 0845 113 00 65 .Sustrans, 2 Cathedral Square, College Green,Bristol BS1 5DD.Photo credits: Jonathon Hamill-Keayes (frontcover), Ken Groom (page 20), KieranChambers (page 23), other rangers and staff.Design: www.trmvs.co.ukProofreading by Paul Beverley:www.archivepub.co.uk© Sustrans 2009 Registered Charity No.326550 (England and Wales) SC039263(Scotland). VAT Registration No. 416740656 Sustrans Ranger programme is grateful forsupport from the Welsh Assembly Government,the Big Lottery Fund, the Scottish Executive,many local authorities and charitable trusts.  4 Part 1  Your role as a ranger –an introduction Practical tasks  You will usually be allocated a sectionof route to help look after. Think of thisas your route and take a pride in it. There are no set hours but we expectyou to check it at least once a month(traffic-free) or once every two months(on road) and to do what you can tocorrect any problems following theguidelines in this handbook.Look out for missing or damagedsigns, vegetation that is encroachingonto the route, vandalism, litter andany other damage to the route that willput people off using it. If you can’trepair the problem yourself, report it tothe maintenance authority. Practicalranger tasks can include replacingmissing signs, cutting back vegetation,litter picking or organising a group orpublic workday to deal with a biggerproblem such as filling in potholes orwidening the path by removingencroaching vegetation. You may needthe permission of the landowner toundertake some of these tasks.Many rangers also offer practical helpin other areas of our work. There arerangers who help Sustrans organiseevents in schools with children, or leadrides and walks for people keen to bemore physically active, or even designbridges and drainage systems. Whatyou do depends on your skills,interests and time. For full details turnto ‘Practical ranger tasks’ on page 12. Promotional tasks  The work of Sustrans is benefitingcommunities throughout the UK, andwe rely on rangers to help spread theword about Sustrans locally, therebymaking us a stronger and moreinfluential charity. You can do this bydistributing our publicity to localoutlets, organising publicity eventssuch as information stalls and familyrides, or giving talks in schools,workplaces and other organisations.For full details, turn to ‘PromotingSustrans’ on page 21. Fundraising  As a charity the money that we raise isput to hard work within communitiesUK-wide. Rangers make an importantcontribution to fundraising byorganising sponsored events on theNational Cycle Network and runningother fundraisers, from pedallingpicnics to bicycle barbecues, and jumble sales to virtual sponsoredsustainable journeys around the world!For full details, turn to ‘Fundraising forSustrans’ on page 25. Rangers help Sustrans with practical tasks,promotion and fundraising. You will do someof these tasks by yourself, and otherstogether with your fellow volunteers. Onaverage, rangers spend five hours a monthhelping Sustrans, but many volunteers chooseto donate much more time than this. Y  o ur r  ol   e  a  s  a r  a n g e r 
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