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TIPUANA TIPU (ROSEWOOD) Design Studio 1_Arbo(real) Home Midterm Research Document Areti Markopoulou, Luis Fraguada (Tutors) Gerard Passola (Arborialist) B2C2A2 A3B2 C2B C2A C2 A3B1 A3A2 A3A1 C C1 B2A B2B B1A B1B B3 A A B B2 B1 B D2A1B2 D2A1B1 A1B D2A1B D2A1A D2A2B D2A2B1 B1 A2B A2A A1A B2 A3C A1 A2 B2B2 B B2B1 A3B A3A A3 A B2C2A1 B2A1 B2A2 B2A B2B B2 B1 B A3 A2 B2C2A3 A1 B2B B1 B2A B2B B2 B1 A B2B2B2 B B2 B A B2C2C6 B1 A B2 B B2C2C5 B2C2C4 B2C2C3 B2C2C2 B2C2C1 C2B4B2 C2B4A2 C2B4B1 C2B4A1 C2B4B
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  TIPUANA TIPU (ROSEWOOD) Design Studio 1_Arbo(real) HomeMidterm Research Document Areti Markopoulou, Luis Fraguada (Tutors)Gerard Passola (Arborialist) BACDA1A2A1AA1BA2AA2BA2CA2A2A2A1A2A1AA2A1BA2A2BA2A2AA2C1A2C3A2C2A2C3AA2C3BA2C1BA2C1AB2B1B1FB1GB1EB1CB1DB1BB1AB1E1B1E2B2CB2BB2AB2A2B2A1B2A2A B2A2BB2B2B2B2AB2B2BB2B2B1ABA1A2A3A3CA3BA3AA3B2A3B1A3A2A3A1B1B2B2BB2AB2A1 B2A2 B2B2B2B1B2C2B2C1B2C2AB2C2BB2C2CB2C2A1B2C2A2B2C2A3B2B2B2B2B2B1ABA1A2A3B2B2AB2BB2C2C1B2C2C2B2C2C3B2C2C6B2C2C4B2C2C5ABB2B1BB1B2B2BC2C1C3C4C5C2BC2AC2A1C2A2C2A1BC2A1AC2A1B2C2A1B1C2A2BC2A2AC2A2B1C2A2B2ABC2B1C2B2C2B3C2B4C2B1AC2B1A1C2B1A2C2B1A3C2B2AC2B2BC2B2A2C2B2A1ABA2A1A2A1AA1BA1C2B2B1C2B2B2C2B3AC2B3BC2B3CC2B4BC2B4AC2B4A3C2B4A2C2B4A1C2B4B2C2B4B1D1D2D3D2AD2BD2A1D2A2D2A3D2A1AD2A1BD2A1B1D2A1B2ABABB1B2B3D2A2AD2A2BAA2A1BA1AA2AA2BD2A2A1A1BCB1B2B1AB1BB2AB2BC1C1AC1BC2AC2C2BD2A2A2BAB1B2D2A2B1D2A2B2D2A2B3D2A2B4ABCDB2B1 B2B1B2B2B2B2B2B3 A C2B1D2C2B1D1C2B1C1C2B1C2C2B1B2C2B1B1C2B1BC2B1CC2B1D EB1 Gianluca Santosuosso, Jessica Yuen Chi Lai, Joel Letkemann, Jun Huang, Moises Gamus Duek   SpeciesSpecimen ClimateSurroundings SunWindWater TreesBuildingsMorphologyMechanics ClassicationAdaptationEnvironmentStructure Macro StructureMicro Structure Molecular CompositionGrowth Pattern Physiology PhotosynthesisGrowthReinforcementReproduction StressesDistanceDirectionDimensionElasticity Living Organisms Process Diagram_Development o Analysis  Species Research_Classication  Tipuana tipu (Rosewood)Common names: Tipu Tree, Rosewood, “Pride o Bolivia”, Yellow JacarandaFamily: Fabaceae (Pea Family)Origin: Bolivia (South America)Flower Color: YellowHeight: 20-30 eetWidth: 20-30 eetExposure: Full SunIrrigation (H2O Ino): Medium Water NeedsWinter Hardiness: 25-30° FGeneral aspects: Tipuana grows in a subtropical environment, with generally warm temperatures year round. It survives in temperatures down to -6.5ºC. It is droughtresistant and rost tolerant , and is considered invasive to other native vegetation. Rosewood grows up to 10 m height or even higher. It has a largecanopy cover, oten greater than its height, and is consequently avoured as a shade tree.Leaves o Tipu Tree are briefy decidious - so the tree is semi-evergreen. Leaves are alternate, opposite and imparipinnate. They can be up to 1 ootlong. Indidual leaets are about 6 cm long, slightly staggered oval, numbering around 23. The distinctive winged ruit is sometimes reerred to as a ‘helicopter’, due to its spinning propeller-like action as it alls. The spin is created by theswollen base, which contains one to three seeds. GerminationFloweringSeeding J F M A M J J A S O N D 67 mm  CB2C2C6B2C2C4 B2C2C5 T A T T BB2 TT B1 u A u B u B1 B2 u uu B2A u B2BC2C1 N C3 C4 C5C2BC2AC2A1 C2A2C2A1BC2A1AC2A1B2C2A1B1C2A2BC2A2AC2A2B1 C2A2B2 oo A o BC2B1C2B2CC2B2BC2B1AC2B1A1 C2B1A2 C2B1A3 C2B2B1 C2B2B2 C2B2C2C2B2C1    M   A   I   N   T   R   U   N   K BA C EDA1 A2A1A A1B A2A A2BA2CA2A2A2A1 N NN A2A1A A2A1B A2A2BA2A2AA2C1 A2C3A2C2A2C3A   A2C3BA2C1BA2C1AB2B1   B1FB1GB1EB1CB1D   B1BB1A   B1E1 B1E2B2CB2B   B2AB2A2B2A1   B2A2A B2A2BB2B1 B2B2B2B2A B2B2BB2B2B1   B2B2B2 B2B2B3 l A l B ll A1 A2 l l A3A3C ll A3BA3A ll A3B2A3B1 l A3A2   l A3A1 ll B1 B2 ll B2BB2A l   l B2A1 B2B2 l l B2B2B2B1 l B2C2B2C1   B2C2A B2C2B B2C2CB2C2A1 B2C2A2 B2C2A3 B2B2B2B2B2B1 R A R R B R A1 R A2 R A3 B1 R R B2B2A R B2B R B2C2C1 B2C2C2 B2C2C3 B2C2C6B2C2C4 B2C2C5 T A T T BB2 TT B1 u A u   B u B1 B2 u uu B2A u B2BC2C1 N C3 C4 C5C2BC2AC2A1 C2A2C2A1BC2A1AC2A1B2C2A1B1C2A2BC2A2AC2A2B1 C2A2B2   oo A o BC2B1 C2B2C2B3 C2B4C2B2DC2B2CC2B2BC2B1A C2B1A1 C2B1A2 C2B1A3 C2B2B1 C2B2B2 C2B2C2C2B2C1 C2B2D1 C2B2D2   C2B2A C2B2BC2B2A2C2B2A1 S A S S BA2 SS A1A2A S S A2BA2B2 SS A2B1A1A   S A1B S A1C S C2B2B1 C2B2B2C2B3A C2B3B C2B3C C2B4BC2B4AC2B4A3C2B4A2C2B4A1 C2B4B2C2B4B1 D1 D2 D3 N   D2A D2BD2A1 D2A2 D2A3 N D2A1A D2A1BD2A1B1 D2A1B2 v A v v B ° A ° ° BB1 ° B2 ° B3 ° D2A2A D2A2B zz AA2   zz A1BA1A z   z A2A A2B z D2A2A1A1 z B z z C z B1 z B2 z B1A z B1B z B2A z B2BC1 z C1A z C1B z C2A z C2 z C2B z D2A2A2 XX B X A   B1 X B2 X D2A2B1 D2A2B2   D2A2B3 D2A2B4 a A a a B a C a D — B2 — B1 —    M   A   I   N   T   R   U   N   K Static Tree Diagram_Taxonomy, Hierarchy and Nomenclature
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