Performance Appraisal With Casestudy Project Report

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Document Transcript for more - 1 -    INDEX SR.NOTOPICPAGE NO 1.MEASURING PERFORMANCE V/SACTION 2-32.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL4-53.OBJECTIVES OF PERFORMANCEAPPRAISAL6-74.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL ANDCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE8-115.APPRAISAL PROCESS12-296.METHODS OF APPRAISAL30-417.MANAGEMENT BY BJECTIVES(MBO)42-438.LARSEN AND TOUBRO, HUMANRESOURCE DEVELOPMENT— PERFORMANCE APPRAISALSYSTEM44--469.ASSESSMENT CENTRES47-4910.360-DEGREE FEEDBACK5011.APPRAISE THE PERFORMANCE5112.PERFORMANCE INTERVIEW5213.GUIDELINES FOR EFFECTIVEAPPRAISAL INTERVIEW5314.USE OF APPRAISAL DATA54 - 2 -    15.EDWARD DEMING ONPERFORMANCE APPRAISAL5516.CHALLENGES OF PERFORMANCEAPPRAISAL56-6017.PIRAMYD MEGASTORE - STORYOUTLINE61-6218.HR VISION OF PIRAMYD MEGASTORE63-6419.PERFORMANCE APPRAISALMETHODS USED AT PIRAMYD65-70 - 3 -    MEASURING   PERFORMANCE V/S   ACTION   Come appraisal time and one of the most debated aspects of completing the fair-and-square appraisal revolves around what is 'measured' and what is 'achieved'. And the fableof the Bees and the Bee Keepers is a very popular paradigm that often gets quoted at suchtimes. It goes thus:  The Story: Once upon a time there were two beekeepers that each had a beehive.The beekeepers worked for a company called Bees, Inc. The company's customers lovedits honey and demand for the product was increasing. So Bees, Inc. assigned each beekeeper a goal for increased honey production. The beekeepers had different ideasabout how to meet their goal and designed different approaches to improve the performance of their hives.The first beekeeper established a bee performance management approach thatmeasured the number of flowers each bee visited. At considerable cost to the beekeeper,an extensive measurement system was created to count the flowers each bee visited. Healso provided feedback to each bee at mid-season on his individual performance. He alsocreated special awards for the bees who visited the most number of flowers. However, the bees were never told about the hive's goal to produce more honey so that the companycould increase honey sales. The second beekeeper also established a bee performancemanagement approach but this approach communicated to each bee the goal of the hivefor increased honey production. The beekeeper and his bees measured two aspects of their performance the amount of nectar each bee brought back to the hive and the amountof honey the hive produced. The performance of each bee and the hive's overall performance were charted and posted on the hive's bulletin board for all the bees to see.The beekeeper created a few awards for the bees that gathered the most nectar. But healso established a hive incentive program that rewarded each bee in the hive based on thehive's overall honey production the more honey produced, the more recognition each beewould receive.At the end of the season, the beekeepers evaluated their approaches. The first beekeeper found that his hive had indeed increased the number of flowers visited ,but theamount of honey produced by the hive had dropped. The Queen Bee reported that because the bees were so busy trying to visit as many flowers as possible, they limited the- 4 -
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