Next Generation (NextG) Wireless Networks

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  Next Generation (NextG)Wireless Networks 7/2/2004Farid Farahmand  Outline  Description of wireless networks  Wireless network evolution  Wireless key technologies  Current researches  Wireless Networks  Motivated by  people-on-the-go  PCs availability, Internet usage, Mobile life  Aimed is to establish wide-area voicedata communications  Includes mobile systems (cellular telecommunication systems)  Wireless Network Evolution  First generation (1G): Analog voice systems  No standardization  Second Generation (2G): Digital voice systems  Currently deployed systems  CDMA, GSM (Global System for Mobile communication), PDC(Japan) D-AMPS (Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System)  PCS Systems  Second Generation – advanced (2.5G): Combining voice anddata communications  Providing enhanced data rate  Two basic technologies:  GSM-based (high baud rate)  GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)  Utilizes voice time slots to send packet traffic  An overlay over the existing voice system  Should really be called 2.1G!!  Any standards?
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