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Curriculum Vitae Chandan Bhosle Chandana Nilaya, Behind S.I.T College,Khader Nagar, Batawadi, Tumkur-572103 Phone-+91 9986855748 E-mail: Date of Birth: 30 March 1986 Professional Summary Presently working as a Freelancer for a startup Web Development Company . I am a B.E (Information Science) graduate, with experience of two live Projects and co-authored a research paper for an international conference. ♦ Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science from M.S
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  Curriculum VitaeChandan Bhosle Chandana Nilaya,Behind S.I.T College,Khader Nagar,Batawadi, Tumkur-572103Phone-+91 9986855748 E-mail : Date of Birth : 30 March 1986 Professional Summary Presently working as a Freelancer for a startup Web Development Company . I am a B.E(Information Science) graduate, with experience of two live Projects and co-authored aresearch paper for an international conference. ♦ Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science from M.S RamaiahInstitute of Technology . Aggregate of 65 % taken till 8 th semester  ♦ Internship at SunMicrosystems for six months. It involved development of a Network Monitoring Tool using Java Mobile Agents called Aglets and SNMP. ♦ Research Project at DRDO for 5 months. It involved development of a CostEstimation Tool called CERMAS(Cost Estimation Based on Reliability,Availability and Maintainability). ♦ Co-authored the “Net-Mobile Cop-An Intelli-Agent Framework for Network Management” paper under the guidance of Mydhili K Nair and Dr. VGopalakrishna. It is accepted at IAMA’09 held in Chennai an IEEE conferenceon Intelligent Agents and Multi Agents. ♦ “Web services based network monitoring using SNMP” . It was presented atthe SUN Tech Day’s 09 the developer conference held in Hyderabad.  Key Skills : ♦ Aglets : Aglet is a java based mobile agent framework initially developed by IBM and its now maintained by open source community. They are autonomous, cancarry the code along with them from one node to another. They can collaboratewith each other through message passing, Aglets require 'Tahiti server' which is aMobile Agent Execution Environment(MAEE) which facilitates creating,dispatching, retracting of mobile agents. ♦ Languages which i have worked on are Java, C, C++, PHP ♦ Tools and IDE’s I am familiar with are Eclipse, Netbeans. PAPERS: Paper 1:Title:  Net-Mobile Cop- An Intelli-Agent Framework for Network Management Technology involved: Aglets, Advent SNMP API, Java Swings. Guidance: Mydhili K Nair, Dr. V Gopalakrishna. Present status: Accepted at IAMA ’09 ( International Conference on Intelligent Agentsand Multi Agents 2009). It is in association with IEEE Madras Section and IEEEcomputer society Madras Chapter and Computer Society of India Division II onSoftware.The paper is an IEEE paper.IEEE URL Reference:  Abstract of the paper:  Abstract—More than a decade ago, MA(Mobile Agents) were introduced for  NM(Network Management) of distributed computer networks in tandem with the design paradigm of Code-Shipping the agents to remote node, where they are programmed tocollect, analyze and process data locally. However, even today, most networks employSNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), an inherently Client-Server based stableand proven protocol, which uses the paradigm Data-Shipping. It suffers from the major drawback that when the network traffic increases, the manager is overloaded due toexcessive processing. Real synergy could be achieved if we adopt a hybrid approach that brings the best of both paradigms. In this paper we present Net Mobile-CopHybrid NMFramework, prototyped on Aglet Mobile Agent System and AdventNet SNMP Package,which imbibes this synergy. We also introduce a novel method to dynamically configuremanaged nodes using intelligent agents.We also provide quantitative evaluation leadingto useful tips to the sys-admin as to when to toggle between SNMP and MA usage.  PROJECTS: Project 1: ♦ Title : Cost Estimation Based on Reliability, Availability and Maintainability.(CERMAS). ♦ Project details: CERMAS is a tool to estimate the Life Cycle Cost of any system.Life Cycle Cost is the total discounted dollar cost of owning, operating, maintain-ing, and disposing of a building or a building system over a period of time. It alsoincludes the estimation of Acqisition cost, Operational cost, maintenance cost. ♦ Team size: 3 ♦ Technologies involved: Java, Java Swings, MySQL ♦ Client: DRDO Project-2 ♦ Title : Network Monitoring System using Mobile Agents ♦ Abstract : This project uses Mobile Agents called Aglets to monitor the network  parameters in addition to conventional SNMP. Mobile agents (MA) are specialsoftware objects that are autonomous and have the ability to migrate from onenode to another node, carrying logic and data, performing actions on behalf of theuser. Mobile agent based network management is to equip agents with network management capabilities and allow them to issue requests to managed devices (or nodes) after migrating to these nodes. Mobile agents give the flexibility of analyzing the managed node locally. Instead of querying the managed node for every fixed interval and analyzing the performance from management station,mobile agent can be dispatched to analyze the node locally. Mobile agents for network management tend to monitor and control networked devices on site andconsequently save the manager capacity and network bandwidth.In this project, the SNMP code (AdventNet SNMP API) is embedded inside themobile agent(aglet ), which is dispatched to remote machine(s), where a newSNMP session is created. The snmp code executes at the remote node for aspecified amount of time, gets the required parameters from the MIB, processesthe data that is collected, and brings back the processed result.  Advantage : The load on the managing node is minimized since the processing of thenetwork data is done at the remote node. The time taken to monitor multiplenodes is minimized. ♦ Client : SunMicrosystems ♦ Team size :1 ♦ Language used :Aglets, Advent SNMP API, Java Swings. ♦ Duration :6-months  Project-3 (Extension of Project 2) ♦ Title : Web Services Based Network Monitoring Using Mobile Agents   ♦ Description :This is a Research Based Project concentrated on exploring the problem domain, namely, “How to scale up a Desktop Application so that it can be made available for execution over the Internet”.The desktop application is the Network Monitoring Application(project 2).This application is deployed on a host in a local area network. The host then becomes the ‘Network Monitor’, capable of monitoring all the machines. This canmonitor the LAN in two modes 1. SNMP mode and 2. Aglets(Agents) Mode.This application was scaled to a Web Based application using SOA (ServiceOriented Architecture) based Web Services so that it can be accessible for execution over the Internet.   The design uses the “enterprise-agent” paradigm. Theenterprise offers many services to the agents. There are 3 web services offered bythe enterprise which are registration service, task management service, resultreporting service. All three services have clients on the client machine whichinteracts with a daemon process which acts like a glue between the agent and theenterprise. . The agent talks to libraries of desktop application for scheduling jobsor retrieve results of jobs. Other Achievements ♦ Winner of the Best Paper Award for the paper “Net-Mobile Cop- An Intelli-AgentFramework for Network” ♦ Student Editor of the Information Science dept. Newsletter- “The Info Lounge”. ♦ Represented my school and college in an IT Quiz conducted by TCS and won theevent 3 times.
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