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MOTIF ES Owner‘s Manual English SPECIAL MESSAGE SECTION PRODUCT SAFETY MARKINGS: Yamaha electronic products may Battery Notice: This product MAY contain a small non-rechargable battery which (if applicable) is soldered in place. The average life span of this type of battery is approximately five years. When replacement becomes necessary, contact a qualified service representative to perform the replacement. have either labels similar to the graphics shown below or molded/stamped facsimiles of t
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  MOTIF ES Owner‘s ManualEnglish  SPECIAL MESSAGE SECTION PRODUCT SAFETY MARKINGS: Yamaha electronic products mayhave either labels similar to the graphics shown below ormolded/stamped facsimiles of these graphics on the enclosure.The explanation of these graphics appears on this page. Pleaseobserve all cautions indicated on this page and those indicatedin the safety instruction section. The exclamation point within the equilateraltriangle is intended to alert the user to thepresence of important operating and maintenance(servicing) instructions in the literatureaccompanying the product.The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, withinthe equilateral triangle, is intended to alert theuser to the presence of uninsulated “dangerousvoltage” within the product’s enclosure that maybe of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk ofelectrical shock. IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Yamaha electronic products are tested andapproved by an independent safety testing laboratory in order that youmay be sure that when it is properly installed and used in its normal andcustomary manner, all foreseeable risks have been eliminated. DO NOTmodify this unit or commission others to do so unless specificallyauthorized by Yamaha. Product performance and/or safety standardsmay be diminished. Claims filed under the expressed warranty may bedenied if the unit is/has been modified. Implied warranties may also beaffected. SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE: The informationcontained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of printing.However, Yamaha reserves the right to change or modify any of thespecifications without notice or obligation to update existing units. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: Yamaha strives to produce products thatare both user safe and environmentally friendly. We sincerely believethat our products and the production methods used to produce them,meet these goals. In keeping with both the letter and the spirit of the law,we want you to be aware of the following: Battery Notice: This product MAY contain a small non-rechargablebattery which (if applicable) is soldered in place. The average life spanof this type of battery is approximately five years. When replacementbecomes necessary, contact a qualified service representative toperform the replacement. Warning: Do not attempt to recharge, disassemble, or incinerate thistype of battery. Keep all batteries away from children. Dispose of usedbatteries promptly and as regulated by applicable laws. Note: In someareas, the servicer is required by law to return the defective parts.However, you do have the option of having the servicer dispose of theseparts for you. Disposal Notice: Should this product become damaged beyondrepair, or for some reason its useful life is considered to be at an end,please observe all local, state, and federal regulations that relate to thedisposal of products that contain lead, batteries, plastics, etc. NOTICE: Service charges incurred due to lack of knowledge relating tohow a function or effect works (when the unit is operating as designed)are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and are therefore theowners responsibility. Please study this manual carefully and consultyour dealer before requesting service. NAME PLATE LOCATION: The graphic below indicates the locationof the name plate. The model number, serial number, powerrequirements, etc., are located on this plate. You should record themodel number, serial number, and the date of purchase in the spacesprovided below and retain this manual as a permanent record of yourpurchase. ModelSerial No.Purchase Date CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCKDO NOT OPENCAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK.DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK).NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE.REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. BREATH AS OUTTHRUUSBTO HOSTTO DEVICEmLAN I/O EXPANSIONACINLET POWERONOFFINMIDImLAN I/O EXPANSIONACINLETPOWERONOFFmLAN I/O EXPANSIONACINLETPOWERONOFF MOTIF ES6MOTIF ES7MOTIF ES8 92-469- ➀ (rear)  IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS INFORMATION RELATING TO PERSONAL INJURY, ELECTRICAL SHOCK,AND FIRE HAZARD POSSIBILITIES HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN THIS LIST. WARNING-  When using any electrical or electronic product, basicprecautions should always be followed. These precautions include, butare not limited to, the following:  1.  Read all Safety Instructions, Installation Instructions, SpecialMessage Section items, and any Assembly Instructions found in thismanual BEFORE making any connections, including connection to themain supply.  2.  Do not attempt to service this product beyond that described in theuser-maintenance instructions. All other servicing should be referred toqualified service personnel.  3.  Main Power Supply Verification: Yamaha products aremanufactured specifically for the supply voltage in the area where theyare to be sold. If you should move, or if any doubt exists about thesupply voltage in your area, please contact your dealer for supplyvoltage verification and (if applicable) instructions. The required supplyvoltage is printed on the name plate. For name plate location, pleaserefer to the graphic found in the Special Message Section of thismanual. 4.   DANGER  -Grounding Instructions: This product must be groundedand therefore has been equipped with a three pin attachment plug. Ifthis product should malfunction, the ground pin provides a path of lowresistance for electrical current, reducing the risk of electrical shock. Ifyour wall socket will not accommodate this type plug, contact anelectrician to have the outlet replaced in accordance with localelectrical codes. Do NOT modify the plug or change the plug to adifferent type!  5.   WARNING: Do not place this product or any other objects on thepower cord or place it in a position where anyone could walk on, tripover, or roll anything over power or connecting cords of any kind. Theuse of an extension cord is not recommended! If you must use anextension cord, the minimum wire size for a 25’ cord (or less) is 18 AWG.NOTE: The smaller the AWG number, the larger the current handlingcapacity. For longer extension cords, consult a local electrician.  6.  Ventilation: Electronic products, unless specifically designed forenclosed installations, should be placed in locations that do notinterfere with proper ventilation. If instructions for enclosed installationsare not provided, it must be assumed that unobstructed ventilation isrequired.  7.  Temperature considerations: Electronic products should beinstalled in locations that do not seriously contribute to their operatingtemperature. Placement of this product close to heat sources such as;radiators, heat registers etc., should be avoided.  8.  This product was NOT designed for use in wet/damp locations andshould not be used near water or exposed to rain. Examples of wet /damp locations are; near a swimming pool, spa, tub, sink, or wetbasement.  9.  This product should be used only with the components supplied or;a cart,rack, or stand that is recommended by the manufacturer. If a cart,rack, or stand is used, please observe all safety markings andinstructions that accompany the accessory product.  10.  The power supply cord (plug) should be disconnected from theoutlet when electronic products are to be left unused for extendedperiods of time. Cords should also be disconnected when there is ahigh probability of lightning and/or electrical storm activity.  11.  Care should be taken that objects do not fall and liquids are notspilled into the enclosure through any openings that may exist.  12.  Electrical/electronic products should be serviced by a qualifiedservice person when:a. The power supply cord has been damaged; orb. Objects have fallen, been inserted, or liquids have been spilledinto the enclosure through openings; orc. The product has been exposed to rain; ord. The product does not operate, exhibits a marked change inperformance; ore. The product has been dropped, or the enclosure of the producthas been damaged.  13.  This product, either alone or in combination with an amplifierand headphones or speaker/s, may be capable of producing soundlevels that could cause permanent hearing loss. DO NOT operate for along period of time at a high volume level or at a level that isuncomfortable. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears,you should consult an audiologist.IMPORTANT: The louder the sound, the shorter the time period beforedamage occurs.  14.  Some Yamaha products may have benches and/or accessorymounting fixtures that are either supplied as a part of the product or asoptional accessories. Some of these items are designed to be dealerassembled or installed. Please make sure that benches are stable andany optional fixtures (where applicable) are well secured BEFOREusing. Benches supplied by Yamaha are designed for seating only. Noother uses are recommended.  PLEASE KEEP THIS MANUAL  92-469-3   (2)-8  1/2  PRECAUTIONS  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PROCEEDING   * Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.  WARNING    Always follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of serious injury or even death from electricalshock, short-circuiting, damages, fire or other hazards. These precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:   ãOnly use the voltage specified as correct for the instrument. Therequired voltage is printed on the name plate of the instrument.ãCheck the electric plug periodically and remove any dirt or dustwhich may have accumulated on it.ãUse only the supplied power cord/plug.ãDo not place the power cord near heat sources such as heatersor radiators, and do not excessively bend or otherwise damagethe cord, place heavy objects on it, or place it in a position whereanyone could walk on, trip over, or roll anything over it.ãThis instrument contains no user-serviceable parts. Do notattempt to disassemble or modify the internal components in anyway.ãDo not expose the instrument to rain, use it near water or in dampor wet conditions, or place containers on it containing liquidswhich might spill into any openings.ãNever insert or remove an electric plug with wet hands.ãDo not put burning items, such as candles, on the unit.A burning item may fall over and cause a fire.ãIf the power cord or plug becomes frayed or damaged, or if thereis a sudden loss of sound during use of the instrument, or if anyunusual smells or smoke should appear to be caused by it,immediately turn off the power switch, disconnect the electricplug from the outlet, and have the instrument inspected byqualified Yamaha service personnel.  CAUTION    Always follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of physical injury to you or others, or damage tothe instrument or other property. These precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:   ãAlways connect the three-pin attachment plug to a properlygrounded power source. (For more information about the mainpower supply, see page 26.)ãWhen removing the electric plug from the instrument or an outlet,always hold the plug itself and not the cord. Pulling by the cordcan damage it.ãRemove the electric plug from the outlet when the instrument isnot to be used for extended periods of time, or during electricalstorms.ãDo not connect the instrument to an electrical outlet using amultiple-connector. Doing so can result in lower sound quality, orpossibly cause overheating in the outlet.ãDo not expose the instrument to excessive dust or vibrations, orextreme cold or heat (such as in direct sunlight, near a heater, orin a car during the day) to prevent the possibility of paneldisfiguration or damage to the internal components.ãDo not use the instrument in the vicinity of a TV, radio, stereoequipment, mobile phone, or other electric devices. Otherwise,the instrument, TV, or radio may generate noise.ãDo not place the instrument in an unstable position where it mightaccidentally fall over.ãBefore moving the instrument, remove all connected cables.ãDo not place objects in front of the instrument’s air vent, since thismay prevent adequate ventilation of the internal components,and possibly result in the instrument overheating. Power supply/AC power adaptorDo not openWater warningFire warningIf you notice any abnormalityPower supply/Power cordLocation
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