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Ministry of Defence 8 October 2009 To: cc: All Members (1:10) Group Executive Committee MoD/MB/81/09 Dear Colleagues, MoD Job Slaughter – Tories plan to cut MoD 20,000 Jobs Nobody working in MoD can be in no doubt any longer - whichever Party wins the next election plans a slaughter of jobs in MoD. The Daily Express reported yesterday (7th October 2009) that Liam Fox, the Shadow Defence Secretary had met with the MoD Permanent under Secretary Bill Jeffrey. Reportedly, at the meeting Fox demande
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  Ministry of Defence 8 October 2009To: All Members (1:10)MoD/MB/81/09cc:Group Executive CommitteeDear Colleagues, MoD Job Slaughter – Tories plan to cut MoD 20,000 Jobs Nobody working in MoD can be in no doubt any longer - whichever Party winsthe next election plans a slaughter of jobs in MoD.The Daily Express reported yesterday (7 th October 2009) that Liam Fox, theShadow Defence Secretary had met with the MoD Permanent under SecretaryBill Jeffrey. Reportedly, at the meeting Fox demanded MoD draw up plans to cut20,000 civil service jobs to be enacted upon the election of a ConservativeGovernment.The Times today (8 October 2009) also reported that the Conservatives plan a25% reduction in defence spending – none of which is to come from reducingmilitary numbers, but rather by sweeping cuts applied to the 89,300-strongworkforce of civilian staff employed.And today, in his speech at the Tory party conference, Liam Fox again quotedDASA statistics comparing civilian and military numbers. Again, however he was‘economical with the truth’ in failing to mention that civilian MoD numbers havefallen in every quarter since our two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was further silent on what these civilian staff did for defence, or how their work would becarried out following his jobs cull.The Lib Dems at their recent conference have also pledged to axe 10,000 desk jobs at the MoD to fund a salary rise for junior armed forces personnel. 160 Falcon Road London SW11 2LN 020 7801 2645 Fax: 020 7801 2620 MoD/MB/81/09  Not to be outdone, the current Government has slashed 24,000 civil service jobssince 2004 and is already contemplating further cuts in the pre budget report.None of the parties have yet explained who will do the work of the thousands of staff that they plan to axe. None of the parties has set out what MoD will nolonger do as a result of cuts that will push MoD past breaking point and none of the parties seem to have the faintest idea of the critically important work providedby civilian staff in MoD.Our union is clear - all of those involved in this crude reverse auction of jobs,based on figures plucked out of thin air, should hang their heads in shame.The jobs that the politicians brag about slashing are carried out by human beings- with families and with bills to pay. Real lives will be damaged, real people hurtand real communities devastated by their pathetic game playing.Many of the civil servants that they arrogantly call ‘pen pushers’ have dedicatedthe whole of their working lives to defence and all of our staff make criticalcontributions to supporting the front line. What a disgraceful way to reward MoDcivilians.Our members in the last five years, when we have been fighting wars in Iraq andAfghanistan, have continued to serve and to do their best – despite MoD civiliannumbers falling every single quarter from 109,050 in April 2004 to 85,730 in July2009.Like PCS members, our union is dismayed and deeply angry at the plans beingdrawn up by these disgraced and discredited politicians. In a department alreadycut to the bone, further cuts will very quickly ensure the Ministry of Defence is notfit for purpose. Instead of supporting the front line as our members do so loyallyand efficiently on a daily basis, we will no longer be able to give this support.If this were not bad enough, all of these parties are also demanding that we takea pay cut (or freeze as they call it) to help bail the economy out of a messcreated by their rich friends.Our union, as the biggest trade union representing defence workers in thecountry, will now write to the three main political parties asking them to meet our union and our members. We will seek to explain the work that our members do inthe Ministry of Defence and appeal for a halt to the disgusting attacks on our members that are appearing daily in the media at the behest of these politicians.Regardless of the response of the political class, our union’s position is clear. Wewill not sit back idly whilst our member’s jobs are threatened or kicked aroundlike a political football. We will fight to defend every job and respond to everyattack on the work our members perform, often on or near the front line. We will 160 Falcon Road London SW11 2LN 020 7801 2645 Fax: 020 7801 2620 MoD/MB/81/09  not accept that our members pay the price for an economic crisis they did notcreate. We will consider all forms of action to defend jobs and we will stand upand fight for civilians in MoD and promote the work that they do.We appeal to MoD staff (and senior MOD managers) to join with us; help us fightthe job slaughter and defend the vital role of MOD civilian staff.The next period will be difficult and challenging, but standing together we canprotect our jobs, our livelihoods and our communities.Yours sincerely, Paul BarnsleyChris Dando KC JonesGroup secretaryGroup presidentGroup vice president 160 Falcon Road London SW11 2LN 020 7801 2645 Fax: 020 7801 2620 MoD/MB/81/09
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