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mental Environ Graphic s ut Public O reach riented Transit-O Design g Do Plannin SA N N A DI Ur ba n Pl a nn e r cument s SU AZ WORK SAMPLES transit-oriented design community workshops & outreach APA Newsletter contributor personable fair Cal Poly, SLO, bscrp 2006 urban design SUSANNA DIAZ - Work Samples { } { 242 Linden } ã { SF, Ca, 94102 } ã { 805.704.5335 } I am highly interested in a creative environment for a blossoming career in urban design, p
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    S   U  S  A   N   N  A    D   I  A   Z WORK SAMPLES    U  r   b  a  n    P   l  a  n  n  e  r  En v ironmen ta l  Grap h ic s P u b l ic  O u treac h  Tran s i t- Or ien ted  De s ign P lann ing  Doc umen t s  SUSANNA DIAZ - Work Samples{ } { 242 Linden } ã { SF, Ca, 94102 } ã { 805.704.5335 } i I am highly interested in a creative environment for a blossoming career in urban design, planning, and exhibit design. I thrive with casual but strong, disciplined,focused design intentions from project team members. The words on the left are somedescriptors of myself and what I nd interesting in planning and beyond, and hopefullythis rings true with the reader of these samples.Three years of working in a collaborative environment in RRM Design Group, a multi-disciplinary rm with landscape architects, exhibit designers, engineers, and architectshave exposed me to numerous projects and solutions. I am an advocate of alternativetransportation and innovative park spaces, and I enjoy being involved with an urban design project from the beginning and throughout the completion. Some of my best planning experiences are when I am reaching out to the community at certain stages of  a project. The following are samples of the various projects I have worked on in the past fewyears. I have handled graphics such as Opportunity & Constraints maps, IllustrativeSite Plans, and workshop exhibits. I have experience in working on Design Guidelines,Master Plans, and also some EIR work. I have learned to adjust accordingly to thearray of project managers in this eld, and I welcome various iterations only when thebudget allows. I nd it important to stay on trends in the graphic and technical side of planning, such as Prop 1-C funding, in order to have a fullling career in planning. With that said, here are some samples, all compiled with the use of Adobe InDesign CS4... urban design Cal Poly, SLO, bscrp 2006 transit-oriented design SPUR member & volunteer CEQA bicycling revitalization  PARK(ING) Day collaborator community workshops &outreach  APA Newsletter contributor personable technologically curious fair collaborative understanding  softball player team-oriented disciplined positive   arts & craftsAUTOCAD 2009 Sketch-up visual simulations ADOBE suite CS4 general plan updates livable streets initiative mixed-use & infll  FORT BRAGG MILL SITE SPECIFIC PLAN 1 One of the major projects I worked on at RRM included collaborating with a largeteam of planners, architects, engineers, and sub-consultants for the Fort BraggMill Site Specic Plan. Duties during this project included being responsible for themany images, maps, data les, and work products from interofce colleagues andsubconsultants, including CD+A. I also assisted by creating graphics for, and attendingthe community workshop held in January 2009. For the second workshop in May2009, I created a visual preference survey using the CPS program and also created thesummary output for the voting exercise. Programs Used  AutoCAD 2009Adobe Illustrator CS2Adobe InDesign CS2Adobe Photoshop CS2CPS Survey  FORT BRAGG MILL SITE SPECIFIC PLAN 2   REDONDO BEACH PIERAND INTERNATIONAL BOARDWALK 2 REDONDO BEACH PIER &INTERNATIONAL BOARDWALK RT   S                                                                 .           C                                                                  A                                                                T                                                                 A                                                                L                                                                I                                                                 N                                                                 A                                                                 A                                                                V                                                                 E                                                                 N                                                                  U                                                                 E                                                                  1000 cl: 1” =5’ TRANSFORMATIVEIMPROVEMENTS-OPTION B NEW SERVICEPARKINGNEW ENTRYPLAZA& GATEWAYARCHNEW RESTAURANTWITHOUTDOORDININGWIDEN EXISTING BOARDWALKAND NEW SURFACENEW RAMPDOWN TOBOARDWALKNEWCAFEDINING ON BOARDWALKNEW INFORMATION GRAPHICSNOTCH EXISTING PARKING STRUCTURETO DAYLIGHTBIKEPATHNEW POLICESUBSTATIONEXISTING ELEVATORRENOVATEEXISTING PARKNEW MULTI-USEPATH & LANDSCAPINGRENOVATEEXISTING PARKWITH NEW WATERFEATURERENOVATEEXISTING RESTROOMS& STAIRSNEW ENTRYPLAZA &GATEWAYARCHNEW SIGNAGEELEMENTNEW LANDSCAPEWITH WATERFEATURESNEW GATEWAYARCHNEW BOULEVARDPLANTINGNEW ELEVATORNEW SITEFURNITURE& LIGHTINGNEW RESTAURANT, 8,050 SFTWO-STORY, 70’ X 115’EXISTING BUILDING AND PARKINGNEW PARKING, 51 SPACESNEW RESTAURANT, 6,000 SFTWO-STORY, 50’ x 120’NEWMULTI-USEPATHNEWWALKWAY NEWLEASEHOLDSNEWPAVILIONNEW FACADEIMPROVEMENTS REDUCEEXISTING PARKING, (38) SPACESNEW PLAZA& SHOWERS WIDENEXISTING BOARDWALKNEW SITEFURNITUREAND LIGHTING NEW RESTAURANT6,000 SFTWO-STORY, 60’ X 120’NEW STREETLIGHTING NEW PIERSURFACENEW PIERLIGHTINGNEW PIERRAILINGSNEWOVERLOOKS ElTorito Kilkenny’s New Tony’sFish MarketOld Tony’s Redondo Coffee& Bait Kincaid’sQuality SeafoodFish MarketDelzano’sby the Sea Another one of my projects at RRM included collaborating with a landscape architectfor the Redondo Beach Pier and International Boardwalk. Duties during this projectincluded creating and Opportunities & Constraints map, as well as two different designproposals, the Moderate, and the Transformatve Option, left.This project proves I work well under pressure. With limited time and budget, I wasable to deliver several graphic boards to the client and x a are-up problem with theprinting company in Southern California. Programs Used  AutoCAD 2009Adobe InDesign CS2Adobe Photoshop CS2Google Earth, Satellite imagery
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