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  PEMERINTAHAN KOTA PALANGKA RAYACABANG DINAS PENDIDIKANKECAMATAN PAHANDUT Jalan DR Wahidin Sudiro Hudoo ! #$%& $%'($) PALANGKA RAYA ULANGAN TENGAH SEMESTER II MATA PELAJARAN: MUATAN LOKAL KELAS / SEMESTER: II / IITAHUN AJARAN: 2012 / 2013HARI / TANGGAL:I.PILIHAN GANDANenga tanda ! ang #$% !nt& '()(* a+ ,+ ata( d !nt( -aa,an !-e ,(a' '&ng enda t('.1.Ita' and(! angat ,e)eng.a.a)!ga,. ,a4ena5. ,a)a!'2.Ita' 4(an 'aan engea.Ganta(,. d(e enge5. a,! 3.Gene 'an-e( (ng(ng !!4..a.K(an ,. and(!5. ,at!)('6.Pa4a4a 'aa aa!a) -(4(ng !7e tea.ee!,. t!,a5. 4a7(8.J(4(ng 'aa !nt(..a.Peta4 ,. '(n-(n 5. '(n-(n dan(9.L(g& !naa ,a)a.a.Ka7(,. ,ang& en7('5. ()!ng.Ga!ng / ,a7ang !naa ,a)aa.Ka7( ,( a ,. 4a7( ta,a en5. ,e!;.Sen-ata t)ad!&na & &' da7a4 !7e tea.Manada(,. !a(5. ad!ng<.H(a adat (4( da7a4 nga-( !7e tea.H(a,. aa'5. ,etang10.Ta)! dae)a' (4( da7a4 nga-( !7e tea.Ta)! Manda(,. te)! ! !n 5. ta)! a)!11.A)an (e( !nt( a ang4a )a7a !7e te  a.Sanaan ant!4e!,. t-! !4 )!(t5. ,a anga12.A)an a4a a' aan a ang4a )a7a !7e tea.Laang,. anaan eteng5. anaan aang13.A)an aangan ta)aang !nt( a ang4a )a7aa.Ra,ang,. t-! !45. anda) (da)a 5! !4 )!(t16.A)an e4a !ng4e )a( 'e (.a.Kant&), g(dang5. (e(18.K&ta a ang4a e a! a)an (nga!.a.R(ngan ,. Ka(a5. Ka'a7an19.Aa4 a!t !naa ,a)a.a.Ue! ,. ()(n 5. dan( en7('1.A)an a4a4a a4an anggete a)e!.a.Ta-a,. ad!ng5. gent(1;.A)an et( -e !'aga !nt( tan-(ng (tt!nga.a4e! ,. 4a'!(5. 4a a!1<.(( a4a4a 'aa ane4aa.La(4 ,. ,a-ang 5. ,()(ng20.Pa4a4a 'aa ( (' nga)('!a.P!!,. a(4 5. ,((
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