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Case 3:07-cr-00289-M Document 1044-2 Filed 10/28/2009 Page 1 of 13 EXHIBIT A Case 3:07-cr-00289-M Document 1044-2 Filed 10/28/2009 Page 2 of 13 More Delicious Corruption Trial Leftovers: Juror Says There Was a Lot of Disagreeing, Fax Machine Was the Talk of the Day By Sam Merten in Cover Story, Crime and Punishment Mon., Oct. 19 2009 @ 2:37PM Sam Merten According to juror Nedra Frazier, the arguments against conspiracy surrounded Rickey Robertson, seen here leaving the courthouse
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    EXHIBIT A Case 3:07-cr-00289-M Document 1044-2 Filed 10/28/2009 Page 1 of 13  Page 1 of 13 More Delicious Corruption TrialLeftovers: Juror Says There Was a Lotof Disagreeing, Fax Machine Was theTalk of the Day By Sam Merten inCover Story ,Crime and Punishment  Mon., Oct. 19 2009 @ 2:37PM Sam Merten According to juror Nedra Frazier,the arguments against conspiracy surrounded Rickey Robertson, seenhere leaving the courthouse with his wife and baby daughter after the jury found him guilty on two counts. A few hours after she and 11 other jurors found Don Hill and his fourco-defendants guilty of 23 of the 29 charges against them in theDallas City Hall corruption case, Rowlett resident Nedra Frazier gaveme a behind-the-scenes peek at the deliberations. Much likemy lengthy interview with Don and Sheila Hill, the majority of my conversation with Frazier didn't make it intothe cover story in thecurrent paper version of Unfair Park because of space constraints, soI've again pulled together the highlights in the form of a Q & A afterthe jump.   Case 3:07-cr-00289-M Document 1044-2 Filed 10/28/2009 Page 2 of 13  Page 2 of 13 Frazier, a 43-year-old wife and mother of two children, had plannedon spending the last few months trying to find a new job to replacethe one she held for 10 years at Avaya, a telecommunicationscompany, which had been shipped overseas to India at the end of January. Instead, a last-minute challenge in June by the defensealleging that the prosecution had been eliminating jurors based onrace resulted in her addition as the last of four black jurors selected.Because the case involved several defendants and numerous counts,Frazier endorsed a plan to discuss each count as it appeared on the jury's verdict form, which juror Rachel Secore of Dallas confirms.Each count was read out loud, followed by the definitions of thecounts, the count as it appeared in the indictment and then thedefinitions once again. There was a lot of discussion about thedefinitions. That part we took very seriously, Secore says.The jury spent the most time discussing count 20, Frazier says,eventually finding both Hill and Reagan not guilty. There just wasn'tenough evidence on that one. After that decision, jurors took asecond look at approximately four other counts, especially regardingSheila Hill's and Rickey Robertson's involvement. There were several we had to go back and just really, really think about it and talk aboutit.  You sound hesitant [to talk]. I'm sure you're ready to bedone with it.  It was just overwhelming today, that's all.  What did the jury see as the most damning evidence againstthe defendants?  Just looking at all the facts, like the video surveillance, thetranscripts, testimony -- all those were the factors. So, we had what, Case 3:07-cr-00289-M Document 1044-2 Filed 10/28/2009 Page 3 of 13  Page 3 of 13 over 2, 300 hundred that we had to go through and just make sureand make our verdict.  Was there any one or two things that you saw in particularthat really illustrated that there was corruption going on?  There were a lot of things. There were a lot of conversations. A bunchof surveillance. There were a lot of facts out there, details, specifics.Like I said, we had over 2, 300 phone conversations that took place,so you had a bunch of evidence.  What was most difficult about the process of handling somany counts (29) and five defendants?   You take conspiracy with that count and you have to determine whatis conspiracy in the count. OK, what did this person do? Why would we think that was conspiracy? So, because you had everybody'sopinion, they're like, No, that's not conspiracy. So you had 12 people with different versions of conspiracy, so you find yourself writingdown the information. What does the law say right now -- what'sconspiracy? And the documentation they gave us was wonderful -- the juror's instruction book, the indictment book -- all that had thedefinition in there. So we just had to go back to the board and say, OK, this is conspiracy. This is bribery. This is extortion, andcompare it with the evidence we found with that count. Case 3:07-cr-00289-M Document 1044-2 Filed 10/28/2009 Page 4 of 13
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