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Impacts of climate change on wine in France Photos : © Romain Malard Contents Introduction Climate change issues International context Copenhagen Climate change and the economic crisis Climate change and wine production Impacts of climate change on global wine production Impacts of climate change on wine production in France Importance of the wine production sector in France Wine, its terroir and its climate The example of Burgundy Conclusion Bibliography 4 5 5 5 6 7 7 7
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    w  w  w .  g  r  e  e  n  p  e  a  c  e .  o  r  g Impacts of climatechange on winein France  Photos : © Romain Malard  Contents Impacts o climate change on wine in France  3 Introduction 4Climate change issues 5International context 5Copenhagen 5Climate change and the economic crisis 6Climate change and wine production 7Impacts of climate change on global wine production 7Impacts of climate change on wine production in France 7Importance of the wine production sector in France 8Wine, its terroir  and its climate 8 The example of Burgundy 8Conclusion 13Bibliography 14     G  r  e  e  n  p  e  a  c  e   ©   G  r  e  e  n  p  e  a  c  e   © Introduction French wines are an important component of the world’scultural heritage. But today, they are in danger. Frenchviniculture is a climatically-sensitive process and it isalready feeling the impacts of global warming - summerheat waves, recent hail storms in the Bordelais and theemergence of new diseases. These impacts will soonget even worse. The experts from the IntergovernmentalPanel on Climate Change (IPCC) state categoricallythat if we do not limit temperature rise to 2°C (abovepre-industrial levels), it will lead to uncontrollableconsequences for our ecosystems.If nothing is done to reduce global greenhouse gasemissions, vineyards will be displaced more than 1,000km beyond their traditional boundaries by the end of this century, radically jeopardising the wine-growingindustry. Increasing temperatures will also cause further damage. For example, it is becoming difcult to producene wines using the Pinot Noir grape on its traditional territory in Burgundy. The average annual temperature has signicantly increased in the region over the last years, leading to major shifts in the wine productioncalendar. Some wines have already lost elements of  their specic personality: they are marked by higher alcohol strengths and sugar content. These changes put France’s ‘wine producing pedigree’ at risk. Great French wines derive all their nesse and elegance from their terroir  . The idea of terroir alludes to a very specic combination of climate and a well-dened territory, sometimes no bigger than a single plot of land. It is the combination of these characteristics,together with age-old practices and know-how, whichproduces exceptional wines. A culture that has takencenturies to build is now in peril and might evendisappear completely. 4 Impacts o climate change on wine in France
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