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  FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE ACADEME Pasong Camachile 2, General Trias, Cavite SECOND GRADING PERIODICAL EXAMINATION SCIENCE - PREPARATORY NAME: _______________________________ DATE:_________________TEACHER: ___________________________ SCORE:________________ I. Draw a line to match each body part with the thingsthat they can do. ã feel the rough surface of the sandpaper ã see the rainbow in the sky ã taste the delicious fried chicken ã hear the ticking of the clock on the wall ã smell the flowers in the garden II. Write YES or NO in the blank._______ Eat fruits and vegetables. _______ Bite your fingernails. _______ Wash your hands with soap and water. _______ Clean your ears with matchsticks. _______ Take a bath every day. _______ Use a clean handkerchief in cleaning your nose. _______ Read books with enough light. 1 Vhia Hermitanio  _______ Blow your nose in front of others. _______ Drink soft drinks always. _______ Cover your ears when you hear very loud sounds. III. Look at the pictures below. What numbers can yousee? Write them in the boxes. 2  IV. Write BS if it is bad smell and GS if it is good smell. 3   1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. ____ 8. ____ 9. ____ 7. ____ 10. ____ 6. ____ 5. ____   V. What is the taste? Write salty, bitter, sour, sweet andspicy on the blanks provided. 4
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