Financial Fitness in Five Workouts

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In this easy read, the Financial D.I.V.A shares five principles you can apply immediately to your life to boost your personal finances.
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  THE FINANCIAL D.I.V.A’S IN FIVE WORKOUTS FINANCIALFITNESS ACCA, Bsc Appl.Acc. (Hons) PRINCIPLES TOBOOST YOURFINANCES D-Determined&DaringI-Inspired&Intelligent V -Vibrant&Victorious A -Authentic, Action-orientatated African!      C    O    N    T    E    N    T    S    §   CONTENTS 56 66 8 88 10 1010111111 12 131313131313 14 15 16 16161717 171920INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL FITNESSWHY WORKOUTS? Belief systemsBreaking free WORKOUT 1: SAVINGS Five benefits of savingTen quick tips for saving WORKOUT 2: FINANCIAL EDUCATION AssetLiabilityGood debtBad debtCashflow WORKOUT 3: SERVICE What service do you have to offer?Eshablish a needValue yourselfResearchDo what you loveGive WORKOUT 4: LEVERAGE Tips on how you can apply leverage WORKOUT 5: JUST DO IT! Begin with the end in mind?Take a before picture!Create an action planJust do it! GRATITUDERESOURCES AND RECOMMENDED READINGABOUT THE AUTHOR        F    I    N    A    N    C    I    A    L    F    I    T    N    E    S    S    I    N         F        I        V        E      W    O    R    K    O    U    T    S     C   o   p   y   r    i   g    h   t    ©     2    0    0    9    L   e    l   e   m    b   e    P    h    i   r    i  “It’s not how much money youmake, but how much o it youkeep and how it works or youthat matters!” — ROBERT KIYOSAKI      I    N    T    R    O    D    U    C    T    I    O    N
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