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Taiwan Dedicated Project Report July-September 2009 Working with FAMILIES AND CHILDREN FOR EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (FCED) FOUNDATION, INC. Quarterly Report For the Period of July to Septemeber 2009 Integrated Community Development Program A. Overview The first quarter of Fiscal Year 2009-2010 was very significant for ChildFund Philippines because of the launch of its new brand name and the new National Director in the person of Dennis O’Brien took his post as well. The name launch was d
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  Taiwan Dedicated Project Report  July-September 2009 Working with FAMILIES AND CHILDREN FOR EMPOWERMENTAND DEVELOPMENT (FCED) FOUNDATION, INC. Quarterly ReportFor the Period of July to Septemeber 2009 Integrated Community Development Program   A.Overview The first quarter of Fiscal Year 2009-2010 was very significant for ChildFundPhilippines because of the launch of its new brand name and the new NationalDirector in the person of Dennis O’Brien took his post as well. The name launchwas done in Dusit Hotel on July 29, 2009. The President of FCED Board, Ms.Teresita L. Silva and the project manager of the ChildFund Assisted Projectattended the said event.With its new name, ChildFund also introduced its core intent, core outcomes andglobal strategy. The Community Partner Organization aligned its projects withnew direction of ChildFund. The projects are now based on the core outcomeswhich are responsive to the age-groups of the deprived, excluded andvulnerable children.Many capacity building activities were done to strengthen the ParentsAssociation’s role in implementing the projects approved by ChildFundPhilippines.Before the quarter ended, the project and the rest of Metro Manila and nearbyprovinces experienced the havoc caused by the heavy rains and flood broughtabout by Typhoon Ondoy. FCED with support from ChildFund extended relief assistance to the affected families.  1  Taiwan Dedicated Project Report  July-September 2009 B.Program Activities Report Aligning the programming with ChildFund’s global direction, the CommunityPartner Organization (CPO) has the following projects to implement for the FiscalYear 2009-2010: Age GroupCore Outcome byCHildFundCPO’s Project 0-5 years oldHealthy and secure infants BIBO - B right-child I nterventions for secure andhealthy B abies who are 0 -5years old6-14 years oldConfident and educatedchildren LEAD – L earning through an E nabling environment for the A chievement of  D evelopment15-24 years oldSkilled and involved youth PEER  – P articipative and E ducated Youths E mpoweredas R  esponsible AdultsAll age groupsNetworked communitiespromoting thedevelopment andprotection of children ACTION – A dvocating C hildren’s Rights T hrough I ntensified O rganizing Workfor N ation-Building   Accomplishments BIBO - B right-child I nterventions for secure and healthy B abies who are 0 -5years old   ã The 12 communities conducted mapping to identify the children in the community withand without access to ECCD services last July 2009. Based on the mapping, around30%-40% of the children in the community have access to ECCD services. ã The Growing Great Kids(GGK) Sessions for Barangay 821, 823, 824, 825, 826, 843, 844and 850 resumed in the later part of July and August. There are 4 volunteers who arefacilitating the sessions among 200 children (0-below 3 years old) and their mothers. ã To augment the inadequacy for ECCD services for children 3-5 years old, FCEDimplemented Supervised Neighborhood Play (SNP) sessions in the community. SNPsessions are done in Barangay 821, 853 and 850 among 75 children by 3 parentvolunteers. ã The GGK and SNP sessions are monitored by the Parents Association. 2  Taiwan Dedicated Project Report  July-September 2009 ã Meetings with the Barangay Officials to determine their support for ECCD, particularlySupervised Neighborhood Play, were conducted in Barangay 821, 823, 824, 825, 826,842, 843, 849, 850 and 853. According to most Barangay Officials, they can onlyprovide support in terms of venue. In terms of providing support for the parentsvolunteers, Barangay 853 and 821 Officials said that they will have fund raising drive byselling junk for this purpose. Barangay 842 and 825 will consider the SNP sessions intheir budgeting but there is no certainty yet. ã In support to the center-based ECCD services of the Manila Department of SocialWelfare and Development in District V and VI Manila, the CPO provided the Day CareCenters with learning materials which they prioritized using the ECCD Center Checklist.The supplies provided were a great help in enhancing the sessions of the teachers. Thecommunities that benefited from the support to center based ECCD were Barangay 823,824, 849, 850, 843 and 844. The Barangay officials were happy with the support fromChildFund Philippines. ã Since many children are still not reached out by the volunteers, Mae Jcnym MeridianEstacio, a Community Mobilizer trained by ChildFund Philippines on SNP, facilitated a 6days training among ___ parent leader last _________________________. The leadershave completed the modular training and they are now having demo sessions todetermine their readiness to conduct the sessions in the community. ã Orientation sessions with the parents on ECCD and SNP were done by the parentleaders during their General Assemblies or cluster meetings. A total of _____ parentsattended the orientation sessions from Barangay_________. ã During the quarter, there were _____ ChildFund enrolled children who availed the directassistance for kinder students enrolled in formal school. ã To help the malnourished children and their families, the CPO conducted “Pabasa saNutrisyon” or Nutrition Education sessions in Barangay _____________________ last ____________________. There were ____ volunteers who facilitated the session.(Please state the feedback of the people who attended the sessions.) ã An assessment meeting was done last ________________ to determine the impact of the Nutrition Education Sessions to the families and their children. Based on thefeedback, ________________________________________________. (please statesignificant feedback from the community.) ã Initial coordination with Bagong Barangay Health Center was done by Melita Marquez,health coordinator, to determine partnership with regards to the implementation of Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) and Breastfeeding Awarenesssessions. Major Issues, Concerns and Challenges:  The children who extended their treatment for DOTS belong to Class 1 category.Children belonging to this class were given only isoniazid and based on the follow-upmedical check-up, the children needs stronger medication. 3  Taiwan Dedicated Project Report  July-September 2009  Many got sick with acute upper respiratory tract infection due to the very warm weather in the morning and sudden heavy rain during the day.  In some communities, they do not have a conducive venue for the Reproductive Healthand Nutrition Education sessions so there are times that the participants get wet when itrains. Others used the small spaces of their houses as venue of the activity.  Action/ Strategies Adopted to address the challenges:  The doctor consultant, advised to give rifampicin and pyrazinamide with izoniazid tothose children whose treatment were extended because their bodies were notresponding positively to single medication. LEAD – L earning through an E nabling environment for the A chievement of  D evelopment   ã For school year 2009-2010 which started in June 2009, the CPO is supporting ____ elementary students, ______ high school students _____ vocational students and _____ college students for socialized educational assistance. ã The project reviewed its policy for direct assistance for education and came up with asocialized educational assistance policy taking into consideration the family income,grade of the child and the participation in the CPO’s activities. This policy was consultedand oriented to the members after it was approved. The members are happy with thepolicy because those who are most in need and most deserving get the opportunity for more direct assistance. ã The education committee leaders are monitoring the in-school children in their respective communities. They coordinate with the teachers or guidance counselorswhen problem arises. The education committee leaders encourage the out of schoolchildren to attend alternative learning sessions in the community. ã The parent leaders conducted a mapping for children 6-14 years old to determine thosewho are participating in formal and Alternative Learning System. Based on the mapping,almost all children in their community under this category are attending formal schooland very few are unable to go to school. ã The community mobilizers assessed and processed the requests for educationalassistance of ______ children during the quarter. Based on the forwarded requests,many families with very low income requested for educational assistance. Few childrenalso got grades above 80% and fewer got grades above 90%. 4
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