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Project Affiliate: Project Title: FCED Foundation, Inc. Advocating Children’s rights Through Intensified Organizing work for Nation-building Indicators  at least 50% of the 977 CCF assisted parents or 489 and 100 non-CCF families of the families are able to respond to the rights of the child  the children, youth and parents’ association have an active partnership with at least 1 organization ;  at least 51% of the members of the children, youth and parents’ association participate in the SAP
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  Project Affiliate:FCED Foundation, Inc.Project Title: A dvocating C hildren’s rights T hrough I ntensified O rganizing work for  N ation-building Narrative SummaryIndicatorsGoal : Empowered families and localorganizations promoting child rights  at least 50% of the 977 CCF assistedparents or 489 and 100 non-CCF familiesof the families are able to respond to therights of the child   the children, youth and parents’association have an active partnership withat least 1 organization ;  at least 51% of the members of thechildren, youth and parents’ associationparticipate in the SAPIME (SituationalAnalysis, Planning, Implementation,Monitoring and Evaluation) of childdevelopment programs in the community   at least 7 communities have establishedmeaningful participation in the BCPC(Barangay Council for the Protection of Children). Project Objectives: 1. to increase the awareness of thefamilies on the rights of the child and howto respond to it-500 of the families have awareness on therights of the child and child protectionissues- At least 100 families have additionalsource of income to support the children.2. to enhance the capacity of the children,youth and parents’ association inestablishing partnership in the community.- At least 1 project will be a partnershipendeavor by the children, youth andparents’ association with another organization3. to improve the participation of themembers of the children, youth andparents’ association in managing its ownprojects- 51% of the members will be involved inmeetings and activities- 51% will attend seminars in relation toleadership and organizational development- at least 150 volunteers are mobilized tosupport project implementation4. to sustain meaningful participation withthe BCPCs.- 1 child and youth representative in theBCPC- at least 5 parents handling committees inthe BCPCs- at least 1 child development project isincluded in the Barangay Development  Plan Output 1: 1.a. Advocacy and awareness raising on the Rights of the Child  At least 500 parents gain awareness onCRCActivities:1.a.1. Advocacy on the Rights andResponsibilities of ChildrenAt least 1000 parents attended CRCadvocacy1.a.2. Advocacy against Child LaborAt least 500 parents attended advocacy onchild labor 1.a.3. Orientation on Child ProtectionPoliciesAt least 1000 parents are oriented on ChildProtection Policies1.a.4. Orientation on Child Friendly School At least 100 parents are oriented on ChildFriendly School System1.a.5. Orientation on Child FriendlyBarangayAt least 100 parents are oriented on ChildFriendly Barangay1.a.6. Orientation on ECCD lawAt least 100 parents are oriented on ECCDlaw1.a.7. Orientation on Child 21At least 100 parents are oriented on Child21 1.b. Capacity of Families enhanced onMicro-Enterprise At least 100 families are assisted toincrease incomeActivities:1.b.1 TNA, Selection of participants, andskills inventoryAt least 100 families will be assessed todetermined their need of skills training1.b.2. Sustain partnership with currentpartners (TESDA, DLSU,Caritas, Gifts andGraces, and ECCC)5 partners will support referral of parents tovocational training and productionworkshop1.b.3. Market linkage appealing for supporton productionAt least additional 5 market access willcontribute an increase of income to 80parent workers.1.b.4. Conduct actual skills trainingAt least 50 parents/year will be providedactual skills training (10 parents for balloonmaking, 20 parents for sewing, and 20parents for Handicrafts)1.b.5. Product development At least 5 products will be develop,innovated, and improved its quality tosupport product sampling presented topotential markets.1.b.6. Conducts developmental trainingAt least 50 parents/year will be provideddevelopmental training on tools and aid onmicro enterprise management, preparationof business plan, and training on basicmarketing, and packaging.1.b.7. Inter-barangay livelihood meetingAt least 150 parents are mobilized to meetevery month. Output 2: 2.a. Functional partnershipestablished  At least 1 functional partner for thechildren, youth and parents associationActivities  2.a.1. Identifying needs for partnership13 parents association, 1 children’sfederation in Paco and Pandacan and 1youth association identified needs for partnership2.a.2. Meeting with partners for areas of collaborationAt 6 meetings in a year with the partners of the 3 groups (children, youth and parents)2.a.3. Implementation of a project At least 1 project will be implemented witha partner in a year 2.a.4. Monitoring and EvaluationAt least 2 meetings per partner will beconducted for monitoring and evaluation2.a.5. Meeting of child or youthrepresentative/s with LuCCAP, NaCCAP,CCA, NCYAAt least 1 child or youth representativeattended in the quarterly coalition meetings Output 3: 3.a. Enhanced Participation in Project Management  13 parents associations,1 childrenfederation and 1 youth group practice theSAPIMEActivities3.a.1. Baselining of the children situationerAll the Barangays have a Barangay Profilereflecting children’s situation3.a.2. Participatory Research Appraisal(PRA) and Facilitating Skills TrainingAt least 26 parents, 10 youth and 10children completed PRA and FacilitatingSkills training3.a.3. Conduct of PRAs during communityconsultations13 community consultations (PRA) areconducted3.a.4. Training on Planning,Implementation, Monitoring and EvaluationAt least 26 parents, 6 youth and 6 childrencompleted PIME training500 members will be oriented on PIME3.a.5. Planning WorkshopAt least 10 leaders (children, youth andadult) per Barangay will be involved inPlanning3.a.6. Project ImplementationAt least 100 committee members areinvolved in activity implementation3.a.7. Committee MeetingsAt least 4 committees/ Brgy are regularlymeeting monthly or quarterly3.a.8. Monitoring and Evaluation MeetingsAt least 4 meetings for each committee for monitoring and evaluation3.a.9. Formulation of OrganizationalMechanism and Guidelines andConstitution and By-Lawsat least 1 OMG and CBL for the youth and3 OMG and CBL for the parentsassociation is drafted3.a.10. Presentation and Approval of policies/guidelinesApproved CBL and OMG of at least 3 PAs,and youth association3.a.11. Financial Management TrainingAt least 26 parents, 6 youth and 6 childrenwill be trained on Financial Management500 members are oriented on FinancialManagement3.a.12. Mentoring meeting with parentleaders, children and youth6 mentoring meetings with Parent leaders6 mentoring meetings with children’sassociation6 mentoring meetings with youth  associations3.a.12 Regular meeting of PA, BCA or BYA and general assembliesMonthly meetings and quarterly GeneralAssemblies3.a.13. OCA Meeting of children, youthand parents3 OCA meetings (1 for children, 1 for youth and 1 for adult)3.a.14. Income Generating Activities1 IGP for parents, children and youth everyyear 3.a.15. SR Management100% of SR correspondences aresubmitted on time100% fulfillment of quota3.a.15 Training of New SR Volunteers At least 30 additional SR volunteerscomplete the SR training Output 4: 4.a. Sustained Participation with BCPC  At least 7 BCPCs are actively participatedby 7 Parents AssociationACtivities4.a.1. Meetings with BCPCAt least 4 meetings per BCPCs aredocumentedAt least 7 children or youth are representedin the BCPCAt least 6 parents per pilot BCPC areparticipating in BCPC activities4.a.2. Implementation of 1 activity withBCPCAt least 1 activity implemented with BCPCin the 7 Barangays Comments: Revise/refine your project summary sheet based on the comments/inputs provided. As ageneral comments your objective is more of activity objective rather than projectobjective.
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