EP9. Exegesis & Exposition 1 Peter 2 1-3 WEB V

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Demonstration of the difference between exegeting and expounding a passage of Scripture. Example: exegeting & expounding 1 Peter 2 vv 1-3(Theme: Spiritual development)Basic principles exemplified: GENRE. Observation / ANALYSIS (shaping the Structure, Topics). MESSAGE (Over-all Subject, Teaching on the over-all Subject, Heart-beat, Application, Response)
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    ExpositoryPreaching   Exegesis (in the study) Exposition (in the pulpit) * PCJBPP Presentationdevised and preparedatGujranwala Theological Seminarymay be copied for non-commercial use only June 2005     PreliminariesPreliminaries (Some more important thanothers!)    Why PowerPoint?  Clarity of outline Central formattingUse few words per frameOne unit of thought to each line  Ease of editing / manipulating text  Force of impact    This Presentation…  Is prepared for  useuse   in the classroomin the classroom   (using a multimedia projector beamed onto a whitewall or screen; or a wide screen monitor for smallgroups (2-10))  Can be easily adaptedeasily adapted by the teacher   Allows for  class interactionclass interaction with the text (using the edit mode for class suggestions, e.g.for “best” lay out of the Scripture text) 
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