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Your monthly feed of Sheltoner news! SHELTONTIMES issue ten September 2009 Terrence Yap Kean Wah EGL Shelton College International G d Wedding Garden W ddi Featured! ã China’s national day celebration with Shelton ã Teacher’s Day pictures ã Testimonials written by our Shelton students Contents s Categorized by the colour of the header bars The garden wedding took place on the 20th of September 2009. It was a day for those couples who wanted to have their wedding at the Botanic Garden. The p
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  Featured! ã   China’s national daycelebration with Sheltonã Teacher’s Day picturesã Testimonials written byour Shelton students   Garden Wedding   SHELTON TIMES Y our  mon t hly f eed of  Shel t oner  new s! issue ten September 2009 Shelton College International 1 Contents Categorized by the colourof the header bars   Student Stories ã China’s National Dayã It’s a celebrationã Come together Youth Camp Terrence Yap Kean Wah EGLShelton College International Articles by Teachers ã Beingã Teachers’ Day Images: ã China’s National Dayã Shelton Youth Campã September Birthday Celebrationã Shelton Teacher’s Day The garden wedding took place on the 20th of September2009. It was a day for those couples who wanted to havetheir wedding at the Botanic Garden. The programme was to celebrate the 150thanniversary of the garden and there were 168couples who wanted to get married in thatgarden.During the programme, we were all gathered infront of the garden at 12.30 in the afternoon. Allof the workers were assigned individual jobs. Wewere all separated to 21 different spots and weall had different jobs to do. Every half hour wewould change spots, so that each of us could seethe different scenes from the various spots.There were thousand of visitors who came to thegarden wedding party, As a result, there was amassive traffic jam for a long time. Some of thevisitors and wedding couples were upset whenwe tried to explain to them why the bus was late,but they all managed to reach their location ontime.Although the programme was a bit confusing,the weddings finally finished on time. Apart frombeing tired, all of us gained a lot of experiencefrom helping in the garden weddingprogramme. The programme taught us how toco-operate with the organizer, how to work as ateam and how to be on time. Testimonials & Others: ã Radin Mas Community Youth at Riskã Sai Ye Htut Lin’s Experienceã Thushara’s Story  Shelton College International 2 SHELTON TIMES China's National Day Celebration Anonymous Shelton College International On the night of 20th September 2009, there was a a celebration for China'sNational Day at the Republic Polytechnic. There was a show filled withtraditional dances and music. We were invited by the organizer and theshow started at 6pm. The show was verynice and interesting. The performers did agood job during their show. Apart from thetraditional dance and music, we were alsoshown the history of China.The event represented the traditionalculture of China from the 1950s to the 21stcentury. The performers worecheong-sums and some of them even worenight gowns. They all looked very elegantand beautiful.The spectators were all amazed by theperformers as they were very flexible andacrobatic. The variety of performancesreally took our breaths away. Learning thehistory of China made us learn more aboutthe Chinese culture, prior to which, most of us had little knowledge about China'shistory. Thankfully we were invited to theshow, which was an eye opener to most of us. It was a once in a life time experience. Its a Celebration Jay Diploma in TTHShelton College International During the party, several teachers and students came to thecanteen for the celebration. Actually at first, I though it was goingto be a normal gathering but it became interesting when I foundit that it was actually a party.There were many happenings during the party. We ate,celebrated and also prayed for all of the September babies. Itwas the first time for many of the students in Shelton but the I can't remember the date exactlybut we had a birthday party for allof the September babies, whichincluded my birthday celebrationas well. celebration made all of them happy because every student wants to feel loved especially on their birthday or any other special day. So, if theschool can have a party every month for all of the students, it would make the lonely students very happy. Lastly, I would like to thank theschool for the last party.  Shelton College International 3 SHELTON TIMES Come Together Youth Camp Peng Tong NewtonShelton College International As we become more diverse in having amix of different cultures and races, howdoes racial harmony come into play?During the 3 day 2 night Radin Mas YouthCamp, we asked six students from Chinaabout their experiences with friends fromother cultures, countries and races. Theyopened up about their friendship withfriends of other cultures whom they havecome to love as one of their own.A Symphonic Harmony of Friendship: JiaHao, a chemical life science student fromNanyang Polytechnic and You Po, a studentfrom Shelton College International bothparticipated in the Youth Camp. While YouPo is Chinese and Jie Hao is a Singaporean,the two have no issues in communicatingand are almost like brothers. Both Jie Haoand You Po agree that working and livingwith a mixture of people of differentcultures is instrumental in producing artpieces with an edge. You Po said “I think it is great that we havesuch a diverse culture in Singapore. It isreally interesting to live here and beexposed to so many people from differentbackgrounds while doing projects andworking with people, who have a differentmindset helps in the creativity process”. You Po added “ Each race has differentelements to contribute, so when we cometogether and produce something, it is awonderful experience. This is indeedevident in their work that incorporated theelements from various cultures. Singapore's success as a harmonious nation is unique as it is built upon a rich diversity of cultures and heritages. It has becomemore affluent over the years as more people from other countries have beenadding their own cultural influences to our little red dot. It adds a different dimension to our livesbecause we are connecting to theworld's people when we make friendswith people beyond regionalboundaries”. Unity at all levels: Shelton CollegeInternational students Su Tong, Reine, Yong Xu Guo Sheng and Peng Tongenjoy working with friends from othercultures and they agree that there arevaluable interactions because they gainknowledge while learning to be toleranttowards others. They acquire newinformation about other cultures andraces, which they had never know thoughliving amongst different groups of people. Reine shared that learning aboutbeliefs beyond his own helps him makemore friends. Even though they arefriends from different races and religions,they are still very good friends.A smiling Yong Xu said “ It's fun to beamong people with different mindsets. Itimproves you as a person. This isespecially true when we are put togetherto work on something. When there arepeople of different thought andopinions, we create an excellent piece of work”.The students also mention that they owethe success of their nation to the highsaturation of people from differentcountries and cultures. They noted thatthere were careful to sensitivities thatmight be present among those fromdifferent backgrounds and were awarethat there are certain things that shouldnot be said or done.Guo Sheng learnt that what is normal tosomeone in one's specific culture mightbe taboo to others. He explained “ Thereare some colors or items that should notbe worn in cultures and when we'revisiting these families especially during aspecial occasion. There are things thatshould be noted”.Su Tong nodded, saying that “It isimportant to be sensitive to other'sfeelings. This sensitivity is very importantin maintaining racial harmony in amulti-cultural and multi-racial nation likeours”. Peng Tong said “ While interactingwith other races and leaning about theirpractices, it ultimately increases our levelof open-mindedness”. He said “Webecome closer to them through ourexchange of ideas. The experience wegained from mixing with other races andcultures are beyond books.Today, we stand together as a societybuilt on a wealth of input and wisdomfrom different cultures. Like the students,we have to play a part in our daily lives toenhance, cultivate and deepen ourunderstanding and relations with friendsof other culture and races. Together wewill continue to build a harmonioussociety.  Shelton College International 4 SHELTON TIMES Being Karan Grewal Mass Communication LecturerShelton College International Being is when the mind and body are at one with each other. Most of the time,I find that my thoughts are way ahead of me. My body often lags behind incatching up and realizing an idea or thought. It is in the moment when mind and bodycome together where creation takes placein form. And that is being.I think this holds true for anyone. Thegreatest inventions and discoveries in timecame from first, an idea. Whether theiridea was even related to the discovery, asin if it was accidental, it still took thoughtto manipulate it. For example, thetechnology for a microwave oven wasdiscovered by accident when an engineerin a lab discovered the chocolate bar in hispocket was melting. He took it further anddeveloped a box to hold all themicrowaves and slowly it was developedto what we have today. The microwaveoven was made into being.Sometimes our body can be in one placebut our mind in a completely other world.This is not Being because we are notfocused at what is right in front of us. Ourform and mind are not one with eachother. Therefore, the performance andreliability of our form is no longer reliable.For example, if I was writing this now,physically but thinking about music wherewould that place me? Would I still bewriting about Being or would I becomposing a rendition of “Hey Jude” byThe Beatles? Would they collide into eachother to form something completely new?I would have to be so intricate that itcould only be subconscious. But again,because of this meeting of the mind andbody, be it subconscious and henceaccidental and not preconceived or not, itcomes into Being. Being is essentiallybeing right here and right now just likeJohn Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous“You Are Here” movement. I love thatphrase but struggle to replicate it. Maybeone day I will, when pigs fly. Butanyway, it can really be a problem if you letyour mind go so far ahead of you that a fewdays of running, like a man who’s lost histowel and clothes while bathing in theriver, won’t do you any good. Come tothink of it, maybe that’s why I’m strugglingto finish up my work. I was not being. But, Istill think it’s important to be behind yourmind and let it do the work before you doso yourself. So that when thought and formmeet to make being, the being is beautiful. Teachers day Zhi Hao Secondary 1 TeacherShelton College International short speech and spent the rest of lunchmingling with each other. I was honored toreceive the gifts and greetings fromseveral students in Shelton. After school,every teacher was envious to see Zane,the year 3 teacher,as he had received a lotof chocolates and gifts.He said: My table is turning into ashrine! and immediately shared hissweets with the rest of the staff. us. Teacher's day is a day to remember for teachers. Its a day for appreciation andfor some, even relaxation. All of the teachers at Shelton were wereinvited to the auditorium for the teachersday appreciation lunch, where we weretreated to a sumptuous meal like BeeHoon, Fish and other tasty delights,served with a spot of soothing tea.Ms Roja and Mr Gerard presented each of us with a bottle of Manuka Honey and a2GB Shelton flash disk as a token of theirappreciation. All of the teachers gave a
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