Enclave Second Issue Jan 2009 [Second Edition]

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Second Issue of the Enclave's Go magazine, released in January of 2009
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  A PREMIUM ENGLISH LANGUAGE GO MAGAZINE 囲碁圍棋 바둑 碁 The Enclave  The first issue of the Enclave went over incredibly well. We had manycompliments and everybody seemed pleased with what we’d given out. I’mvery glad we could provide this service to all of you, it’s been a pleasure fromthe get-go.I hope you will all choose to continue downloading every issue! And ifanybody sees an error, or something that they would like to comment on, any-thing, drop us a line: magazine@kgsenclave.comWe’d love to hear from you all!On a different note, when we first began the Enclave, I hadgrandoise visions of spreading Go among everyone I knew andhelping the entire Go community grow larger and beer. I playedas o�en as I could and dreamed of one day being a truly impres-sive player.Even with everything changing, my grandoise visions haven’tle� me. I still want the entire world to know about this game.I still want to make a difference to the Go community. Go issomething that helps the player, it develops our thoughtfulside and makes us look at life in a different way.When we begin to understand that Go is about seeingsomething in a way nobody else does, that it is about bal-ancing our ideas with our opponent’s, we begin to see thatGo is a lot like life. And as we make the connection, maybewe can see that life is different than we first thought it was.Thank you everybody who has shown me that Go is notwhat I thought. Your teaching and your thoughtful wordshave really opened up something for me personally, andnot just in my game.I hope that you all will help me continue to grow, bothas a player and as a person. And I hope that I can do thesame for you.Come with me and let’s learn a thing or two on theway. I’d be pleased to pass what I’ve learned on to you.~Eric Dunham A Letter from Our Founder   2 A Letter From Our Founder 7 Beginner Lessons — Why We Start in the Corner  9 Go Around the World26 Beginner Life and Death27 Amateur Life and Death28 From Heights Above — Lee Kibong, 7d  35 Go: A Matter of Life and Death38 Insights — king8egg [7d] vs. Artem92 [7d]  54 A History of Go — Go In Europe 63 Stones and Gems64 A Picture Worth a Thousand Moves65 Marketplace Index Features Articles 5 Upgrade 1.16 A Step to The World Stage: The North American Fujitsu15 A Few Good Moves: A Joeski Study36 Hamete or Tennozan?58 Playing Against a Diagonal Fuseki  Misplay! In the spirit of “I missed the throw-in!” A few mistakes that we made in our first issue have come to our aention, soto keep things straight we’ll correct them here. You Got the Linux Right...I’ll Call That Wrong! In a true display of the valueof fact-checking, in the article “Goin a Land of Ice and Snow” weincorrectly stated that the author,Alexander Rødseth, currently at-tends the Norwegian University ofScience & Technology, and that helived with his family.Turns out both of those ‘facts’were wrong! So, for a correction,Alexander currently works as afreelance 3D graphics artist andlives by himself in Oslo, Norway.But... we got the Linux partright!It was noted on the forum atwww.godiscussions.comthat com-puters are still far away from beat-ing top poker plays.We did a lile research andfound that the comment had someground to it. But, computers are far beer than the average poker play-er, something they cannot claim to be in Go.We do have to admit howeverthat the post had merit; computersstill cannot beat top poker playersconsistently. Ar Y A Wtr?  Would you like to write for the finest English-language Go publication in the world? TheEnclave is actively seeking talented writers to cover Go subjects of all kinds!This is an excellent way to get your work seen! If interested, just send a completed article orshort story (200-600 words) to: magazine@kgsenclave.comFurther information will be provided upon contact.Do  you have any questions or comments? Let us know at:magazine@kgsenclave.com
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