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Florence Nightingale P re s e n t e d By : Eile e n P ic a rt , S a n d ra Fe rrie re , An a fe ly Me le n d e z & D a p h n e e Re g a la Nightingale’s Nursing Theory     Theory basis: the inter-relationship of a healthful environment with nursing  External influences and conditions can prevent, suppress, or contribute to disease or death Theory goal: Nurses help patients retain their own vitality by meeting their basic needs through control of the environment Nursing’s Focus: contro
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  Florence NightingaleFlorence Nightingale   Presented B y:Eileen Picart, Sandra Ferriere,Anafely Melendez & DaphneeRegala  Nightingale’s Nursing TheoryNightingale’s Nursing Theory    Theory basis : the inter-relationship of a healthful environment with nursing  External influences and conditionscan prevent, suppress, orcontribute to disease or death  Theory goal: Nurses help patientsretain their own vitality by meetingtheir basic needs through control of the environment  Nursing’s Focus: control of theenvironment for individuals, families& the communit  How should the nurse prioritizeHow should the nurse prioritizethe client needsthe client needs ??  PERSON  Nightingale focused on the person as therecipient of nursing care (Selanders, 1993).She believed that nurses should concentrateon the patient and their needs  ENVIRONMENT    The environment was the main emphasis onNightingales nursing beliefs. environmentcould be altered in such a way as to improveconditions so that nature could act to cure thepatient. (Selanders, 1993)   How should the nurse prioritizeHow sou te nurse prortzethe client needsthe client needs ??  HEALTH  Nightingale describes health as a state of being well and using ones powers to thefullest (Creasia, Parker, 1996) Nightingalesaw health as an absence of disease, withillness a physical state. By controlling theenvironment and taking care of the body,health was achieved  
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