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  Adi, A. F. R., & YOESTINI, Y. (2012).  Analisis Pengaruh Harga, Kualitas Produk, dan Kualitas Layanan Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan (Studi padaWaroeng Spesial Sambal Cabang Lampersari Semarang)  (Doctoral dissertation,Fa!ltas Eono ia dan #isnis).Allred, A. T., & Adda s, $. %. (201). Ser'ice !alit at *ans and credit!nions+ -at do t-eir c!sto ers sa.  nternational !ournal o #ank $arketing  ./-risto-er, ., ane, A., & #allantne, D. (2012). Relations-i aretin3+ *rin3in3 !alit c!sto er ser'ice and aretin3 to3et-er. Deantara, A. (2014).  P%&'AH KALTAS P*+K, HA'A, K%PASA&  P%LA&''A& T%HA+AP L*ALTAS P%LA&''A& KAT $- (Studi PadaSis.a/Sis.i di S$A $uhammadiyah - #atu)  (Doctoral dissertation, 5ni'ersito6 !-a adia- alan3).7riselda, 7., & an8aitan, T. . (2012). Analisis en3ar!- !alitas laananter-ada e!asan ons! en Restoran !la! D!a.$ana6i9ade-, ., :eatin3, #. ;., & :-ed at3o9ar, $. R. (2014). A sste aticre'ie o6 Internet *anin3 adotion. Telemati0s and in ormati0s , -1 (), 4<2=>10.$idaat!lla-, N. (201?). ROOSI EN@5A%AN E%A%5I @E@ARIN7SOSIA% (St!di Desriti6 :!alitati6 ro osi en8!alan elal!i @e8arin3 SosialTitter ada /o66ee $o!se 5lee :aren3B).  2L*W    , 3 (1C).  @!n, ., & /ai, S. (2001). T-e e deter inants o6 internet *anin3 ser'ice!alit+ a content analsis.  nternational 4ournal o bank marketing  , 15 (), 2?=2<1.:!rniaati, D. (2014). en3ar!- /itra ere Dan :!alitas rod! Ter-ada:e!asan Dan %oalitas elan33an (St!di ada elan33an :F/ /a*an3 :aialan3).  !urnal Administrasi #isnis , 16 (2).%assar, ;. ., anolis, /., & ;insor, R. D. (2000). Ser'ice !alit ersecti'esand satis6action in ri'ate *anin3.  !ournal o ser7i0es marketing  , 16 (), 244=21.%a!, . ., /-e!n3, R., %a , A. Y., & /-!, Y. T. (201). eas!rin3 ser'ice!alit in t-e *anin3 ind!str+ A $on3 :on3 *ased st!d. Contemporary $anagement esear0h , 5 (), 2?.artins, /., Oli'eira, T., & oo'i, A. (2014). 5nderstandin3 t-e Internet *anin3 adotion+ A !ni6ied t-eor o6 accetance and !se o6 tec-nolo3 and ercei'ed ris alication.  nternational !ournal o n ormation $anagement  , -6 (1), 1=1. Nor, :. ., & earson, @. . (201>). T-e in6l!ence o6 tr!st on internet *anin3accetance. The !ournal o nternet #anking and Commer0e , 3889  . Nor asari, S. (201). en3ar!- :!alitas elaanan Ter-ada :e!asanelan33an, /itra er!sa-aan dan %oalitas elan33an S!r'ei adata !elan33an an3 en3ina di $otel elan3i alan3.  !urnal Administrasi #isnis , :  (2).   Nor asari, S. (201). en3ar!- :!alitas elaanan Ter-ada :e!asanelan33an, /itra er!sa-aan dan %oalitas elan33an S!r'ei adata !elan33an an3 en3ina di $otel elan3i alan3.  !urnal Administrasi #isnis , :  (2).er ana, . . (201). enin3atan :e!asan elan33an elal!i :!alitasrod! dan :!alitas %aanan.  !urnal +inamika $ana4emen , 6 (2).rasetio, A. (2012). en3ar!- :!alitas elaanan dan $ar3a Ter-ada :e!asanelan33an.  $anagement Analysis !ournal  , 1 (2).Santi, T. . (2014). EN7AR5$ RE%ATIONS$I AR:ETIN7 TER$ADA%OYA%ITAS E%AN77AN E%A%5I :E5ASAN E%AN77AN ADA T.TI:I @A%5R N57RA$A E:A:5RIR (@NE) DI :OTA @E#ER.So-ail, . S., & S-ai-, N. . (2012). Internet *anin3 and !alit o6 ser'iceersecti'es 6ro a de'eloin3 nation in t-e iddle East. Soterio!, A. /., & Sta'rinides, Y. (201). An internal c!sto er ser'ice !alitdata en'elo ent analsis odel 6or *an *ranc-es.  nternational !ournal o   #ank $arketing  .S!i, N. . (201>). An E irical St!d o6 Factors A66ectin3 t-e Internet#anin3 Adotion a on3 alasian /ons! ers. The !ournal o nternet  #anking and Commer0e , 3818 .S! aati, :. (2012). en3ar!- :!alitas %aanan, $ar3a, dan :e!asanelan33an Ter-ada %oalitas elan33an @asa Transortasi :ereta Ai Ese!ti6.
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