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DEMOSTRATIVES: This is my market  That is my market --------  Singular These are my market  Plural Those are my market -------- Classwork 1. 2. 3. 4. These are my school chairs That is my shirt Those are my shoes This is my pencil. Classwork a) b) c) d) e) (books) these are my books. -----(desk) that is my desk. (computer) this is my computer. -----(school bags) those are my school bags. -----/pant) that is my pant. Commands: – – – – – – – – – May I go out? May I come in? May I go
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  DEMOSTRATIVES: Singular PluralClasswork1.These are my school chairs2.That is my shirt3.Those are my shoes4.This is my pencil.Classworka)  (books) these are my books.b)-----  (desk) that is my desk.c)  (computer) this is my computer.d)-----  (school bags) those are my school bags.e)-----  /pant) that is my pant.Commands:–May I go out?–May I come in?–May I go to the restroom?–Close your books/ notebooks.–Open your books/ notebooks.–Stand up.–Sit down.–Come over here.–Go to your sit place.SAY GOODBYEGood luck----  Buena suerteGoodbye---  bye, good bye, see you later.Keep in touch---  sure, yes you too. Take care---  you too, thanks, some for you. This is my market   That is my market --------    These are my market   Those are my market -------- 
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