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City Council Agenda Cover Memorandum Meeting Date: Item Title: Action Requested: X Approval For discussion Feedback requested For your information Carrie Davis, Director of CP&D 847 / 318-5296 November 2, 2009 First reading of an ordinance for text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Case Number TA-09-02 Staff Contact: Phone Number: E-mail Address: Background: The Planning and Zoning Commission considered several proposed text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance at it
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  City CouncilAgenda Cover Memorandum Meeting Date: November 2, 2009Item Title: First reading of an ordinance for text amendments to the ZoningOrdinance, Zoning Case Number TA-09-02Action Requested:X ApprovalFor discussionFeedback requestedFor your informationStaff Contact: Carrie Davis, Director of CP&DPhone Number: 847 / 318-5296E-mail Address: cdavis@parkridge.usBackground:The Planning and Zoning Commission considered several proposed text amendments to the ZoningOrdinance at its September 22, 2009, meeting. The Commission recommended approval to Sections 4.8,15.3.A, 15.4.A and 16. The Commission denied changes to Section 14.6.C.2, therefore, the proposedamendment is not reflected in the draft ordinance. The Commission tabled the discussion on Section 5.8to a future meeting to allow the City Attorney an opportunity to clarify portions of this section that theCommission found confusing. The final language recommended by the Commission is specified in thedraft ordinance. Items in bold represent new language. Language that is stricken represents existinglanguage to be deleted.The proposed amendments were on the October 19, 2009, City Council agenda for first reading. TheCouncil deferred the matter to its November 2 meeting so that all the aldermen, including AldermanCarey who was unable to attend the October 19 meeting, to be present and make comments. Section 4.8 The Commissioners agreed that the current review process protects the system from potential politicalinfluence. The Commission serves as a proper check and balance to the system. Private parties haveappropriate recourse through the Circuit Court if the Commission denies a text amendment. TheCommissioners found that proposed changes to section 4.8 would be appropriate. The Commissionsuggested that the new chart describing the Council’s review authority should be revised to reflect a two-thirds supermajority vote required by Council in the first and fourth lines, and that the Council voteshould be changed to “not applicable” in the second line. The Commissioners also recommended that thesecond line, under further action, be changed to state: None, Planning and Zoning Commission is final.” Section 14.6.C.2 The Commissioners were disappointed that the Council denied the Commissioners’ previousrecommendation to remove ground pole signs from the Zoning Ordinance entirely. The Commissionerswere in favor of retaining the current wording in the Ordinance regarding the distance of these signs froma property line. Some suggested that if the signs are going to be continues to be allowed, that thedimensions should be limited. Therefore, the Commissioners denied the request.  2 Sections 15.3.A, 15.4.A and 16 The Commissioners considered the proposed changes to nonconforming uses, nonconforming structuresand the general definitions to be consistent with the way definitions are presented in the ZoningOrdinance.Recommendation:Move City Council approval of the first reading of an ordinance for text amendments to the ZoningOrdinance, Zoning Case Number TA-09-02, as submitted.Budget Implications:Does Action Require an Expenditure of Funds: Yes X NoIf Yes, Total Cost:If Yes, is this a Budgeted Item: Yes NoAttachments:  Planning and Zoning Commission meeting minutes, dated September 22, 2009  Staff Memorandum to the Planning and Zoning Commission, dated September 22, 2009  Draft Ordinance
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