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Families and Children for Empowerment And Development Foundation 2290 President Quirino Avenue, Paco, Manila Title of Project: Soap making project of Barangay 843 A. Target Beneficiaries: 20 parents from barangay 843 namely: Name: 1. Rosanna Ogas 2. Aleli Fermin 3. Jenifer Bagat 4. Wilma De Leon 5. Gracelda De Leon 6. Mary Jane Oquiño 7. Marichu Furague 8. Jenelyn Posadas 9. Mary Jane Divina 10.Baby Chavez 11.Aurora Motus 12.Amalia Cordova 13.Angella Matias 14.Maggie Yayong 15.Ma, Estela La G
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  Families and Children for EmpowermentAnd Development Foundation2290 President Quirino Avenue, Paco, Manila Title of Project:Soap making project of Barangay 843 A.Target Beneficiaries: 20 parents from barangay 843 namely:Name:Age:Sex:1.Rosanna Ogas39Female2.Aleli Fermin54Female3.Jenifer Bagat26Female4.Wilma De Leon42Female5.Gracelda De Leon39Female6.Mary Jane Oquiño33Female7.Marichu Furague29Female8.Jenelyn Posadas28Female9.Mary Jane Divina29Female10.Baby Chavez59Female11.Aurora Motus55Female12.Amalia Cordova48Female13.Angella Matias22Female14.Maggie Yayong45Female15.Ma, Estela La Guardia31Female16.Joan Mendoza29Female17.Mae LibedFemale18.Arlene Medida41Female  19.Jennifer de LeonFemale20.Grace NabayraFemaleB. Schemes and Methodology: Parents were trained in six (6) kinds of products namely:1.Dishwashing liquid2.Liquid Hand Soap3.Bleaching Liquid4.Fabric Conditioner5.Detergent Powder6.PerfumesBut there were only three (3) products may visible and potential to yieldcontinuous productions and these are Dishwashing liquid, Fabric Conditioner, andbleaching liquid. That even in the community is commonly used.As discussed with, twenty (20) parent workers are group into 4 assignments;1.Producers of Dishwashing liquid = 6 parents were assigned2.Producers of Bleaching liquid = 6 parents were assigned3.Producers of Fabric Conditioner = 6 parents were assigned4.Quality control and monitoring = 2 parents were assignedIn producing Dishwashing liquid:Needed are:1.Powder solution Plus2. Bubble enhancer 10 ml for 1 liter mixtures3.Nonyphenol 100ml for 1 liter mixtures4.Scent 100 ml for 1 liter mixtures5.Technical salt 15 grams-20 grams as needed  Processes are:1.Pour powder solution plus to 900 ml water and let it dissolve overnight.2.Prepare a plastic container, pour dissolved mixture, mixed with bubbleenhancer using plastic spatula.3.Mixed nonyphenol4.Mixed the scent5.And mixed technical salt while continuously stirring until mixtures gets sticky6.And let it stay for 10 minutes until mixtures clears its colorsIn producing Bleaching LiquidNeeded are:1.Calcium hydro Chloride2.Soda Ash (whitener)Processes are:1.Mix Calcium Hydro Chloride into 1 liter or 1000 ml of water, mix it well.2.Use mask and globs while mixing for protection3.Then mix the soda ash using spatula4.After mixing cover the mixture and let it stay for 30 minutes until soda ashresidue subside.5.And separate carefully the liquid part from the residue.In producing Fabric Conditioner:Needed are:1.Flakes2.Beads or soft gel3.Fragrance retainer4.Scent5.ColoringProcesses are:  1.Boil 1 liter of water or 1000 ml or water, remove from heat and mix flakes intohot process water and let it dissolve overnight.2.Mix the soft gel ingredients or the beads.3.Then mix with spatula while pouring the fragrance retainer into mixtures4.While stirring mix the scent5.And add the coloring (optional) C.Budgetary Requirements: For 120 liters production of Dishwashing liquid:Sources:1.120 liters package @ php 25.00Php 3,000.00Magisdei2.1 plastic pail for 120 liters @ Php 300.00 200.00Divisoria3.1 big sagwan @ Php 200.00 150.00Divisoria4.120 pcs of 1 liter containers @ Php 5.00 600.00Magisdei Total:Php 3,950.00For 100 liters production of Bleaching liquid:Sources:5.100 liters package @ php 10.00Php 1,000.00Magisdei6.1 plastic pail for 100 liters @ Php 300.00 200.00Divisoria7.1 big sagwan @ Php 200.00 150.00Divisoria8.100 pcs of 1 liter containers @ Php 5.00 500.00Magisdei Total:Php 1,850.00
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