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BUSINESS INVESTMENT PLAN 1.0 PRODUCT NAME: 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.0 Proposed start date: Final delivery: Sales year: Development Team Jan. 1 2008 Sept. 1 2008 08-09 JK, JF, DW, JB PRODUCT DESCRIPTION/ RATIONALE: 2.1 Enhancement, New Product, Partnership [if Enhancement, provide historical sales performance] Real World Skills – a series of multimedia kits that persuasively and engagingly teach foundations skills for success. Please see accompanying video overview. 2.2 Target audience: Middle and hi
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  BUSINESS INVESTMENT PLAN 1.0PRODUCT NAME:1.1Proposed start date:Jan. 1 20081.2Final delivery:Sept. 1 20081.3Sales year:08-091.4Development TeamJK, JF, DW, JB2.0PRODUCT DESCRIPTION/ RATIONALE:2.1 Enhancement, New Product, Partnership [if Enhancement, provide historical sales performance]  Real World Skills – a series of multimedia kits that persuasively and engagingly teachfoundations skills for success. Please see accompanying video overview. 2.2Target audience: Middle and high school. 2.3Educational issues and trends: NCLBAn increasing focus on standards and academic improvement.Focus on 21 st Century Skills and other meta-skills. 2.4Fit with strategic framework: Fits into Premier’s Lifeskills development framework in Personal Growth and Learning Skills. 2.5Business rationale and critical assumptions: Meets similar needs to Premier’s existing Foundations agendas and program, but provides amuch richer learning experience and promises much greater returns. Can be bundled/sold withFoundations agendas. 3.0 MARKET CONSIDERATIONS:3.1 Plans for customer validation: Focus group (half clients, half non-clients) in January. 3.2Market size assumptions: $200 million addressable market space in terms of funding 3.3Competition: Scholastic, study skills companies. 3.4Funding: - $65 million on vocational/consumer education 1 MPD Business/Investment Plan  - $17 million on guidance/prevention - $84 million on cross-curricular  - While standalone video sales are minimal ($13 million and growing at 4% year over year), multimedia programs and kits are much larger at $79 million and growing at 19%year over year  - And finally, the school supplies market, which represents budgets primarily for anyconsumable that schools use, but does get used for other things schools wish to purchase but don’t have other budget category funds for, was $3.2 billion in 2006. Premier sells alot of product in the meta-skills area into these budgets already.All data from Supplemental Products Market: 2007 report by Education Market Research inJuly 2007. 4.0MARKETING PLANS: (i.e., each of 3 years + costs) 4.1Collateral: In main Premier brochures; new Real World Skills brochure. 4.2Ads: Online: key educator websites. 4.3Conferences: All major national conferences (at Premier booth - we’re attending already). 4.4Sales tools: Demo DVD, demo e-learning site, example workbook. 4.5Web: Premier website, online ads (see above), Teacher’s Media website. 4.6Support pieces DVD, workbook, e-learning application. 4.7Public relations National PR strategy with launch press release. 5.0PRICING AND PRICING STRATEGY: (i.e., based on customer research, competition, and COGS)   $100/class for the videos$5/student for the workbooks, includes online registration in e-learning site 6.0REVENUE & COSTS6.1Revenue expectations (3 year): 2500 client schools, with 5 classrooms and 150 students per school$3,125,000 first-year revenue$4,500,000 second-year; $6,500,000 third year 6.2COGS, including royalties (3 year): $350,000 video production$100,000 workbook and e-learning component$25/class hard goods costs per sale (YR1: $312,500; YR2: $450,000; YR3: $650,000) 6.3Marketing plans and costs (3 year): $250,000 6.4Estimated ROI (over 3 years): 2 MPD Business/Investment Plan  Simple ROI calculation: ROI=(return-investment)/investment * 100.($14,125,000 – $1,862,500) / $1,862,500 * 100 = 658% ROI 3 MPD Business/Investment Plan
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