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SHORT STORIES FOR CHILDREN CINDERELLA Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young girl. Her mother was dead and her father had married a widow with two daughters. Her stepmother didn't like her one little bit. All her kind thoughts and loving touches were for her own daughters. Nothing was too good for them - dresses, shoes, delicious food, soft beds, and every home comfort. But, for the poor unhappy girl, there was nothing at all. No dresses, only her stepsistersí hand-me-downs. No lovely dis
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  SHORT STORIES FOR CHILDREN CINDERELLA Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young girl. Her mother was dead and her father had married awidow with two daughters. Her stepmother didn't like her one little bit. All her kind thoughts and lovingtouches were for her own daughters. Nothing was too good for them - dresses, shoes, delicious food, soft beds, and every home comfort.But, for the poor unhappy girl, there was nothing at all. No dresses, only her stepsistersí hand-me-downs. No lovely dishes, nothing but scraps. No rest and no comfort. She had to work hard all day. Only whenevening came was she allowed to sit for a while by the fire, near the cinders. Thatís why everybody calledher Cinderella.Cinderella used to spend long hours all alone talking to the cat. The cat said, . Miaow. , which reallymeant, . Cheer up! You have something neither of your stepsisters has and that is beauty.. It was quitetrue. Cinderella, even dressed in old rags, was a lovely girl. While her stepsisters, no matter how splendidand elegant their clothes, were still clumsy, lumpy and ugly and always would be.One day, beautiful new dresses arrived at the house. A ball was to be held at the palace and the stepsisterswere getting ready to go. Cinderella didn't even dare ask if she could go too. She knew very well what theanswer would be: . You? You're staying at home to wash the dishes, scrub the floors and turn down the beds for your stepsisters. They will come home tired and very sleepy.. Cinderella sighed, . Oh dear, I'm sounhappy!. and the cat murmured . Miaow..Suddenly something amazing happened. As Cinderella was sitting all alone, there was a burst of light anda fairy appeared. . Don't be alarmed, Cinderella,. said the fairy. . I know you would love to go to the ball.And so you shall!. . How can I, dressed in rags?. Cinderella replied. . The servants will turn me away!.The fairy smiled. With a flick of her magic wand Cinderella found herself wearing the most beautifuldress she had ever seen. . Now for your coach,. said the fairy; A real lady would never go to a ball onfoot! Quick! Get me a pumpkin!. . Oh of course,. said Cinderella, rushing away. Then the fairy turned tothe cat. . You, bring me seven mice, and, remember they must be alive!.Cinderella soon returned with the pumpkin and the cat with seven mice he had caught in the cellar. With aflick of the magic wand the pumpkin turned into a sparkling coach and the mice became six white horses,while the seventh mouse turned into a coachman in a smart uniform and carrying a whip. Cinderella couldhardly believe her eyes.Cinderella had a wonderful time at the ball until she heard the first stroke of midnight! She rememberedwhat the fairy had said, and without a word of goodbye she slipped from the Prince. s arms and ran downthe steps. As she ran she lost one of her slippers, but not for a moment did she dream of stopping to pick itup! If the last stroke of midnight were to sound... oh... what a disaster that would be! Out she fled andvanished into the night.The Prince, who was now madly in love with her, picked up the slipper and said to his ministers, Go andsearch everywhere for the girl whose foot this slipper fits. I will never be content until I find her!îSo the ministers tried the slipper on the foot of every girl in the land until only Cinderella was left.That awful untidy girl simply cannot have been at the ball,. snapped the stepmother. . Tell the Prince heought to marry one of my two daughters! Can't you see how ugly Cinderella is?. But, to everyone. samazement, the shoe fitted perfectly.Suddenly the fairy appeared and waved her magic wand. In a flash, Cinderella appeared in a splendiddress, shining with youth and beauty. Her stepmother and stepsisters gaped at her in amazement, and theministers said, Come with us Cinderella! The Prince is waiting for you. So Cinderella married the Prince  and lived happily ever. As for the cat, he just said Miaow! LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD There once was a small village on the edge of a thick forest. One of the smallest cottages was the home toone the prettiest girls in the village. Those who knew her well called her Little Red Riding Hood.The little girl loved to visit her Grandma and on the day of our story, Little Red Riding Hood was on justsuch an adventure. Her mummy waved her goodbyes and reminded her daughter, Grandma is ill. Takeher this basket of cakes, but be very careful. Keep to the woodland path and don't stop for any reason. Little Red Riding Hood was generally an obedient child, so she kissed her mother and ran off saying. Don't worry, Mummy, I'll run all the way to Grandma's and I wont stop. Little Red Riding Hood made her way through the wood, but when she spotted a strawberry patch sheforgot all her promises and began to pick strawberries one by one. Each tasted better than the last and theywere large, juicy and ripe. And just when she thought she would stop picking the strawberries she foundanother that was even better than the last.As she walked further into the woods looking for strawberries she discovered a beautiful yellow butterfly,some daisies and a handsome frog that made her giggle when he jumped.Meanwhile there was a woodland creature that was watching Little Red Riding Hood. By the time shediscovered she had wondered far from the path, a gruff voice said, It is so alone out here in the woods.Where are you going, my dear girl? Unsure of what to say, Little Red Riding Hood replied I'm taking Grandma some cakes. She lives at theend of the path. When he heard this, the naughty wolf asked, Does Grandma live all alone? Yes, replied Little Red Riding Hood nervously. Thank you, my dear. You have been a great help. Perhaps we'll meet again, said the wolf who lopedaway thinking to himself I'll take care of grandma first, then Ill take care of Little Red Riding Hood! Well that bad wolf found Grandmas cottage and knocked on the door. Who's there? asked Grandma from her bed. Little Red Riding Hood. I've brought you some cakes because you're ill, replied the wolf, trying hard tohide his gruff voice. Lift the latch and come in, said Grandma, unaware of the wolfs deceit. In one bound, the wolf leaptacross the room and tied Grandma up and sat her on a chair in the sun room.It wasnt long before Little Red Riding Hood knocked on the door. Can I come in, Grandma? she asked. Now, the wolf had tried to dress like Grandma by wearing an old lady's shawl and cap. He tried to soundlike Grandma by using a quavering little voice, Open the latch and come in! he said. What a deep voice you have, said the little girl in surprise. The better to greet you with, said the wolf. Goodness, what big eyes you have.   The better to see you with. And what big hands you have! exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood, stepping over to the bed. The better to hug you with, said the wolf. What a big mouth you have, the little girl murmured in a weak voice. The better to eat you with! growled the wolf, and jumping out of bed. He might have done Little RedRiding Hood harm, but she leapt out of the way and he landed on the floor with a thud. Then he trippedover grandmas night shirt and fell on his head.Little Red Riding Hood raced outside to find a nearby hunter who had been trying to catch this very samewolf because he had recently frightened three pigs who lived down the road.While the wolf was rubbing the knot on his head the hunter captured him and took him away.Little Red Riding Hood shared the cakes with Grandma and they each had a lovely cup of tea.When the afternoon was coming to an end, Little Red Riding Hood walked home feeling safer than shehad in a long time. She hugged her grandmother and said, What an adventure we have had today. Once home, a wiser Little Red Riding Hood told her mom, We must always remember to keep to thewoodland path and never stop for any reason! Her mother agreed. THE THREE LITTLE PIGS There once were three little pigs who felt very grown up. You see, they left their mummy and daddy toexplore the world.For a very long time they roamed through the woods, playing games that they invented and some they hadlearned in the summer sun.There were no animals that seemed as happy as the three little pigs who, perhaps because they were sohappy, were able to make friends quickly.In time, the days began to grow colder and the three little pigs realized that winter was coming. They had placed their tents by the river, but that would not keep out the cold, so each little pig thought it would begood to build a new home.While they prefered to play, the little pigs knew they needed shelter.The youngest & possibly laziest little pig chose to build a lovely straw hut. They are so easy to build,' he bragged. A straw hut will not make it through winter, his brother pigs said disapprovingly, but he bought hisstraw and began to build anyway.The second little pig wasnít quite as lazy and he looked at different ways of building a home and chose ahouse made with wood. Bang! Bang! Bang! In two days the wooden house was build.  But the third little pig thought there was a better way, Building a house takes time and hard work. After all, you want your house to be strong enough to stand up to wind, rain, and snow. Then of course there isthe Big Bad Wolf to think about. Well, many days passed, and the wisest little pig's house was built using sturdy bricks.There were times when his brother pigs visited, but they almost always made fun of their brother. Whyare you working so hard? Why don't you come outside and play? But the brick-laying pig quietly continued to build his house while his brothers played.One day the wisest little pig found big wolf in the neighborhood and made sure that his brother pigs knewthey should be careful.The youngest of the pigs arrived home just in time to see the Big Bad Wolf walking down the street. Little Pig - come out! ordered the wolf, his mouth watering - for he was very hungry. I'd rather stay where I am! replied the little pig in a tiny voice. I'll make you come out! growled the unhappy wolf. He puffed out his chest and then blew with all hismight. When the Big Bad Wolf was finished huffing and puffing, all the straw the silly pig had heapedtogether scattered, leaving the pig to look at the wolf though a few small framing poles.While the wolf caught his breath, the littlest pig quickly ran to his brotherís wooden house.Of course this made the wolf very angry. Come back! he roared, trying to catch the pig.The brother pigs were frightened and stacked things in front of the door so the wolf could not get in.The wolf had not eaten in several days and he was interested in a two-course meal.He decided he would pretend to be kind. Open up, little pigs. I only want to speak to you. When the pigs refused to open the door the wolf once again breathed a great breath and blew on the houselike a windstorm. The wooden planks fell from their frames like leafs from a tree in autumn.The oldest and wisest pig brother had been watching as his brothers ran from the house so recentlydestroyed by the wolf. He opened the door and his two brothers ran into the safety of his brick house. Andnot a moment too soon, for the wolf was already knocking on the door.He didnít even ask if the pigs would open the door he simply blew and blew and blew until he turned blue.The house did not move, but he was still hungry.The three little pigs could see that the wolf could not blow this house down like he had the other two sothey stopped being afraid.The wolf, however, had another trick he wanted to try. He scrambled up to the top of the house and lookeddown the chimney ñ perhaps he could capture the little pigs after all.However, the wisest little pig knew what the wolf was doing so he told his brothers, Quick! Light a fire! The wolf had his legs dangling down the chimney and could not see that the fire had been lit. He was sohungry he simply dropped down the chimney without a second look - trying to get the little pigs.
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