Anti Encephalitis Drive in Bihar

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encephalitis is causing hundreds of deaths in Bihar. State government is launching a special drive to protect people
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   JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS; KILLINGSPREE IN BIHAR Death of one patient due to H1N1 caused hue and cry across the nation with electronic channels giving runningcommentary on it, death of thousands of poor people dueto encephalitis went almost unnoticed and unlamented inthe country. This paradox has to come to an end. Following more than two dozen deaths inGaya district of the state of Bihar in acouple of weeks, the government hasgiven a wake up call to the health officialsin the state headquarters and asked themto launch a special anti-encephalitisvaccination drive on 12 th the November2009 in affected areas in Gaya district.In a couple of weeks, more than 100patients have reached to AnugrahaNaryan Medical College and Hospital(ANMCH) Gaya who showed signs of  Japanese encephalitis. Although 1  government denies, many NGOs workingin the areas say that more than 25patients mostly children of poor familyhave lost their lives due this silent killerdisease. Japanese encephalitis has been takingheavy tolls in some areas in Bihar andEastern UP. According to BBC, from 1974to 2005 about 8000 people includingmany children have died due to thisdisease. Gazipur, Kusinagar, Mirzapur,Gorakhpur in UP are badly affected bythis disease and hundreds of people,mostly children die due to this it.In Vashali and Muzaffarpur districts inBihar, 39 people died in the month of August- September, 2009 itself whichcaused much furore in the governmentcircle, but after some time againeverything went as usual. 2  Similarly in Kharagpur sub-division of Munger district, more than 100 tribal dieddue this encephalitis and Uniongovernment had to send a medical teamin the affected area to collect bloodsample for making laboratory test inDelhi. What happened thereafter, hardlyknown to the people suffering from thisepidemic. Japanese encephalitis is caused because Culex tritaeniorhynchus, mosquitocarries  Japanese encephalitis virus into human being from wild pigs andbirds. These mosquitoes grow in dark anddamp places especially near hilly andplateau areas therefore most of thevictims are tribal or poor people who livein dark and damp conditions.Unfortunately, since the victims aremostly neglected and marginalizedsections of society, media also pay little 3  or no attention on it. Death of one patientdue to H1N1 caused hue and cry acrossthe nation with electronic channels givingrunning commentary on it, death of thousands of poor people went almostunnoticed and unlamented in the country. This paradox has to come to an end.Hopefully the vaccination drive wouldhelp mitigate the woes of the sufferingpeople and would give some respite tothe people living in the affected areas. 4
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