Amanah 2016

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slide presentasi Meet n Share Forsippta Amanah 2016
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  DimasGeofisika dan Meteorologi IPB089658108412(W! 081259645#4M$%&dimasarifin'o$tlook&om)B * M$% Dimas rifinIG * +I)I,&MDBBM * 599#1-9# Returnee AFS-YES year programme 2008Volunteer Yayasan Bina AntarbudayaVolunteer Rukyatul Hilal ndonesia!rainer Ruma #eradaban ##S$%S-&F Reg BogorSekretaris 'enderal (#impinan) %#% *% #B 20+,nstruktur limpiade Astronomi .#, 20+/20+1Sta Budidaya #! Surya Agro #ratama M$%& Dimas rifin   engan Kejujuran, Mari Kita Ubah unia %eet n S are FRS##!A Amanah Center, 10 Jumadil tsani 1437H  $A%A3
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