6 Months Chapter 1

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its been 6 months since the cullens left, What happens when the new Vampires move into town. Things Get very Messy. Sorry I suck at summary's
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  6 Months Bella’s pov So its been 6 months since the Cullens left, My true love.I am still living in the crummy town of Forks and stillworking at Mike’s parents store. BEEP BEEP BEEP, Ireached over and slammed my alarm clock. Who ever Invented alarm clocks has a serious problem for makingthem this annoying. It was 7:00 am so i jumped up to get ready for school. About 1 hour later i was racing down to school, God i waslate! I walked into the cafeteria with my normal groupand sat down at our normal table. All of a sudden theloud chattering went silent and everyone was turned towards the door. God their beautiful. There walking inwas 5 girls with pale skin and Designer clothing.Something was very very familiar. Before i got a proper look at there faces the bell signalled that it was time for another two periods of boring English and biology.I grabbed my books which were instantly knocked out of my hands by to idiots running down the hall. I lent downto pick all the books and loose paper from the ground but the 5 girls from the cafeteria had them already in a pile.“uh Thanks” i said grabbing the books from one of thegirls. “Im Emily this is Leah, Maggie, Eliza and Mavern” the one with the blonde ringlets said confidently,motioning to the 4 girls behind her. “Hi im Bella, BellaSwan”I stuttered. We shook hands and to my surprise i  didn’t flinch to the coldness of there hands, They starred at me with a confused expression. “Hey do u wanna hangaround with us at lunch?” I think Mavern Said. “Sure” “Girls you should be in class” Mr.Peters our god damnPrincible yelled coming from behind me “Sorry sir Bellawas just giving us directions, We are new here” Eliza said acting shy “Oh right, your the Smiths?”he said with a bit of understanding “Yes. Yes sir” With one swift nod hewalked out of the corridor “Thanks” I said “No probs” I said my goodbyes and walked into English which was pretty much already over. “Miss Swan where have youbeen?”The teacher yelled waking poor tyler from hissleep “showing the new kids around” I said as i walked tomy seat. Alice Pov God i miss Bella. “Alice we cant go, can you shut up?” Edward said frustrated and very destroyed. “Hey youwere the one who left her so it aint my fault. You gotta put up with it until you go back and get my sister back!” Istuck my tongue out at him like a 5 year old. “Alice,Please don’t make you brother feel bad” Esme said coming in from gardening. “Sorry Mum, I just miss her!” Icried in defeat “We all do honey”  Bella Pov  At lunch i sat with the new girls, got some evil staresfrom my group but who cares. “So Bella in a couple of   weeks we are goin up to seattle wanna come?” Leahasked “Yep.” “Bella, I gotta tell you something but you promise not to tell anyone?” Mavern Said seriously “Sure” i agreed “we are, were vampires” They were alllooking at me to see my reaction “I thought so” i havebeen thinking they were vamps for weeks “You did?” Leah asked surprised “Wait how do you know we evenexcist?” Emily asked “I used to date one” I stuttered not knowing how far i can go with the story “Edward C-Cullen” “Ohh, Well we are like them we only eat animals” Was all they said. We talked for another 20 minutes And then got up to go to class, Which surprised me when allof us were in the same next 2 periods. We all took seatsnext to each other. I was next to Eliza. Edward Pov I need to see Bella. I need to see her. “Edward if u aregoin to go see Bells im coming” Alice screamed runningdown the stairs with jasper behind her. “Im not alice!” Stupid pixie sister always has to ruine plans. With a swift good bye i went to my room and Put Debussy on loud. Bella Pov We all huddled around maggie’s Hummer And jumped in.I sat at the front, as soon as My favourite song came on. Apparently it was theirs too cause the were all singing  too. I have heard this song so many times, its so catchy. Imean who doesn’t like Ke$ha Tik Tok.So after 4 long hours of shopping and 30 bags each later we were ready to go home. It was pitch black, and spitting. We all got to the car and just sat on the top.“Wow! Looky here” i turned to the new voice to find myself looking at 4 very familiar eyes and 2 i didn’t reconise. They were the guys from port angeles. The girlsgot up just as the boys grabbed one of us each. One of them was standing about a metre away just watching.What happened next just happened to fast. The girlsturned around and leapt at the 5 guys holding them. All iheard was screams, Slurping and gulping. Mainly my screams. I let out one curdeled scream just as they finished. The 5 boys were now dead and their stare wasblank. “What have you done?” I whispered “Bella, They They were gonna rape us. I couldn’t let them just hurt us.We didn’t want you to get hurt. Relax everything will beok!” Emily soothed  Alice Pov Vision....Bella see’s 5 vampires drinking these boys. She screamsand the other boy whimpers they kill him and shescreams and runs into forest End Of Vision...
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