10-2009 Our National Parks - Fan Fiction

10-2009 Our National Parks

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Global Warming and Politics
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  Our National Parks Kanook – Oct 2009 Our planets climate is changing, this of which I have no doubt, what I doquestion in man’s participation in the on-going change, and if not driving a carand riding a bike will stop it! The latest well intentioned report is one that was published on-line by RockyMountain Climate Organization 1 that you can read or round-file, your choice. They are a major part of an organization called the Natural Resources DefenseCouncil (“NDRC”), which has over 1.2 million members and (their words) on-line activists who have been existence since 1970. They list in matter of importance their staff consists of Lawyers, Scientists, and other environmentalspecialists working to protect the world’s natural resources, public health, andthe environment around the world. Lawyers lead the list again!Now don’t get me wrong, I for one am all in favor of protecting ourenvironment and I agree that the glaciers around the world are melting, what Ido object too is the methods in which they are attempting to tell us is that manis a worthless specimen when it comes to his own environment, which is closebut not because his drives a car or wants to heat his home. They tell us that “human disruption of the climate is the greatest threat everto our National Parks.” Going on to say that glaciers are melting so fast thattheir digital equipment is recording changes by the second, with some of themafraid that before they get done with their recordings the glaciers will be nomore. Little different than what they say in their report, but damn close. They have suggested 32 actions specific to National Parks, which accordingto them are fast disappearing, one that I find typical of these groups is theexpansion of existing parks, the ones that are disappearing – make sense.Why don’t they just come out and say, “listen turkey’s we need for money andspace to accommodate the mass attendance, and we need more funds madeavailable to expand the access.” No, they use words like “preserve for futuregeneration and we need more Ice Machines, and don’t slaughter the caribou inAlaska to get a few barrels of oil. You ever hang out with a caribou, they’remighty boring and extremely social while they expel copious amounts of methane into our precious atmosphere – we could do without a few. The next request isn’t too bad, expand the parks boundaries and shoo thepeople away from the old parks boundaries so the animals can move about,drifting to where they need to go as their habitats are left scattered with fast-food trash and what not! This I guess is what they are referring to when theystate, “animals have opportunities to move and continue to survive intransformed landscaped.” They like the rest of Al Gore’s crowd are asking 1  http://www.rockymountainclimate.org/website%20pictures/National-Parks-In-Peril-final.pdf    Congress to do something about the stressed on park resources and values, inother words more funds guys.And again, as heard from the media, they are telling Congress to use itsauthority to protect their parks from the changing climate, well to tell the truthI believe they are going to have to submit this request a bit higher than toCongress, but then again according to the Bible God promised Noah hewouldn’t interfere or mess with the earth’s climate ever again – so I don’t knowwho is left to turn down temperature of the Sun or change our orbit around it,that is unless we get smacked again by a 15-mile diameter rock. They want all national parks to become “climate neutral”, in other words nomore cars, no more campfires and no more hairspray and cap the methanerelease from the animals, which I’m sure will find that a bit uncomfortable, agrizzly bear that doesn’t pass gas once in awhile! Hard to find much less apolite “don’t do that anymore” request from the top of the tree you’ve climbedup to get away from his anger.Above all reduce the farting by the campers, this they will eliminate bycharging, or if it persists make the camper buy carbon credits from Al Gore. They list the UNs IPCC report as their evidence, evidence that wasmanufactured by the highest politically organization in the world, theirscientists don’t pass gas unless it passed the UNs political action committee. The IPCC report on climate change is so full of holes and half-truths that itmakes a political campaign look like it was guided by God himself, either partytake your pick. They mention the fact that our CO 2 levels are going through the roof, whatthey fail to mention is that with or without the assistance of humans theearth’s carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere do rise and fall – and a smallpoint of clarification according to the very same Ice Core records they screamabout, scientists have found that CO 2 levels were much higher prior to thetime we entered into the Industrial Revolution and then they are today! But,hey why worry about facts here folks we need money, and more money! They point widely about when they state that the earth’s temperature isincreasing at an alarming rate, when in fact the average temperature recordedby our scientists tell us it hasn’t risen in over 18-years, and that overall it hasincreased by 0.3° Celsius since 1800, albeit no legitimate scientificorganization even agrees on the 0.3° Celsius rise. But, then again they knowthe climate is changing, remember when a great scientific mind said whenasked what was a primary constant in our Universe, his response, “change!”In other words nothing, I repeat nothing, is static in the Universe around usand by some strange reason that applies to the earth.Groups searching for funding sources state with force that CO 2 levels arecausing global warming, ahhhh folks it’s the other way around, GlobalWarming can cause a shift in the levels of carbon dioxide – look I believe that if these groups stuck to the truth our planet would be in much better health,especially economically – think of the 3 rd world countries that need investment  and are being denied that investment because some idiot in the west has said,“why if we help them, and they insist on planting modified corn we’ll all die, orsomething similar to it!” Idiots!In addition, if the 3 rd world country has an abundance of coal, the climate-is-warming activists roll on the ground and cry buckets of tears and seriouslyconsider sacrificing one of their children or the neighbors. And the worldwidemedia jumps on the bandwagon and the 3 rd world country looks to Iran fornuclear fuel and the wailing and teas only get louder, in the end countries inthe West send in plane loads of water and food, and country’s leadersconfiscate it and sell it on the black market. All because the temperaturearound the work might go up by 0.1°F by 2050.
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