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Elementary School Second Edition Created by the Office of Letters and Light Young Writers Program 0s m 1we0o%e,E A M -LA NONkbooks.! wor romise We p Copyright © 2009 by the Office of Letters and Light Table of Contents Introduction Letter How To Write A Book Put Away Your Inner Editor What Makes a Novel a Novel? Great Book, Gross Book Create Awesome Characters - Main Character Worksheet - Supporting Character Worksheet - Villain Worksheet Make Up Your Story Outline Your Plot Map Your Setti
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  Second Edition    Elementary School  Created by theOffice of Letters and LightYoung Writers Program Copyright © 2009 by the Office of Letters and Light  1 0 0 %  A w e s o m e, N O N - L A M E w o r k b o o k s. W e  p r o m i s e !   Table of Contents Introduction Letter 1 How To Write A Book  Put Away Your Inner Editor 3What Makes a Novel a Novel? 5   Great Book, Gross Book 8Create Awesome Characters 11- Main Character Worksheet 12- Supporting Character Worksheet 22- Villain Worksheet 32Make Up Your Story 42Outline Your Plot 47Map Your Setting 62How to Write Really Good Dialogue 69Boring Dialogue Handout 72Comic Strip Worksheet 74 Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo NaNoWriMo Survival Tips 78National Novel Writing Month Contract 79Word-count Chore Coupons 80NaNoWriMo Calendar 82 Ready, Set, Write . . . And Keep Writing! NaNoWriMo’s Personal Chart of Noveling Progress 85Start at the Beginning! 86Write With All Your Senses 90Character Interviews on NaNo-TV 97Lists, Lists, Lists 106 I Wrote a Novel! Now What? The Workshop 111Reader Review Worksheet 113Unleash Your Inner Editor 115Cleaning It Up 122  1Hi Young Writer!Here it is, almost November, and you've decided to tackle one of the most fun andrewarding challenges ever: writing a novel in one month. Before you begin, we wantto give you a super high five just for showing up!You may be wondering how you will go about writing a novel in a month. Isn't novelwriting just for famous authors? The answer, our friends, is no! Anyone can write anovel. You just have to have a few ideas, some paper, and a pen. It's as easy as that!Writing a novel is kind of like building a Lego spaceship from scratch: when the piecesare spread out on the ground, the job seems impossible. But if you work piece bypiece, before you know it, you've built an entire ship! By breaking any big job intosmaller jobs, you'll find that anything is possible.If you're still not sure, we've put together this nifty workbook to help you come upwith some novel ideas for November. You’ll get to create characters that are out of this world, build cities with the power of your imagination, and come up with a storythat is exciting enough to write about for 30 days straight! We have lots of reallycool activities to get you writing and keep you writing during NaNoWriMo.This November you will be doing a brave and wonderful thing: you'll be givingyourself a goal, and you'll be setting out to achieve it. And no matter how things turnout in the end—whether you finish your book or you don’t—it is jaw-droppingly coolthat you set out to write a novel in just one month. And for that, we salute you.Good luck, from all of us here at NaNoWriMo. May your writing adventure be agreat one!The NaNoWriMo Team  How ToWrite A Book
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