You Have to Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch (SAMPLE)

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A class trip to the local natural history museum turns dangerous when Cass accidentally breaks a finger off a priceless mummy. This crime of vandalism leads her and her friends Max-Earnest and Yo-Yoji on an expedition into a land of majestic pyramids, dusty tombs, and the walking dead. Is it Egypt? Or somewhere much stranger...More at:
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  Illustrations by Gilbert Ford LittLe, Brown and Company  New York Boston  The Oath of Terces i hv  Sc i c’ll  k. thugh  hs  sc, s f sk. thugh  ks  su, c k u .wh ’s slss,i lk  ll h . thugh  hs  sh, lcks  cl. thugh  hs  sh, cus f l.if u hk u k ,u’ cc,a f u h Sci ll c. th Sc f Lf s s  cs,F h Sc Ss sbu  ss.
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