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www.collegebudies.blogspot.com  Administrator Mr. VARUNA.V B.E CS1301-DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS TWO MARKS: UNIT: 1 INTRODUCTION AND CONCEPTUAL MODELLING 1. Define database management system? Database management system (DBMS) is a collection of interrelated data and a set of programs to access those data. 2. List any eight applications of DBMS. a) Banking b) Airlines c) Universities d) Credit card transactions e) Tele communication f) Finance g) Sales h) Manufacturing i) Human resources 3.
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    www.collegebudies.blogspot.com     Administrator  Mr. VARUNA.V B.E CS1301-DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS TWO MARKS : UNIT: 1 INTRODUCTION AND CONCEPTUAL MODELLING 1. Define database management system?  Database management system (DBMS) is a collection of interrelated data and aset of programs to access those data. 2. List any eight applications of DBMS.  a) Banking b) Airlinesc) Universitiesd) Credit card transactionse) Tele communicationf) Financeg) Salesh) Manufacturingi) Human resources 3. What are the disadvantages of file processing system?  The disadvantages of file processing systems area) Data redundancy and inconsistency b) Difficulty in accessing datac) Data isolationd) Integrity problemse) Atomicity problemsf) Concurrent access anomalies 4. What are the advantages of using a DBMS?    www.collegebudies.blogspot.com  The advantages of using a DBMS area) Controlling redundancy b) Restricting unauthorized accessc) Providing multiple user interfacesd) Enforcing integrity constraints.e) Providing back up and recovery 5. Give the levels of data abstraction?  a) Physical level b) logical levelc) view level 6. Define instance and schema?   Instance: Collection of data stored in the data base at a particular moment iscalled an Instance of the database. Schema: The overall design of the data base is called the data base schema. 7. Define the terms 1) physical schema 2) logical schema.   Physical schema: The physical schema describes the database design at the physical level, which is the lowest level of abstraction describing how the data areactually stored. Logical schema: The logical schema describes the database design at the logicallevel, which describes what data are stored in the database and what relationship existsamong the data. 8. What is conceptual schema?  The schemas at the view level are called subschemas that describe different viewsof the database. 9. Define data model?  A data model is a collection of conceptual tools for describing data, datarelationships, data semantics and consistency constraints. 10. What is storage manager?      www.collegebudies.blogspot.com   A storage manager is a program module that provides the interface between the low level data stored in a database and the application programs and queries submitted to the system. 11. What are the components of storage manager?  The storage manager components includea) Authorization and integrity manager  b) Transaction manager c) File manager d) Buffer manager  12. What is the purpose of storage manager?  The storage manager is responsible for the followinga) Interaction with he file manager  b) Translation of DML commands in to low level file system commandsc) Storing, retrieving and updating data in the database13. List the data structures implemented by the storage manager .The storage manager implements the following data structurea) Data files b) Data dictionaryc) indices 14. What is a data dictionary?   A data dictionary is a data structure which stores meta data about the structure of  the database ie. the schema of the database. 15. What is an entity relationship model?   The entity relationship model is a collection of basic objects called entities andrelationship among those objects. An entity is a thing or object in the real world that is distinguishable from other objects. 16. What are attributes? Give examples.   An entity is represented by a set of attributes. Attributes are descriptive properties  possessed by each member of an entity set. Example: possible attributes of customer entity are customer name, customer id,customer street, customer city.    17. What is relationship? Give examples A relationship is an association among several entities. Example: A depositor relationship associates a customer with each account thathe/she has. 18. Define the termsi)ii)Entity setRelationship setEntity set: The set of all entities of the same type is termed as an entity set. Relationship set : The set of all relationships of the same type is termed as arelationship set. 19. Define single valued and multivalued attributes.   Single valued attributes : attributes with a single value for a particular entity arecalled single valued attributes. Multivalued attributes : Attributes with a set of value for a particular entity arecalled multivalued attributes. 20. What are stored and derived attributes?   Stored attributes : The attributes stored in a data base are called stored attributes. Derived attributes: The attributes that are derived from the stored attributes are called derived attributes. 21. What are composite attributes?  Composite attributes can be divided in to sub parts. 22. Define null values.  In some cases a particular entity may not have an applicable value for an attributeor if we do not know the value of an attribute for a particular entity. In these cases nullvalue is used. 23. Define the termsi)ii)Entity typeEntity setEntity type: An entity type defines a collection of entities that have the sameattributes.
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