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   SPM ENGLISH 1 Practice one Choose the most suitable word (s) to replace the underlined word (s). 1.   Robert wants to get rid of   all the cockroaches in the house. A. omit B. breed C. eliminate D. preserve 2.   My sister’s hair is soft and shiny . A. silky B. curly C. tangled D. unkempt 3.   I really need help from you in order to deal with  this problem. A. evade B. bypass C. tackle D. worsen 4.   The story that I have just read a moment ago has an uncomplicated  plot. A. senseless B. srcinal C. intriguing D. straightforward 5.   Ketty was full of unhappiness  after receiving the unpleasant news. A. misery B. eagerness C. expectation D. compassion 6.   The metal band  which July wore round her arm was given by her father. A. tattoo B. brooch C. bangle D. necklace 7.   He has been boasting  about his attempt. A. bluffing B. blaming C. bragging D. blowing 8.   The children are feeling restless at this moment . A. then B. yesterday C. this morning D. now 9.   You will feel drowsy  after taking the medicine. A. active B. sick C. well D. sleepy 10.   The class is keen to learn about the body structure of man . A. ecology B. biology C. philosophy D. anatomy 11.   You look shabby  in those old clothes. A. untidy B. smart C. fat D. rich 12.   We are required to account  for every cent we spend on this trip. A. save B. explain C. leave D. stop 13.   She felt an acute  pain in her abdomen. A. some B. a sharp C. a long D. a little 14.   The river is not deep . A. empty B. rocky C. superficial D. shallow 15.   There is an ample  supply of crops this season. A. not enough B. just enough C. a little D. more than enough 16. The man who foretells things by the positions of the stars  is invited to the party. A. astrologer B. fortune-teller C. astronaut D. astronomer   SPM ENGLISH 2 16.   She helps out in the old folk’s home once in two weeks . A. annually B. weekly C. fortnightly D. bi-monthly 17.   The drink is best served chilled . A. hot B. cold C. warm D. wet 18.   Albert often eats excessively. He is one who eats too much and is greedy . A. a drunkard B. a workaholic C. a glutton D. an alcoholic 19.   Please add  the salt in the soup. A. throw B. stir C. drop D. include 20.   He loves his cat dearly . A. just enough B. very much C. selfishly D. recently 21.   This activity is a sheer  waste of time. A. a long B. complete C. an expensive D. an extensive 22.   My bedroom is adjacent to   my brother’s.  A. in front of B. next to C. behind D. above 23.   The tourists go back to their rooms in the ship  after a heavy dinner. A. cabin B. hotel C. caravan D. cache 24.   With an official document , you are permitted to drive a car. A. a license B. an order C. a summon D. a report 25.    Nancy is the daughter of John’s uncle . A. John’s nephew   B. John’s niece   C. John’s cousin   D. John’s sibling  26.   I am famished . Where is the canteen? A. thirsty B. tired C. bored D. hungry 27.   Many families took part  in the Happy Family Day at the park. A. involved B. performed C. participated D. shared 28.   She has been working very hard lately . A. occasionally B. recently C. frequently D. firstly 29.   Mr. James is the faithful chief male servant  working in M.V.P restaurant. A. butcher B. captain C. caretaker D. butler 30.   Mrs. Lee told her son again and again  not to play with the fire. A. angrily B. repeatedly C. regularly D. thoroughly   SPM ENGLISH 3 Practice two   Choose the most suitable word (s) to replace the underlined word (s).   1.   He is quite upset now because his manager has turned down  his project proposal. A. talked to B. blamed C. refused D. understand 2.   The hotel’s proximity to  the airport makes it easy to catch our flight home. A. usefulness for B. nearness to C. similarity to D. interest in 3.   The meeting between the border committees of both countries yielded major agreements . A. rejections B. objections C. achievement D. concurrences 4.   Cambodia is endowed with abundant  resources such as gold, oil, forests and coals. A. reliable B. unexploited C. plentiful D. specific 5.   Jennifer is a hardworking, well-mannered and industrious  student. A. sensible B. pessimistic C. successful D. diligent 6.   Young people are very rebellious. Parents cannot prevent  them from going on their way. A. stop B. hinder C. resist D. cease 7.   Police officers should uphold  the law by arresting people who break it. A. improve B. support C. detect D. deny 8.   The government reiterates  that more aid is needed for Camb odia’ s development. A. adjusts B. refutes C. repeats D. confirms 9.   Our new young lecturer is able to account for  the reason why we have day dreaming. A. explain B. recount C. replicate D. deny 10.   Sony Company is up to date. There always have many innovations  of their products. A. parts B. changes C. problems D. details 11.   Our dirty garments have been sent to the place for washing and ironing of clothes . A. library B. limousine C. laboratory D. laundry 12.   Although her ankle is pain, she still carries on  hobbling to the finishing line. A. continued B. stopped C. began D. started 13.   His siblings  usually share their joys and problems with him. A. cousins B. friends C. guardians D. sisters and brothers 14.   Peter eats very quickly and noisily  all the cakes left on the table. A. grabs B. gobbles C. sips D. swallows 15.   He was given a written instruction issued by a doctor  for cough medicine. A. description B. sculpture C. prescription D. order 16.   The most active nuclear industry in Germany explodes  in Berlin. A. blows in B. blows out C. blows up D. blows off   SPM ENGLISH 4 17.   She haughtily  disregarded the comments from her fellow students. A. quickly B. arrogantly C. rudely D. hurriedly 18.   The speedboat is traveling at a moderate  speed. A. an average B. a high C. a low D. a dangerous 19.   The family went to the place where the dead body was buried  to respects their ancestors. A. crematorium B. convent C. cemetery D. dense 20.   She is very keen on current matters of public interest . A. items B. tends C. events D. affairs 21.   The Indian mother gave birth to five children at one birth . A. triplets B. quintuplets C. quadruples D. twins 22.   She was elated  when she received the test results and jumped for joy. A. very happy B. discouraged C. confused D. upset 23.   The inflated  price of the product has discouraged many potential buyers. A. important B. constant C. raised D. lowered 24.   The young artist has shown great natural ability  for landscape drawing. A. aptitude B. altitude C. attitude D. attribute 25.   The baby has round and plump  cheeks. A. raised B. almond C. shabby D. chubby 26.   People working in the government  held a discussion with the prime minister yesterday. A. servants B. ambassadors C. guardians D. civil servants 27.   This knife is not sharp . I can not cut meat with it. A. rounded B. blunt C. smooth D. rough 28.   Mary was asked to replace  Jane for presentation in the class as Jane had fallen ill. A. take away B. take into C. take over D. take part 29.   My parent and I go for a brisk   walk in the garden every evening. A. quick walk B. hurried walk C. pleasant walk D. exhausted walk 30.   Please put away  your books and bag before you go to bed. A. throw B. pile C. keep D. spread
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