The Parables of Jesus

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Parables of Jesus Christ . Posted by viviansteven
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  The Parables of Jesus   I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter what has been hidden sincethe foundation of the world. (Matthew 13:35) The wisdom of Jesus Christ appears beautifully in the parables hementioned. Noble prize in literature is not sufficient to gratify thiswisdom. The parables (let aside the miracles) proves the divine natureof Jesus Christ.Details of one parable are given below  TheProdigal Son. Refer to the Bible for the others. Copy of the bibleis published in scribd by me viviansteven. Introduction: What Is a Parable?  A parable is an earthly storywith a spiritual truth. PARABLES FROM NATURE ã The Sower and the Seeds(Mark 4:3-9; Matt 13:3-9; Luke 8:5-8)   ã The Grain of Wheat (John 12:24)   ã The Weeds in the Grainor the Tares (Matt 13:24-30)   ã The Net (Matthew 13:47-50)   ã The Seed Growing Secretly(Spontaneously) or The Patient  Husbandman (Mark 4:26-29)   ã The Mustard Seed (Matt13:31f.;Mark 4:30-32; Luke 13:18 f.)   ã The Leaven(Matthew 13:33; Luke 13:20 f.)   ã The Budding Fig Tree(Matt 24:32 f.; Mark 13:28 f.; Luke 21:19-31)   ã The Barren Fig Tree(Luke 13:6-9)   ã The Birds of Heaven(Matthew 6:26; Luke 12:24)   ã The Flowers of the Field (Matt 6:28-30; Luke 12:27f.)    ã The Vultures& the Carcass (Matt 24:28; Luke 17:37)   ã The Tree and its Fruits(Matthew 7:16; Luke 6:43-49)   The Weather Signs(Luke 12:54-56; cf. Matthew 26:2 f.; Mark 8:11-13) WORK AND WAGES ã Master and Servant (Luke 17:7-10)   ã T he Servant Entrusted with Authority   or The Faithful and Unfaithful Servants (Matt. 24:45-51; Luke 12:42-46)   ã The Waiting Servants(Luke 12:35-38; Mark 13:33-37)   ã The Laborers in the Vineyard or The Generous Employer (Matthew20:1-16)   ã The Money in Trust or The Talents(Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12- 27)   ã The Lamp(Matt 5:14-16; Mark 4:21; Luke 8:16, 11:31) and The CitySet on a Hill (Matt. 5:14b)   ã The Body's Lamp(Matthew 6:22 f.; Luke 11:34-36)   ã The Discarded Salt (Matt 5:13; Mark 9:50; Luke 14:34 f.)   ã The Patch and the Wineskins(Matthew 9:16 f.; Mark 2:21 f.; Luke5:36-39)   ã The Householder's Treasure(Matthew 13:52)   ã The Dishonest Steward (Luke 16:1-12)  Revised!   ã The Defendant (Luke 12:58 f.; Matthew 5:25 f.)   ã The Unforgiving Official or The Unmerciful Servant (Matthew 18:23-35)   ã The Rich Fool (Luke 12:16-21)    ã The Wicked Vinedressers(Matthew 21:33-41; Mark 12:1-9; Luke20:9-16)   ã The Two Builders(Matthew 7:24-27; Luke 6:47-49)   ã The Two Debtors(Luke 7:41-43)   ã The Hidden Treasure(Matthew 13:44)   The Pearl of Great Price(Matthew 13:45 f.) OPEN & CLOSED DOORS ã The Closed Door (Luke 13:24-30)   ã The Doorkeeper (Mark 13:33-37; cf. Matt 24:42)   ã The Thief in the Night and the Faithful Servants(Matthew 24:42-51.;  Luke 12:32-48.)   ã The Strong Man Bound (Matthew 12:29; Mark 3:27; Luke 11:21 f.)   ã The Divided Realm(Mark 3:24-26; Luke 11:17-20)   ã The Unoccupied House or The Demon's Invasion(Matthew 12:43-45; Luke 11:24-26)   ã The Importunate Neighbor (Luke 11:5-8)   ã The Son's Request (Matthew 7:9-11; Luke 11:11-13)   ã The Unjust Judgeor The Importunate Widow (Luke 18:1-8)   The Pharisee and the Publican(Luke 18:9-14) WEDDINGS AND FEASTS ã The Sulking Childrenor The Children in the Marketplace (Matthew11:16-19; Luke 7:31-35)   ã The Arrogant Guest (Luke 14:7-11)   ã The Bridegroom's Friend (John 3:28)    ã The Bridegroom's Attendants (Matthew 9:15a; Mark 2:18 f.; Luke5:34)   ã The Bride's Girlfriendsor Ten Virgins (Matt25:1-13)   ã The Tower Builder and The Warring King (Luke 14:28-32)   ã The Wedding Feast or The Unwilling Guests(Matt 22:1-10; Luke 14:16-24)   ã The Wedding Garment (Matthew 22:11-14)   ã The Rich Man and Lazarus(Luke 16:19-31)   LOST AND FOUND, FATHER AND SON ã The Good Samaritan(Luke 10:25-37)   ã The Prodigal Sonor The Loving Father (Luke 15:11-32)   ã The Two Sons, The Apprentice Son, and The Slave and Son (Matthew21:28-32; John 5:19-20a; John 3:35)   ã The Lost Coin(Luke 15:8-10)   ã The Lost Sheep(Matthew 28:12-14; Luke 15:4-7)   ã The Shepherd, the Thief, and the Doorkeeper (John 10:1-18)   ã The Doctor and the Sick (Matthew 9:12; Mark 2:17; Luke 5: 31 f.)   The Great Assize or The Sheep and the Goats(Matthew 25:31-46) |Words of Life| byDon Schwager  Source   parables .htm   The Prodigal Son Scripture:   Luke 15:11-32   11 And he said, There was a man who had two sons; 12 and the younger of them said to his father, `Father, give me the share of property that falls to
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