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1. Jorgie Giddings Test Shots: I neededtotake testshotsinorder forme to gatheran ideaof what myfront coverwouldlooklike. To take thisphoto I wantedapinkbackgroundwiththe…
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  • 1. Jorgie Giddings Test Shots: I neededtotake testshotsinorder forme to gatheran ideaof what myfront coverwouldlooklike. To take thisphoto I wantedapinkbackgroundwiththe modelsheadpokingthroughtocreate an illusionof it'floating' In orderto do thisI tooka large frame andstretcheda roll of pink paperoverthe topand cut a small line downthe middle of the frame.I didthisto enable the headtocome throughreducingthe rips(that will be createdmystickingthe headthrough) asmuch as I can. FIRSTTEST SHOT Usingmy sisteras the mock model Iworkedwithhertoslowly put herheadthrough and thiswas the firstresult: As youcan see there are fewripsand tearsthat are visible and to remove thisIuseda mixture of the PATCHTOOL and the SPOT HEALINGBRUSH TOOL to remove the mistakes. Before we startedtakingthe photo,Imade sure she was wearinga collaredshirtandhadher hairup as I knew this was how I wantedmyfinal shotstolooklike- Iknew thatif herhair was downitwouldlayon the paperwhichruins the illusionandthe collaredshirtwastomake herhead standout formthe background andto preventrough edgesthatcouldappear. First look at removing mistakes
  • 2. Jorgie Giddings Once I likedthe appearance of mytestshot image Imovedoverto InDesigntoworkon the graphics and placementsof the frontcover. In the meantime I hadchosenthe font stylesIwantedformymagazine andI didthis bygoingonto dafont.comandchoosinga style thatstoodout to me: I chose a font style calledGEOSANSLIGHT as I thoughtit linkedwellwithmytheme andmytargetaudience (sans- serif etc.) Ithenusedthe snippingtool onmycomputer and savedbothstylesof fontinorderto decide what particularstylesIwantand where onmy magazine.I thenwentintoPhotoshopandremovedthe white backgroundinthe textusingthe MAGIC WAND TOOL and I changedthe colourof the fontto white asthat was the colourI wantedfor mymagazine.(Ididthis method for the restof the text yousee on the frontcover.) MOVING ONTO INDESIGN (part 1): WhenI firstplacedmyimage intoInDesignInoticedthatI forgotto adjustthe image to fill ana4 sizedpiece of paper(asthat’sthe format of the magazine) soI wentbackonto Photoshopand duplicatedthe toppartof the image and placedinabove the image andusedthe BLUR TOOL to blendthe twoimagestogetherinordertofill outthe a4 size andto alsocentralise the headtomake it lookbetter. I alreadytypedinwhatI wanted so I can straightaway finda style thatwouldsuit. Notice the difference with the allignment withthe head (thisisalsoa lookwithsome of the text placement) Before After
  • 3. Jorgie Giddings MOVING ONTO INDESIGN (part 2): Thispart now wasjustplacingall the textI wantedto include andjustmovingitaboutto see what looksgoodwhere.KnowingIhadall the textthat I wantedalreadysortedoutdeemedeasierforme as there waslessswitchingbackandforthfrom PhotoshopandInDesign. DEVELOPMENT OF THE IMAGES: I decidedtoaddthe white barsaroundas I feltitaddedmore to the cover.This isbecause Ihave purposefullychosentobe anunconventional magazinebynothavinganyheadlinesandasa result of that,the magazine coverlookedempty.
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