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papercollection SULIT 960/r SEPTEMBER 2OO9 PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN SIJIL TINGGI PELAJARAN MALAYSIA NEGERI PAHANG DARUL MAKMUR PHYSICS PAPER 1 One hour and fourty-fiveminutes Instructions to candidates: DO IUT OPEN TIIIS ffitEf T'ITTTI Yq' ARE TALD TO M 9. There are fifty questions in this paper. For each question,four suggested cnswers are given. Choose an,ecorrect answer and indicate it on the multiple-choice answer sheetprovided. Read the instruclions on the multiple-choice answer sheetvery
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  SULIT960/r SEPTEMBER2OO9 PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAANSIJIL TINGGI PELAJARANMALAYSIANEGERIPAHANGDARULMAKMURPHYSICSPAPER 1Onehourand fourty-fiveminutes Instructionsto candidates:DOIUT OPEN TIIISffitEf T'ITTTI Yq' ARETALDTOM 9.Thereare fifty questionsinthispaper.For eachquestion,foursuggestedcnswersaregiven.Choosean,ecorrectanswer and indicate itonthemultiple-choiceanswer sheetprovided.Readhe instruclionson the multiple-choiceanswer sheetverycarefulty.Answerallquestions.Marl6 willnot be deductedfor wronganswers.A Data Bookletisprovided.Arahankepada calon:JAI\GAi\I BUKA BUKUSOALAI\ INISEIIINGGA ANDADIBENARKANBERBUATDEMIKIAN.Ada limapuluhsoalan dalam kertas ini. Bogisetiapsoalan,empat cadanganjawapandiberikan. Pilih satujawapanyangbetul dan.tandakanjawapanitupadahelaianjawapananekapilihan yangdib ekalkan.Baca arahanpadahelaianjawapananekapilihanitu denganteliti.Jawab semuasoalan. Markah tidak akan ditolak bagiawapanyangsalah.'Buku Data dibekatkan. papercollection   PHYSICS PAPER1(1%HOURS)SEKOLAHME,NENGAH KEBANGSAANSULAIMAN28700BENTONGPAHANG TRIAL EXAMINATION 2AO9UPPERSIX SCIENCE NOTE Inadditionto thispaperyouwill requirethe followingitems1. Calculator 2.DataBooklet Listoffundamentalnhysicalconstantsbundinthe Data Booklet Sseedoflieht in free space c:3.00 x 10 ms-' Fcrrneability of free spaceu^:4nx10-7Hm-lPermittivitv of free spacee-:8.85 x l0- F m-'=1/862r) x l0-'Fm-'Maenitude of electronic charge e=1.60x10- C Flanck constant h=6.63x10- Js $nified atomic mass constant u=1.66 l0-'' ke Rest massof electron m-:9.11x 10- ks Restmass ofproton m :1.67x 10 'ke Molarsasconstant R: 8.31K-'mol-' Avogadro constantNn:6.02x 10 mol Eeltzmann onstantK=1.38xl.0-- JK- Aeceleration of freefall G:9.81 m s-' Gravitational constant G:6.67x l0- N m kr' papercollection   Variationof thevelocityv in m s-rof an automobilewithtime/ in secondssiven bvrns2and m sa rn-t s3 andm-ls4 rns-2and m s-3m s-3and m s-4 u//\*. ,r?s''/h Stn $gtt^>. SupposeA=B'C', whereAhas dimensionsLi,B hasdimensionsL2T-1, ndChast*d;l\A?.fv(ns'nrnilsLtnil'tv\ '-@ 1*a1hx*'ilold 5*'*5/Ltttfn'tl*utW-L'A Astone s thrown vertically upwards from thegroundlevel,risesoaheighth and hen fallsback to itsstartingpoint.Assuming thatairresistance snegligible,whichof the followinggraphsbest shows how Er, the kinetic energy of the stone,varieswith s, the distancetravelled? \r1t\/,auo,o'nu v=atz +bt3The unitsof a andb respectivelyare C9 At:'.l6t-tf.5 nr05 0r,r:::. Suppose = B^'C ',whereAhasdimensionsL'l',BhasdimensionsL'T-',ndChas \dimensionsLT2 . Thenthe values of the indices n andm areespectively:,,.)XSn1' A?una!grol- 3 3a-clfll- B2and3/.t,-')nC^t-)u*?c1urra11't's(fn .a /n .n<Lfr-n(lilv\.Ih N s0 ,,o(n<'t e,rr%\t&' ABC E1,A.- 6lsrrnav*[wt-,l, papercollection   4 Abase ballis thrownvertically intothe air.Theaccelerationof the ball at its highestpointis,/,/ X9.8 m s-2ownwards/B 9.8m s-2 pwardsC Changingsuddenlyrom 9.8m s-'upwardso 9.8 ms-'downwardsD Cannotbe calculatedwithoutknowing the initialvelocity @Wtrictrof thefollowingpairscontainsvectoranda scalar? accelerationVkineticenergyltorqueVspeed5. West(bearing270 displacement':angularmomentumV:momentumV:'powers: n'(rl I./ t/ Threecoplanarforceshaving magnitudes20 N,40 Ndan50 N, act uponaparticlePshown in the frgurebelow. ^,\ , nl I A @I D East(bearing90 )Which ofthe followingis the bearing of the additional thatis required to keep theparticleinequilibrium?A 37o.,-/BT27O c1430 2170 Lt\f tW6 papercollection 
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