Star Wars Saga Edition Character Sheet 1.00

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  Character Player Class Star Wars Saga... pecies Gender Age Size LevelHeight Weight Eyes Hair Destiny Darkside PointsNotes  Attribute Name  Attribute  Score  Attribute  Modifier  Temp Score  Temp Modifier  StrDexConintWisCha Hit Points:   Wounds:DamageThreshold: (Fort + Misc)   Speed:Base Attack:Force Points:   Destiny Points:   Defense  Total Base  Level or  Armor Class  Bonus Ability Mod Misc Fortitude  10 Con   Reflex  10 Dex   Will  10 Wis   Feats TalentsWeapon Attack Damage Critical Type NotesSkills   Total Att Trained Focus MiscLevelacrobaticsDexClimbStrdeceptionChaenduranceCongather informationcha initiative dexJumpstrMechanicsintPerceptionwisPersuasionchaPilotdexRidedexStealthdexSurvivalwisSwimstrTreat injurywisuse Computersintuse The Forcecha Designed by  —  Created for free distribution Force Talents Condition Normal-1 to all rolls-2 to all rolls-5 to all rolls-10 to all rollsHelpless Languages  Combat Equipment # Weight Location Total Weight Currency Amount Weight LocationNotesother Equipment # Weight LocationEncumbrance Wght ArmorWeaponsEquipmentCarried TotalMax Load/Over HeadMax Lift (Max Load x2) Max Push (Max Load x5)
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