sources of water for water supply

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1. Sources of water for water supply system Submitted to Engr. Beenish akbar khan Submitted by Hayat khan B-tech civil 4th semester ID 11664 2. Content…  selection…
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  • 1. Sources of water for water supply system Submitted to Engr. Beenish akbar khan Submitted by Hayat khan B-tech civil 4th semester ID 11664
  • 2. Content…  selection of water source.  Sources of water.  ground and surface water.  Quality.  quantity. 4/29/2016 2
  • 3. Source selection of water Factors effecting selection of water source:  Cost  Location  Elevation  Quantity of water  Quality of water 4/29/2016 3
  • 4. Source selection of water  Cost:- the source should be such that the overall cost of the water supply project is brought down to the minimum.  Elevation:- it should be at higher level to supply water by gravity flow only  Location: the source should be near to the town or city such location require less lengths of pipes which contribute in making project economical. 4/29/2016 4
  • 5. Source selection of water  Quality of water: The source should contain water which is free from pollution or other undesirable impurities and capable of being easily and cheaply treated.  Quantity:- The source should be able to supply enough quantity of water to meet the present and future demands of town or city for various purposes like domestic, industrial, fire etc. 4/29/2016 5
  • 6. Sources of water… Water sources Surface water Ponds, Lakes, Streams Rivers, Storage reservoir Ground water springs, Infiltration galleries wells 4/29/2016 6
  • 7. Surface water  Lake: A natural large sized depression formed on the surface of the earth, when gets filled up with water is known as a lake.  Pond: A pond is a man-made body of standing water smaller than a lake. It consist of small quantity of water.  Stream: A body of water flowing in a channel or watercourse, having more water in rainy season but become less and less in dry season. 4/29/2016 7
  • 8. lake 4/29/2016 8
  • 9. pond 4/29/2016 9
  • 10. stream 4/29/2016 10
  • 11. Surface water  River: A river is natural watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing toward an ocean, a lake, or another river.  Storage reservoirs: An artificial lake formed by the construction of dam across a valley. Its basic function is the storage of water 4/29/2016 11
  • 12. River 4/29/2016 12
  • 13. Storage reservoir 4/29/2016 13
  • 14. Ground water  Spring: The spring is formed when subsoil water is exposed to the ground surface.  Infiltration galleries: It is a horizontal or nearly horizontal tunnel which is constructed through water bearing strata. Also called horizontal well.  Well: A well in defined as an artificial hole made in the ground for the purpose of tapping water. 4/29/2016 14
  • 15. Spring 4/29/2016 15
  • 16. Infiltration gallery 4/29/2016 16
  • 17. Well 4/29/2016 17
  • 18. References • Fundamentals of Water supply and sanitary engineering. By rangwala 22nd edition. 4/29/2016 18
  • 19. 4/29/2016 19
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