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BAKING ITEMS ____ baking powder ____ baking soda 2# ____ chips choco (cc) ____ chips butterscotch (w) chips vanilla (w) ____ cornstarch (j) ____ crumbs graham cracker (j) ____ crumbs oreo cookie (j) ____ marshmallows ____ marshmallows minis ____ nuts walnuts (cc) ____ nuts pecans (cc) ____ nuts slivered almonds ____ salt iodized ____ salt rock ____ ultragel ____ vanilla wafers (j) CLEANING PRODUCTS ____ windex(cc) ____ 409(cc) ____ bug spray ____ cleaner carpet(wm) ____ cleaner stainless steel
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  BAKING ITEMSCLEANING PRODUCTSFRUIT CANNEDLAUNDRY PRODUCTS  ____baking powder____windex(cc)____applesauce____bleach ____baking soda 2#____409(cc)____apricots____detergent laundry (cc) ____chips choco (cc)____bug spray____berries blue ©____drier sheets (cc) ____chips butterscotch (w)____cleaner carpet(wm)____berries marion ©____oxiclean(cc)chips vanilla (w)____cleaner stainless steel____berries raspberry ©____spray & wash(cc) ____cornstarch (j)____cleaner stove____fruit cocktail____spray starch ____crumbs graham cracker (j)____cleanser____grapefruit____woollight(cc) ____crumbs oreo cookie (j)____CLR____mandarin oranges LEGUMES CANNED  ____marshmallows____furniture polish____peaches____kidney beans ____marshmallows minis____magic eraser____pears____pork n beans ____nuts walnuts (cc)____quick & bright____pineapple LEGUMES DRIED  ____nuts pecans (cc)____scrubbies scotchgard FRUIT DRIED  ____black beans© ____nuts slivered almonds____scrubbies stainless steel____apple slices ©____lentils(w) ____salt iodized____scrubbing bubbles____blueberries (cc)____navy beans© ____salt rock____silver polish____cherries (cc)____pink beans© ____ultragel____soap dish(cc)____coconut angel flake____pinto beans© ____vanilla wafers (j)____soap dishwasher(cc)____craisins (cc)____refried beans© BEVERAGES CANNEDCONDIMENTS  ____dates____soy beans(bc) ____apple juice Welch's____bacon bits (cc)____raisins (cc)____split peas(w) ____berry juice Welch's____ketsup 32oz FRUIT FRESH MEALS CANNED  ____grape juice Welch's____kitchen bouquet____apples____beef stew© ____pinneapple juice____mayonaise fat free 32oz____bananas____chili con carne no beans ____grapefruit juice____mustard____cherries____chili© ____tomato juice____onion rings french fried (cc)____grapes MEALS FROZEN  ____pop (wm))____pickles, dill____oranges____chimicangas (cc) BEVERAGES FROZEN  ____pickles, relish 24oz____peaches____egg rolls (cc) ____lemonade____salsa____plums____pot pies ____lime juice____vinegar  GRAINS  ____TV dinners (wm) ____orange juice DAIRY DRIED  ____barley (bc) MEAT CANNEDBEVERAGES DRIED  ____butter buds____corn meal (j)____beef chunks© ____cider mix instant (f)____cheese parmesaen 8oz____oatmeal regular ©____chicken© ____cocoa mix instant ©____cheese pdr cheddar (p)____popcorn (w)____clams ____crystal light lemonade(wm)____cheese pdr white (p)____rice © #10 can____corned beef  ____crystal light orange (wm)____eggs pdr (cs)____ricearoni____ham (wm) ____crystal light peach (wm)____milk instant (cs)____rye (bc)____hamburger © ____lemon crystals (fm)____milk powdered ©____wheat ©____pork© ____lime crystals (fm) DAIRY FRESH  ____white flour ©____salmon ____tea cinnemon____butter  JELLO & PUDDING  ____tuna ____tea orange spice____cheese cheddar block(cc)____jello lemon (f)____turkey© ____tea peppermint____cheese cheddar sliced(cc)____jello lime (f)____vienna sausage ____tea raspberry____cheese cottage____jello orange (f) MEAT FROZENBREAD  ____cheese grated fine(cc)____jello raspberry (f)____chicken breast (cc) ____double fiber (wm)____cheese swiss sliced (cc)____jello strawberry (f)____chicken legs & thighs (cc) ____English muffins (bs)____eggs____jello unflavored (f)____ham (cc) ____hamburger buns (bs)____margarine____pudding butterscotch (f)____hamburger (cc) ____hot dog buns (bs)____milk____pudding chocolate (f)____hot dogs (wm) ____sandwich (bs)____sour cream____pudding cooked lemon____prok loin (cc) CEREAL  ____yogurt____pudding tapioka (j)____roast chuck (cc) ____cheerios FATS  ____pudding vanilla (F)____salmon (cc) ____corn flakes____oil 48 oz____sandwich meat (cc) ____farina____pam____steak round (cc) ____grapenuts____peanut butter creamy 40oz____steak sirloin (cc) ____oatmeal instant____peanut butter crunky 40oz____stew meat (cc) ____rice krispies____shortening 3#____turkey(cc)  MEXICANSALAD DRESSINGS 16oz  ____syrup choco Mrs Rich(w) TOILETRIES  ____green chilis____caesar____syrup karo 16 oz (wm)____chapstick ____enchilata sauce____catalina SAUCES  ____conditioner  MIXES  ____ranch____sauce barbeque 18oz____contact solution ____biscuit (j)____thousand island____sauce chili____contacts ____brownie (j)____zesty italian____sauce cocktail____cotton balls ____cake chocolate SOUP CANNED  ____sauce enchilata 10oz____dental floss ____cake cinnemon swirl____chicken noodle____sauce soy____deodorant ____cake lemon____cream of celery____sauce worchestershire____face scrubs ____ cake rainbow chip____cream of chicken VEGETABLES CANNED  ____go betweens ____cake yellow____cream of mushroom____beets pickled____hair spray ____cheese sauce (f)____tomato____carrots sliced____lotion ____cheesecake (j)____vegetable beef____corn____Q tips ____cornbread (j) SOUP DRIED  ____green beans cut____shampoo ____gingerbread (j)____bean soup mix (w)____green beans french____shaving cream ____gravy country (f)____chicken noodle (f)____green chilis____soap bar  ____muffin basic (j)____cream of chicken(f)____mushrooms____soap liquid ____pancake (f)____cream of mushroom____potatoes sliced new____sponges ____whipped topping (j)____spring vegetable(f)____sweet potatoes____super glue PASTA  ____tomato instant (f)____tomatoe sauce____tooth brushes ____lazagna____top ramen beef____tomatoes italian diced____toothbrush picks ____macaroni © #10 can____top ramen chicken____vegetable medley (wm)____toothpaste ____noodles____vegetable soup mix (w) VEGETABLES DRIED  ____vitamin C ____rainbow #10 can (w) SPICES & FLAVORINGS  ____alfalfa seed (bc)____vitamin fishoil ____bow #10 can (w)____soup base beef (f)____broccoli (cs)____vitamin glucosomine ____spagetti © case____soup base chicken (f)____cabbage (cs)____vitamin multi PIE FILLING  ____soup base french onion (f)____carrots © EMERGENCY KIT  ____apple©____soup base ham (f) ____cauliflower (cs)____beef jerky ____blueberry ©____soup base mushroom (wt)____celery (cs)____capri sun ____cherry© STARCHES DRIED  ____green beans cut (cs)____cider mix ____marionberry ©____crackers oyster____onions ©____cocoa mix ____pumpkin____popcorn microwave____tomato flakes (cs)____cookies (wm) PAPER GOODS  ____potatoes diced (j)____vegetable medleyc(cs)____crackers (wm) ____bowls (cc)____potato pearls © VEGETABLES FRESH  ____fruit snacks (cc) ____cups 3 oz(cc)____potatoes shredded (w)____avacado____jello cups (wm) ____cups 6 oz(cc)____potatoes sliced (w)____cabbage slaw____meat salad & crackers (wm) ____cups 8 oz hot (cc)____pringles BBQ____carrots____MRE's ____foil (cc)____pringles original____celery____oatmeal instant (cc) ____forks (cc)____pringles sour cream&onion____cucumbers____pudding cups (wm) ____knives (cc)____stuffing (j)____green onions____soup instant (f) ____napkins (cc) SWEETNERS  ____lettuce____sweet & salty bars (cc) ____plastic bags kitchen (cc)candy chocolate (cc)____spagetti squash____trail mix (cc) ____plastic bags lawn & leaf (cc)____candy mixed (cc)____tomatoes SOURCES  ____plastic wrap (cc)____candy taffy (cc) VEGETABLES FROZEN (a)Albertsons  ____plates dessert(cc)____honey creamy Miller (a)____broccoli (bc)Boise Coop  ____plates dinner (cc)____honey pure____brussel sprouts (bs)Bread store  ____spoons (cc)____jam appricot____mixed vegetables (cc)costco  ____tissue retangular (cc)____jam blackberry____peas (cc) (cs)Country Store  ____tissue square (cc)____jam boysenberry____peas & carrots (f)farmer bros  ____toilet paper (cc)____jam marmalade____stir fry (cc) (fm)Fred Meyer   ____towels(cc)____jam raspberry EXTRAS (j)J Weil  ____visqueen (cc)____jam strawberry  _____________________  (p)Pop's Popcorn  ____wax paper (cc)____molasses  _____________________  (w)Winco  ____ziplock gallon (cc)____slenda  _____________________  (wl)Walgrens   ____ziplock quart (cc)____sugar brown  _____________________  (wm) Walmart  ____ziplock sandwich (cc)____sugar granulated ©  _____________________  (wt)Watkins  ____ziplock snack (cc)____sugar powdered  _____________________   ©cannery  ____syrup carmel Mrs Rich(w) MAKEUP toner  ____cream moisturizer  ____cream firming ____makeup base ____powder  ____eye shadow ____________  ____eye shadow sponge ____blush ____liner lip_______________  ____lip stay ____makeup sponges ____mascara ____perfection cream yellow ____perfection cream green ____powder puffs ____liner eye walnut ____lipstick_______________  ____ 
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