Section 18.3 Radioactive Decay

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Section 18.3 Radioactive decay ã ã ã ã © Manhattan Press (H.K.) Ltd. The cause of radioactivity Random nature of decay Decay curve Half-life 1 18.3 Radioactive decay (SB p. 20) The cause of radioactivity proton neutron strong attractive nuclear force For stable nucleus proton proton electrostatic repulsion © Manhattan Press (H.K.) Ltd. 2 18.3 Radioactive decay (SB p. 21) The cause of radioactivity For a stable nucleus, N N (neutron no.) 1 ≤ ≤1.5 Z (proton no.) Z Otherwise, nucleus → u
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  © Manhattan Press (H.K.) Ltd.1 Section 18.3Section 18.3Radioactive decayRadioactive decay ãThe cause of radioactivityThe cause of radioactivityãRandom nature of decayRandom nature of decayãDecay curveDecay curveãHalf-lifeHalf-life  © Manhattan Press (H.K.) Ltd.2 The cause of radioactivity electrostaticrepulsionstrongattractivenuclear forceFor stable nucleus 18.3 Radioactive decay (SB p. 20) protonneutronprotonproton  © Manhattan Press (H.K.) Ltd.3 The cause of radioactivity Radioactive decay occurs inunstablenuclidesFor a stable nucleus, N   (neutron no.) Z  (proton no.) 511 . ≤≤ Z N  18.3 Radioactive decay (SB p. 21) Otherwise,nucleus→ unstable  →breaks up→ emits radiation→stable  © Manhattan Press (H.K.) Ltd.4 Random nature of decay —no. of disintegrations / s1Becquerel(Bq)= 1 disintegration per second 18.3 Radioactive decay (SB p. 21) activity
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