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  Dr. B. BordoloiDATABASE DESIGNResearch Paper You are to write a research paper about an approved topic in the field of Information Technology (IT) Management, preferably in the area of Database Systems The topic must be of current interest to the IT professionals The deadline for the topic approval is September 20  You must turn into me one page (single!spaced) #bstract$ of your paper  by that date# partial list of %ournals which publish articles pertaining to the IT area is attached These  publications are some of the source for your research wor&Your paper must be between ' and ' pages of typed, doubled!spaced te*t, not including your references and any appendices or attachment  Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero. Your research paper is due on  November 29. It will be graded according to the criteria on the attached page  Dr. B. BordoloiS!!ested Strctre o Research Paper I#bstract+ alf!page (single spaced) summary of the paper IIIntroduction+!-roblem .ac&ground!-roblem Importance!-urpose and contents of this paper iTarget audience of the paper ii/verall ob%ectiveiii0ithin the overall ob%ective, the specific issues or 1uestion addressed in the paper iv# precise statement of the content of the paper vScope and limitation of the paper vi2sefulness of the paper ! ow would the target audience benefits from reading your  paper vii# paragraph describing the organi3ation of the paper III4esearch Methodology!ow did you carry out your study (eg, survey, interviews, e*periment, case study, action research, personal e*perience)I5Significant prior research!0hat other have found or proposed that is relevant to your wor& !0hat is the lac&ing in their research!Summary of the prior research!In what respect your study differs from these other studies5The body of your paper as per /rgani3ation of the paper$ with proper heading and sub!headings5I6onclusion!# brief summary of the paper !Ma%or conclusion and recommendations! 7mphasi3e the construction8usefulness of your study!Scope and 9imitation of your study!Direction for future research5II#c&nowledgement (if applicable)5III4eferences  Dr. B. Bordoloi RESEAR#$ PAPER E%A&'ATI(N ST2D7:T+ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; -/I:TS#.ST4#6T()!!!!!!</4M#T(')!!!!!!Typo$s and neatness, -aper organi3ation, Appropriate $eadi)!s*Sb+headi)!s, 'se o tables a)d*or dia!ram , 4eferences appropriately cited, fre1uent and8or large direct 1uotes avoided6opies of cited %ournal articles submitted('=)!!!!!!6/:T7:TS (>= points)6lear problem and purpose(?)!!!!!!4eview of the appropriate literature @ includes at least A references articles, rather than simply describing the problem 4eported relevance and pitfalls (if any) of prior research()!!!!!!Must be at least B articles in bibliography at least ? of thesemust be from #cademic$ Cournals()!!!!!!6urrency of references @ at least  of these references must be less than  years old()!!!!!!#ppropriate conclusion and suggestion for further research()!!!!!! Depth o covera!e o the topic (=)!!!!!!2nderstandable, well!written article (.ased upon graduatestudent status)('=)!!!!!! (ri!i)all- o -or co)tribtio) ('=)!!!!!!-resentation('=)!!!!!!Total -oints('==) ;;;;;;  P&AGIARIS /I&& RES'&T IN A GRADE ( 1ER(  Dr. B. Bordoloi Academic or)als MIS EuarterlyInformation System 4esearchCournals of management Information System6ommunication of the #6M#6M Transaction on Information System#6M Transaction on Database System#6M SIF Cournals#6M :ewslettersI777 Cournals, namely+I777 6omputer I777 softwareI777 Transaction on software 7ngineeringI777 Transaction on 7ngineering ManagementI777 7*pertInformation -rocessing and ManagementInformation 4esource Management CournalInformation and software TechnologyInternational Cournal of Man!Machine Studies.ehavior and Information TechnologyCournal of Database Management SystemCournal of Information SystemCournal of Information TechnologyCournal of Information System Management Cournal of 7nd!2ser 6omputingCournal of Medical SystemCournal of #mbulatory 6are Management Cournal of #mbulatory care Mar&etingCournal of ealth Information management and System SocietyCournal of Information Technology Management International Cournal of information management 6omputer in ealthcareDatabase (#6M!SIF.D-)International Information SystemsData 4esource ManagementDecision Support Systems/M7F#InterfaceManagement scienceCournal of /rgani3ational ScienceCournal of /rgani3ational 6omputingDecision Sciencesarvard .usiness 4eviewSloan management 4eview6alifornia Management 4eview
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